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THE GAME CHANGER-My latest Nobel ( part-I)

                                          Adv. Togo Basar B.A/ L.L.B

                  I.Introduction (Page -1)
                  II.My family story ( Page-1)
                  III.My Philosophy in life ( Page -22)
                  IV.Our Birth place ( page -40)
                  V.My family is also trying to serve this society ( Page-42)
                 VI.Peoples that influenced us.(Page-47)
                 VII. Lesions I learnt ( Page-51)
                 VIII.See God is really there ( Page-57)
                  IX.God`s miracle in my life ( Page-98)

                                                   I am thankful to Togoji for allowing me to make Introductory     comment  in his Noble today when it is preliminary launched in his blog;and  which will be later published in book form if God blesses.Honestly this idea too was after prolong persuasion also and ultimately I had to tell him,` if I am media In charge for this Nobel endorsement at-least that liberty have to be given to me`. As he is a great man, an asset not only to his society and any party he belong but to this world so my emotional outburst may be forgiven.
                                               As his philosophy and views can be answer to many questions in life and he is seen really used by divine power;as if he can be used to make dead rise and do all short of wonders; then for man with dangerous diseased, illness and infirmities he was the Lord send messiah.And see master genius is also a super star at tractor as a political speaker,singer,footballer and dancer also etc.And is heard to have been heartthrob of his Hindu College Delhi University in Mecca Festival days.And was member of the finalist of the Subroto Cup football tournament under class-XII.
                                          His life Testimony is marvelous;his writing will surely help make a better world.Thus this Noble need our natural cooperation by one who believe in humanity.I am for Noble peace prize to this master genius for this spectacular work to bring lasting peace in this ,society ,Country and world.As for no man have perhaps done what he have done,the journey of Great man always make lasting footprint for the mankind to imibe it.                             
                        And accepting that all the readers will complete this Noble and benefit to know the truth which will alone liberate them.Surely this time this attention for an unknown Persons work will be your life changing movement for yourself,your family  and society also.See to become serious partner in  publishing this masterpiece in book form in various language even foreigner who is serious can please contact us by sms in Mob. No.9436229344 for A.P,91-9436229344 for India and 00-91-9436229344 for the foreigners.Or in rare cases in there is no FERA violence in this genuine business.The advertisement can be also put in the proposed Noble in book form and the blog also.Thus the serious future partners can immediately contact and make e-net agreement with Togoji which will be also accepted legal from our side.His address is Adv.Togo Basar ,Kadi viilage P.O/P.S-Basar West Siang Dist.Arunachal pradesh pin-791101 ( India)
                                                       Please note that the first suitable proposers for business partnership offer withing one month will be given first preference.See the minimum 50% share can be given to the investing partner for doing all the things like packaging,till marketing the book by the Publishing House.Togojis role will be attending the original book publicity and endorsement shows sponsored by the Publication partner according to his free time.And mind the copy right of Nobel -`GAME CHANGER`,is reserved by Adv.Togo Basar of kadi Village West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh India pin-791101 in verbatim.
                                 One should immediately recommend this master piece to others in there social cites and share divine blessings from this divine commission mission as along with it will come -satisfaction,richness,name and fame which may always not come together also.See the present Noble should also disclose who is going to be real Game Changer in the Indian Politics in coming years.Hope Togojis unique social ,political and cultural contributions and friends and relatives in right place will also make this projects a grand success.I wish him all the best and all the world Citizens also;as this is surely life changing movements.Time for good Peoples to unite to fight the real enemy which is in themselves to always stick to one`s own comfort zone.
                                                                          Sincerely your`s,
                                                                         -Rantu Roy ( Media In charge)


                      This story is dedicated to my Lord and Savior Lord Jesus Christ the Holy Ghost who have saved me in an operation where I had once died;and my late mother Late Tumbi Basar (Doji) who was really bothering about my future.And kindled the light of divinity,humanity and kindness in all the Children s she gave birth.And in spite of her all surmounting problem she faced in her life as a wife and mother in a semi rural place in its worst transition phase proved herself as a noble lady.
                                    As the Lord have given us so much and we should not be ashamed to tell His grace;and since He was always good and wanted to help all and so may have  made mother`s to love all through them;and so both are worthy to be praised.Today we are not only harming our today but tomorrow for our lack of knowledge.My en devour is try to remove this ignorance for all the mankind so that there is a better world.And for this a small man like me living in small place can also not do much ;unless you also support me.
                      As we are same family in the world and related with each other through the commutative karma also.And I believe what happens in small place effects the events in other place also.As this is the  divine mechanism in life so that man doesn`t live for himself but for others also;as who knows when your time will come to seek help from Lord and us also.And as non is picture perfect that way all will be blessed more in helping missionaries and one in I suppose God`s will.                                                                       

