Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Best way out for the Congress Party now :-

                                   Some says that  The Baba Ramdevjis mission was hijacked by the Anna team and itself is now fighting for survival now due to curse of the Babaji.And some other says Babajis pro-Hindu image will have hurt the civil right movement also though he have resource and ability. But if Babaji really mean business he can alone have been  successful in dislodging congress party as his Bharat swabhiman party is really organized and have organizational presence everywhere this majority accepts. But one thing is for sure if all anti congress party groups want to succeed affirmatively then Kiran Bedi`s plan may have to be applied. Where she is said to be advocating for contest of civil society members preferably under Bharat Swabhiman party  instead of making a new party that too in congress stronghold to side with NDA or 3rd Front as per the situation arises. And today  there is a near unanimity that everyone of the NDA including the S.P,TMC and N.C.P party  now seems to have a common allergy to congress party.And even the SP,TMC  and NCP may finally like to do away with the congress parties earlier excessive ragging and  bully with its  B team e,i-CBI.
                 And fearing the fact that the young Gandhi scion should not be allowed to come up all the anti congress groups may ultimately unite now as per some critics observations .As in U.P there is direct clash of interest between SP and congress party even if the Gandhi scion have not shown as much caliber as accepted, but threat perception is always there for S.P also.As the congress party roots was supposed to be in U.P only which Akilesh Yadav have captured now,so the congress will be also sulking its loss there . So there is always threat perception from each other between SP and Congress party also.As the rise of Akhilesh Yadav is also future threat to Rahul`s supporters as he is rising up as Youth icon and proving as dark horse.And thus if BJP wins a major chunk of MP in Lokh Sabha election which is due the critics are expecting S.P tilting more to there side after 2014 elections and may be before that also. The S.P may only accept the BJP to do some symbolic secular step to remove its communal image  like demanding  for removal of  Thakaray family from its alliance for showing the new BJP avatar in case if this manage single largest majority party status, as this Thakaray family is hated by both the Biharis and the Muslims alike.
                                      And as even if the Dig Vijay Singh may be now be right in tracing the Thakaray family origin source from the Bihar itself , less people also  likes self made congress spokesman`s.Who seems to be cunningly doing  Luca Braci kind of role for its master  Gandhi family like in Godfather novel .As if too many secrets hidden behind the notorious eyes . And as critics said  unless D.N.A test proves Diggy baboos claim the Thakaray family have still some respite. As the mischievous and cunning look on the face of some congress parties spokesman in any new revelation  always undermine there honesty. As in this hitack world making a false  book is not a easy thing and for congress man truth don`t suit them any more.As the burden of proving they are speaking truth is on congress party more then any body else,as it is seen as habitual offender party in scams ,lies and deceites.As the Publics have become more smarter and smelling something fishy in blaming Nitin Gadkari in coal deal as one thing is for sure congress think thank seems to be so advance,and now Publics hate them for there smart explanation which ofcourse does not remove there wrong.And are seen to be deliverer of meticulously planned tricks to dupe Publics,but it is also possible a new group of good committed youth may have a wonderful plan for the party.But there earlier style of amassing party fund before election by hook or by crook seems to be harming them. If coal deal noose dives then go for rising price of petrol and diesel to rise the Govt. revenue to misuse the funds in congress ruled State`s this many may believe.Or go for the FDI or a major aircraft or gun deal and other reformation to please the multinational company seems to be its guru mantra.As the each congress man knows without money non will give a damn to them.And to some critics why America have audacity to blackmail them,but FDI may have been a good policy but the Govt. definitely seems to lack credibility.But the Youthfulness of Rahulji also seems to help the party to some extent.And this result also was seen in recent DUSU election also;but one thing have to be accepted Haryana C.M Huddas credit for Olympic medal also seems to have helped  the congress; as the influence of the Jats of Haryana in Delhi University elections is always noticiable.But the Home Minister Shindejis comment was in bad taste as like in Karan Arjun where Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan gain back there memory.The Indian Publics seems to have also gain back there past memory and earlier injustice may be not easily forgotten also as he claims as todays Publics are really aware now.
                 As for the country man who want peace and tranquility as they are anticipating French revolution like scenario in the coming election. As for them  One breakthrough option could be convincing the Soniaji to disband the congress party for ever and take political sanyas.And Rahulji could be convinced to contest from new party made by the civil right activists as only great mission earlier made his forefathers great also.As today after his visit in Dalit house the critics are not finding any follow up action also.As today non dare to ask the real thing from Gandhi family himself which all accept from the congress party. This is money only as this party have been made so ill reputed for paying hard cash in each successive election and now seen as party with money bag.And today it also cannot suddenly change now,this risk of contesting from congress party have to be also accepted. As Pubic  will never pardon a congress candidate barring A.K Anthoniji Union Minister for Defence.And accept there prayer in election that they are poor candidate even if they may be so. The latest prediction of poor performance of Gandhi sibling by the western countries media is worth considering. As the Wiki leaks earlier prediction have proved right in U.P election result also. See even the Germany octopus in aquarium was seen more accurate in predicting football world cup outcome then our Astrologer`s. This is simple to see ;why the star sons also seen not that successful in Bollywood as they have not come hard way and don`t recognize a true friend who speaks the truth ,opines a friend.
