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                                There was a time when their was need for many elites to fight against the injustice and inequality in this State,as the bad part of the power and position is responsibility.As with the big LLB degree a responsibility also comes to fight for the poor and downtrodden forgetting your own interest.
                 Need not to say all the earlier freedom fighters are basically with Law degree thus the Advocates also need respect and it is their due also.And sometimes out of emotion someone also had to make a pitch war and in kind of State like this it was earlier needed also.
              As earlier in this State the Public's alone wanted close proximity with their leaders.Thus we also did our best during a time when non had the guts to challenge the bulls from ahead.Because unless you was in system you cannot change the system .
             This was the time that staying in place like capital town of Itanagar of the Arunachal Pradesh State of North East India for the more righteous ones was more challenging, as they were victimized.As the truth tellers were less at that time and  believe it so many Journalists and advocates earlier got bashed up also.
                               Even though I fear no death but for the sake of the mission their was need for sitting in a safer zone and continue the fighting,and today good to see the bold writing`s in the face book which was never allowed earlier .Earlier believe it the communalism of worst order was used to be in power, it was used to buttress others ,then newspaper never carried any anti Govt. article.
                The opposition leaders land allotment and project where stopped instantly and the relative doing Govt. servant transferred or demotion-ed.Howsoever good one was, but for it only a single community and a tribe alone cannot be held responsible.The local ruling leaders also are suspected to be the instigators in many case.
                  Thanks that today the things have changed now for better and today there is no much fear of the State machinery.And in this new environment the professionals can return to a better environment to pursue his carrier.Lately my daughter have been heard saying father you have always homework at hand .She does not know that being an Advocate I have to really study a lot.
         As for the political carrier it depends on the Public's blessings and thanks that today they are very aware and want a good leader.And perhaps will prefer a leader who is professional and don`t dint much on the MLA LAD and Special package which solely belong to Public's ,and will perhaps choose one whose profession is not the corruption and nepotism alone.
                       Today  it is good to feel satisfied that you have become a catalyst for change with great man like my friend -Hon`ble MOS of India Sri Kiran Rijiju who also fought against odds.And hopefully in future BJP party will plan its best to make way for good ones.And unless the mass also come forward to change then can a few leaders can be also blamed?
             And the new political environment will perhaps give a lots of breathing space to the honest ones.Earlier the Public's wanted the leaders always to be in their touch and thus the leaders where also given sleepless night and even going inside the bed room of leader was a common practice here.
            And the leaders  were chased two and forth by the contractors and top workers ,and perhaps it was also because of the fact that the pot of Gold was with some leaders .Thus the earlier unorganized way seems to have also harmed the old leadership.But sometimes honestly one have to also accept some of sr.leaders atleast- stamina and endurance, and have they been educated may have adapted to new situation as well.
           But today the realization have  also come that the political leader with professional background like in the Plain areas will help them better; and also that it is not possible for a leader to meet everyone at a same time.And those leaders who are close they have been also tested and found unwanted seen failing in having a vision documents and political will and above all lacking in social engineering specially in the top important level.Like in meeting with -
                Secretary , IAS and IPS officer level meeting`s where the educated alone is seen to be popular.And need of time is now to work for a system change and thus time seems to have taught a bitter lesions to publics ,even if Hon`ble P.M have been never seen personally also Publics here are also changing hearing his vision.That is a very positive sign, may be cascading down effect from top to bottom.It is said the spiritual and educated leader have a very positive effect on the society he leads.
                Thus in this new background the good professionals are now also getting time for their own profession to help the multitude of Public's in a better way when they are not in power ,who also want a reliable legal redress forum.And if your persona help you in helping others then what is wrong?As more then merit there is definitely a charismatic effect of a popular person thinks some friends.
           The time have come to appreciate the truth also as SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM.As the days of badmouthing and being blindly convinced by the poor and innocent Publics are gone.Todays Publics are very practical and goes by logic and convictions.If need be they will send Hanumanji to bring Sanjivni Butti from KISKINDA PARVAT.
              Even in the Legal profession in fact the art of crossing  and for knowledge of law other then the facts of case lots of wisdom and intelligence is needed.And which is rather gift Of God besides experience.And thus this is wrong to think that the Lawyers are Liars  as when the client make a futile effort to lie he will be caught and one in the position of the Hon`ble Judge is very smart.You can`t easily dupe them thus the Indian mindset need to be changed.
              The honesty is in fact best in all the position and profession and thus ACHA DIN clarion call of Hon`ble P.M should be tried to be brought by all in all the profession also.And see the popularity of man may matter and for it also truthful man will excel but above all the prayer support of the peoples in your life really count.As the Dacoit will be ultimately get shooted ,thus this is perhaps time to know some basic facts.
         Our philosophy got to be -Be honest don`t take exorbitant  fee in your professional life .Serve Lord by serving your clients enjoy the work as Lord also now perhaps want you to be also happy and enjoy the gift He have given even if your own fail to appreciate your merit.Thus enjoy the life by your standard don’t be too good to be detach from world as some have to be in the system to help the spiritual Peoples in the fasting centres and Ashrams .
                As it happens in politics where there can be sudden reversal of fortune ,and thank God that atleast you have always a better substitute in this Legal profession which is truly a Royal profession.Praise the Lord for His shower of blessings on me and my clients.
                  And thus the persons needing my guidance can contact me in e mail -togobasar@gmail .com and my new Airtel Mobile No. is - 7085674844 and my new Vodapone No. is 8794068245.And the Ph. same as usual - 03795226614 and BSNL Mob.No. 9436229344.The unknown person can first give a message telling their legal problem so that I can reply.And for the Advocate friends they can first write in SMS From and so.Pliz don`t make a call or SMS unless their is real need .I am generally free in the evening time for important call.Thank you may God bless you.

                                                                                    Sincerely Your`s ,


                                                                                  Adv.Togo Basar 


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