                                                                                                       Adv. Togo Basar
                                                                                                             ….Jan 2014                           


                                       PART –I
                             If a small work of mine can help my Peoples and the humanity then my life have been blessed.I have never ever liked to hurt any one knowingly or unknowingly; and if there is an inadvertent mistake in that regard I beg apology in advance.
                                I am also a simple man and want to be continue to be a simple man and while writing this philosophy I am targeting myself more then others.And will be continually needing everyone's prayer support at least as I am also a man of little faith.But sometimes the impending circumstance also seems to make a man to do spectacular work.If my writing for the unity and peace of the world proves to be ants step but Giant leap in tomorrows better world nothing like that.
                                    As many a times we have stopped saying about the goodness the Lord have done for me.I for myself have also kept silence for a long time to say spade a spade a spade.But one have to start what ever be the consequences.
 II. MY FAMILY STORY:-        
                                              My mother was a great spiritual believer of Lord Krishna and perhaps if today she have been alive she would have been a good Christian also like most of the man and women in spiritual pursuits in this part of the world ending up getting ultimate hope ,peace and happiness in Lord and Savior.

                       It would have been a standing ovation to her  if the Women Welfare Soceity of the State of Arunachal Pradesh have posthumously awarded her a special prize; to be continue to given to all the women who made special contribution in the field of the women emancipation.As she was no only to face the angry community in Bango Dere Keba/case for her divorce petition against force marriage which was first time in the Arunachal History.
                            But also was the first to start a shop in Basar town and try to start the self reliance for women of her time by advocating self employment in business which was better then the hard work of zhoom cultivation still common here.And she was very particular about economic living yet always managed to give something to others.She seems to have seen the Can naught Palace and other main Delhi Bazar in her Republic day cultural programme where she was a member of ponu party from Arunachal Pradesh.And this exposure is so needed to see good vision for your own peoples.
                        She also knew the value of fruit and milk and gave us it from day one and today what we are is all due to her only.There was one favorite Cow of her called Rutu as she had only one ear,my mother had platonic relation for her;and after my mother died was always seen crying.This was something different picture for this region where the Publics are seen obsessed with the Beef meat.And the worst thing my Villagers sujjested my father was to cut her after my mother died;which increased our sorrow all the more.
                                As in our Childhood there where always ritual and pooja in our house and the Peoples in general always used to live in fear of Uyu the Evil force which was working too much in our house at that time,as our family clan called Marlis is heard to be graced by Bir Kale Uyu the god of prosperity;the divine shower symbolized by rain

fall is astonishingly still seen there whenever this power are invoked in our family pooja and events.
                May be my forefathers have been continuing the divine pooja since time immemorial not allowing the connection to loose;and may have got divine blessings or may have done something to repent about also.God alone knows but critically the Abo Tani Society can be still seen as only society that still prays the evil spirit also.It is by the appeasement policy that the Nyibo/Priest is trying to thwart its ill effects.Contrary to that the Christianity is advocating the driving away of this bad spirit`s.
                  So right now bit of confusion by some elites is seen;some advocates it is now better to become Christian as the same religion and philosophy seems to have developed the Mizoram more.And some are stressing the need for preserving the old one`s.perhaps the best solution will be taking middle path.See what happens in the end as ultimately the will of God only will come.It is heard there was time during forefather Marli Basarjis time; where it is heard family had too many slaves and it was also time of war`s and some may have been also terribly hurt;as the Galo also believe that the forefathers sins also use to fiddle down to descendants.
                    And as the commutation of the positive or negative karma may transcendent down to the successors also,and if my family is now also seen to be doing something good then this is also blessings and love by the Public's also who have perhaps also power to change one families fortune also.As the Public's have earlier stood by us in worst phase of life also.When earlier the ASM and ZPM candidate was pushed up from the family side that too against the ruling party candidate.But there is always certain amount of fear if there is bigger expectations also;as in this part of the world the help