                                                  Thus there is need for virtual autopsy for the Gandhi family now as this is historic occasion where Rahulji the best Gandhi sibling have inherited a worst empire. As such he need to show his sacrifice at least in some places,as this sacrifice should be also seen as best sincerity on the part of the Gandhi scion to show his new avatar as he is helpless to do something Individually when no charm is left in congress party now,as own congress man have made a hole inside the boat.As the king in there peak of time in old age  where also seen to go to jungle to  take up spirituality more seriously. As right now everyone is in win win situation thus this divine advise can be considered also.As the pseudo congress man will have there hidden agenda always so can the coteries also can be trusted as they will always like to use the Gandhi name only?As congress party now seems to be conglomeration of genetically corrupted Peoples. 
                           And if the Gandhi family accept my proposal there all earlier mistakes may be also forgotten, as only great man accepts his mistakes also. Or mind it tomorrow anything can happen as the time seems to have also come for Gandhi families final countdown. The Congress parties excessive dependency on the corporate house may now also harm them as right now it is in catch 22 situations as all its C- team corporate houses have been caught in 2G ,3G and now coal scams etc. And they will be least interested now in financing the party which was only earlier its secret of success. So the congress party will be seen desperate to rise more party fund and in the process may distance itself  more from the Publics .As Mulayam Singhji is also hooked like a leach to take his pound of flesh and blood. After all the quality of a good human being is to use his intelligent brain for his own interest thus this divine advise can be thought  upon. As politics is changing so quickly thus may be this U-turn will also help them. As if they were in right side they should support all the civil right members demand by now. Either they are not or helpless in front of pressures from congress workers this seems to be the Public believe. So time to kick the congress party by Gandhi family if there is little bit of Gandhijis philosophy is remaining in them. Honestly on its own Kejriwalji may be also unable to completely demolish the congress citadel also if he make a headlong collission.But nevertheless young man have leave Annaji far behind in proving his ability.See he may eventually have to shake hands with Modiji if he succeed in Gujrat or have to keep Mulayamji or Nitishji as plan B.And if he proves everyone he will prove himself as man of moment.
                    Some Publics are also angry with earlier congress Party policy paralysis and if necessary tomorrow they will like the Bangladeshi refugees truckload to be rehabilited in the 10 janpath itself. Which is also not completely wrong as Assam have been filled with the Bangladeshis by the congress selfish policy only.And Peoples anger not impossible also to be shown, after all democracy runs on number game,and what is the future guarantee that there will be congress rule for cine die also.As for now the power and position is with the Gandhis so non seems to dare to say this facts,but can they live without power also for long.So critics may see there politics itself as more a question of bread and butter issue for them as they may know nothing else then this. Specially if they intend to cling on this profession they need to immediately do something different,as they are the one`s seen as old timers. As this is 3rd generation family  ruling a country  few will like this also,as today non will like even 2nd Rasgulla sweet can forced down his throat.Today the problem is non can think himself to be untouchable anymore as world is changing so soon, inspite of so many effort ultimately Public will have its say.But one thing good about Rahulji is he at least seems to don`t mind much of criticism and will be seen giving a brave front even if his party falls down. And should appreciate his critics more who have also secret word of advise for him,hope great man of our country will also think this reconciliation move specially like- Anna Hazareji ,Baba Ramdevji and one like old Advanji .As national reconciliation will be good for all as country which  is going through worst transition period ,and for it some have to sacrifice something of his own.As even if the congress party is removed in election the chunk of party loyalists will be after harming the country for a pretty long time.As in democratic system the kings head cannot be rolled as easily also.
                         Therefore nothing like God`s way of peaceful reconciliation where everyone will have feeling of honorable exit; thus 2nd option could be as a critic sujjests washing the  hands in most corrupted state like Arunachal Pradesh by the congress high command. As God`s way are said to be different and his blessings may be on some believers persecuted for long.This is  nothing to do with number game; as Holy Spirit works more in the place where there have been prolong persecution.In 1970`s under Congress regime many Churches were burnt down in State of Arunachal Pradesh.And may be this is time to repent for the Congress Party.As ultimately victory belongs to god only. And this curse should not spill over to other areas .Since  Publics is also suffering since ages where media and the opposition were never tolerated earlier and critics doubt that many scams made in this interior place like our State. Where the burden of the responsibility of cleaning this mess is now upon the ruling congress party High command only and who knows only for this injustice in poor and interior place. The Divine power may be also making the whole congress party shake up in country also.Thus as critic sujjests for congress party High command- It is better to completely abandon the State congress unit in A.P as mind it  in any case they will merge with other party if the congress party dooms in the centre also.Unless there is complete narco analysis test of good congress man.As the same central congress party strategy of misusing the CBI when in power is feared more by the haves class here also. Honestly  time have come for some serious charity work by the congress high command as here in this State unlike Chidambaram in 3G spectrum allocation the Hon`bles MLA`s  may not even stand the Lok Ayukta bill if passed as most of them are contractors by profession  only and will be find direct beneficiary to many scams. And as already 5 cases registered  against 5 Hon`ble MLA`s; so danger bell is for most of them as this may take all in its dragnets. Mind it many State congress man or the party may tomorrow find  themselves in uncomfortable position for few local leaders adamancy. As the revolution that is slowly picking up may expose more sinister scam by the congress party here also .And for this single State why all the congress party should doom as a critic was saying since other congress ruled State are accepted to be also not that corrupted like here . And as such congress leadership in centre  should not be that vociferous against passing of the Jan Lok Pal Bill and Lok Ayukta only for one tiny State; if they have not something to hide greater then coal scam also sujjests many pundits.As best will be coming clean and face the nation honestly in 2014 election as corruption is a big issue now. As a good charitable work to other non congress party alone can open the blessing of God now for the party who is committing mistakes after another. Like may be a  proposal for grand alliance sacrificing about 40% of Hon`ble MLA`s constituencies who are most corrupted, uneducated and business doing congress legislators of A.P to party like PPA before Panchayat election may be a good beginning, as a critic suggested. 
                        As one evil man may be inviting the wrath of God to congress party one never know.See the congress party have been never seen to be making sacrifice in some places and by sacrifice alone one become great also. As the peace initiative should not be seen as once weakness this is a divine philosophy good for all as blessed are those who are peacemakers. As middle way is the best way.As mind it can tomorrow some Congress man  can live without the power as it has shown the world what is power abuse all about. Thus for them showing of love and respect in some place is very important as honestly they have not a single good friend so far. As by this they may mitigate there sins to great extent and stop Goa like scenario in this place also. As in the State of Arunachal Pradesh the conglomeration of the vested interest groups of bad officers and politicians is hated more then in Goa. And thanks to movile,internate and media; revolution may also come within one month when it can happen in Goa a more stronger congress bastion within one month of declaration of State election. And for the adamant congress man the plan –B for the PPA is always there to share seat with BJP, which will benefit both if it gives all rural areas to PPA.And after the previous Kuswaha incident  the State BJP of A.P this time  is also not supposed to take all the congress parties 2nd hand leaders. Provided BJP don`t learn its lesions of some leaders  Aya Ram Gaya Ram activities which will be there own loss.Which also really need to be clarified before an alliance is forged  as whatever should happen should now happen before election.As both congress and BJP have no real liking by publics in NE;earlier system failure helped them.
                    And 3rd plan can be wooing the civil society party as alliance as today it is day of  open discussion and as the congress party is also seen very greedy on retaining the Maharashtra by hook and crook and this seems to have increased the numbers of mafia and don and shoot out trying to control the Bombay, this may have to be also given to civil society members as a good gesture; now Congress party is also  seen unable to do anything with the Kokhrajar Assam incidents for excessive Bangladeshi refugee brought in Assam long time back . This can be also given as 3rd gift to the civil society members as a sincere move to make an alliance with civil society members itself to make a change in its image. As nothing like peaceful reconciliation in this historic occasion where the congress party is in receiving end as this group have been caught as bad guys.As the fact is that the civil society members direct threat is to congress party only.The enemy must be given one last chance to repent also and so there is need for one man to say a honorable solution plan when there is right now win win situation for all.And if the Congress Party also  remain stubborn the NDA may have to be advised to give Arunachal Pradesh,Assam and Maharashtra to Kejriwal and Baba Ramdevjis team as honestly it have limitations here in 3 places.As better to stress in secured areas and give the weaker one`s to allies. The anti congress forces want the fight to be decisive and even advocating for projecting Mulayam Singhji as P.M if necessary to make him pull down the Govt. before 2014 if Modiji don`t come back to power affirmatively. As this is natural one day everyone will attack from every side to a party which was once in peak of time.As the NDA think thanks should feel the need to bring positive atmosphere within all the like minded groups.As Publics also today  feel that the corruption issue have taken number one position above communalism also;and to check the price rise more important is bringing back the swiss bank money then the anti BJP slogan on communal issue.
                        To some as definitely today Congress parties political game plan is seen to have overpowered the national interest manifesto of the congress party also,and is now jeopardizing the national interest itself. Will the Gandhi family now fulfill the national duty or try in vain fighting for self interest once again now only time will tell.At least some time is also left to think various plan to be considered by congress party think thanks as it is now in more receiving end though its spokesman is trying to be giving a brave front but there lack of enthusiasm and lack of conviction is reflected in there face now.As if now each congress man thinking-`Samay Rahten Jo Kuch Loot Saken To Loot`but friends it is the Gandhi In. Co.Ltd. whose share is going to fall in the market this way.Thus they need to personally ponder and come forward to save there citadel from there coteries once for all by making virtual autopsy not only face lift.