have also meant the direct value added help which may also lead the leader to gallows in this days of Civil society movements.      
                                                    My father Sri Dakto Basarji about 75 yrs.old now who is such a wonderful person and is not keeping well much this days also need everyone prayer support.This Noble is also a standing ovation to Him.He was always a tough man, life seems to have thought him to be strict to us to make us academically successful.As he seems to have suffered a lot in his life for his orthodox thinking for which he seems to be blaming it more on his lack of education.And his vision to bring us up under strict punishment is now seems to be respected by many; as they also feel that the education is the only way to change the present problems which have been always associated with land locked place like this.
                       But for us in Childhood days father was the most hated person; as he was so much obsessive in imparting discipline that we seldom get chance to see movies also. As whenever we run to see movie and after it was finished; he will be waiting for us with stick.And being more elder we used to let younger brother Tojo climb up the staircase and after he get good thrashing we used to climb up.But once father knowing our motive pretended to sleep.
                                                 And after younger brother Tojo was spared and he went to sleep suddenly appeared to us and myself and elder brother Er.Tomoji got good beating  black and blue on coming inside the house.My elder brother also changed in life after he plunged in class IX and got the worst beating by father;after that he did not looked back and become always topper.The Govt.H.S.School Basar was really respecting my family as there was 3 class XII topper from my family in series .
                    Starting from my eldest sister Smty Tokir Basar(Angu) to Er.Tomo Basarji and youngest sister Miss.Topi Basar who is now the Law Faculty Delhi University.But my father was in a way very innocent man and at that time the events in quick

successions may have been like Java man put in the New York kind of situations.As honestly the Arunachal Pradesh earlier called as NEFA was earlier a Terra incognito land;and was beyond the reach of the Indian and Chinese administrators.The Abo Tani the first forefather seems to have been lost in this wilderness for long.
                      And sometimes we wonder weather this civilization was not part of the Mahadev`s descendants who lived in Himalayas.As so much cultural,philosophical and religious resemblance is seen.As the Priest in the ecstasy when the spirit comes called  Tago Nyigre in Galo dance in style of Lord Shivas-Tandav Nritya.And I have found many philosophical similarity of Abo Tani culture with the pre-vedic age.
                       In our childhood there was always local keba/case for some reason or other.As my father was an undisputed ASM of Gori Village for many years and it was a post which may be also needed him to be tough also;as all the Villagers where so raugh and tough then;as there simple life seems to have been suddenly disturbed by so many things happening at the same times.So this things seems to have given me exposure from day one to see the societies functioning and develop my own brand of leadership.And the NE Peoples have been like empty vessels and sometimes get to be cheated.And perhaps this is the reason I see most of the elite North East Peoples seems to be always searching an identical truthful religion and philosophy which also ensures societies  dignity and integrity.
                  This was time the society was in worst transition period and from boil vegetable we suddenly had to face haldi and masala as my father shifted from Gori Village to the Old Market of the Basar town where I was born.As the State was newly discovered and was cut of from rest of world for many years and tactically was neither in reach of India and China.The Galo forefathers can be credited for making it join with the Countries mainstream;as the Bat and Cane for making furniture was cut by the Villagers and sold in far away place like Dibrugarh. My.My father once told me that earlier  in 

there younger days they even had to  wear tree leaves and barks also,as cloth was new thing for them.
                                     There is nothing to be amused about it;as Bhagwan Shankarji also seems to have lived that way.But there was reportedly less crime and sexual urge also.As the discipline was strict.As the rich Peoples preferred there Child to merry soon and honestly earlier the polygamy the Panch pandav`s using same wife like Queen Draupadi used was accepted form.But from earlier point of view it might have been best way.As even if some die in war or diseases there was security for the wife.And marrying was also a costly affairs and this way there was family bonhomie.But in today's time this have more or less finished as indirectly everyone have accepted Christian philosophy only joked an old timer who was reputed for trespassing others better half of his same genealogy.
                                 But earlier also the dating was absolutely forbidden to the uncle and son rank`s wife.And only confined to the same rank like babhiji;this are hard truths and said to have been reported in some Hindu tribes of the Uttarakhand areas also.See there is also some bad custom and tradition in all the societies which have made some deep rooted impact.Say I am in the 18th rank of the genealogy made by the KAWA- Karko Aao Welfare Society, who are sons of common descendants of great Ato/forefather karko.And Sri Ninong Erringji Hon`ble M.P and  MOS Govt. of India is in the 17th rank.
                          The each rank was allowed to take liberty with the wife of each rank only;honestly today this culture is confined to jock as non does it now;may be barring in some interior places where here is Valentines day all the year.But earlier also the Person is heard to have always cared for the concubine she was not seen as mare play game.And earlier there is also report of a short of night club called Moshup where the


Boys and Girls used to interact. And.And see the older Peoples seems to have married one whom them loved at first cite;and unless the batch of spoiled Graduates from the Shillong and Guwahati arrived it was running successfully.As with them come skill of writing letters to the girl friends and slowly also the marriage fixing by the Lampo/ middle man stopped gradually.                
                        Earlier there where too many jungle animals and birds to savor ;that today also most of the family members seems to have developed gastritis for over eating meat.As father made sure all the meat went inside our throat as he watched over like an eagle.My mother was always upset about father purchasing cartoons of 12 bore bullets for hunters.And the hunters who where given bullet and sometimes even our gun; always made sure that the portion of meat always reached our dining us.And at that time the killed birds where honestly our toys;as birds of all the shape and size used to be seen in the evening.
                    Thus the Childhood memoirs are completely different from other part of the world.We used to spend our time more in angling and hunting with our catapult as this was all taught to us from day one.And once when my youngest sister Topi Favorite called as Mina was inside mothers womb father shot a crow.And after my sister was born there was black sign in her leg.This is called Chinam/curse  in our Galo language and as such during pregnant time hunting is forbidden here.Father had to also face the consequence of terrible mistake committed by him.As when once my house was caught in fire the Public's feared to come and save the important properties as the gun bullets where flying everywhere.
                          And this fire accident seems to have been too much for my mother also to bear it and she started not feeling well and felled sick and was always seen crying as she had lost many precious traditional material`s.My relatives like Abo Tobi Bam now

married to Sri Tabom Bam I.A.S Secy.Inter state Govt. of India ,abo Jyoti Nguba and abo Gomo Kato and SSB officers where always seen trying to comfort her but in-vain. But.But after the fire in the house much vegetable growth in the burnt area was a surprising element.I still feel like fire is also a form of divine blessing to come and is also called as form of holy Spirit by the theologians.
                         The Peoples where very simple and used to take the issues very seriously then.As this part of the land seems to have been completely isolated from the world and this Holy fusion with the environment since time immemorial made the common Public's facing pathetic condition specially in there Bus journey.The Bus was a helluva lot of a smelly place and most of us end up vomiting as we seems to had little immunity against this pungent odor of Diesel.And it was also worst thing for me when I was taken to be joined in the boarding School of RKM School as rising early in the morning and having to be satisfied with small breakfast,lunch and dinner was bit too much for us.
                              The RKM was a dungeon for me as small kids we were very much harassed by the seniors there and we used to wept for missing the parents.And from this days itself I had the feeling that the God was very close to me.As in times of worst problem also he was the security.See from the aim of orphan school for the poor for RKM  also the economic gain seems to have become also the motto.And this seems to have increased the students and with it mental tensions and burden in a populous hostel.The never ending hunger in school days was too much for us God knows where those hunger have gone now.
                        My Childhood friend is Mikar Gamlin.I remember meeting him in the dining hall sliding with his white shocks on.It was a platonic relationship and we are still friends;and sometimes I also wonder weather I have not inherited his introvert character which was needed more when my perfect time was there to propose a girl friend in College days.Yet everything is destiny;marriage is made in heaven only.My other close

friend was Sri Tumpak Ete who is now very ill and I am requesting your all prayer support as he was such a nice Guy.
                        Among the class mates Sri Lemli Loyi was the best pampered student by the teachers.And he have also been successful now being the Manager of the NEDBI if I am not wrong.And Vijay Verma is seen working in USA other meritorious student Durik kamduk is Executive engineer.The class mates were very fond of me and many a times we proved as perennial headache for the Institutions as one`s we organized a drama called kalyug ka Ramayana which made the Institutions to call Ram Sir for questioning.As the script shown to him was changed overnight.And the funny Ram Lila is heard to have landed some students to medical for there excessive laughter.
                       Though I was named as Director but in fact it was a commutative revenge by the class VIII students against the managements favoring class IX in football match.I suppose I was spared only because my own relative was a Hon`ble Chief Guest.And this was the time to make relationship.relationship. Pritta Dutta,Nimisha Rawat, and Kiran Singh used to tie me Rakhi and till now I have brotherly feeling for them.Kiran is now in Toronto and Nimishas parents also loves me very much.From the day one I was interested in playing football and this was the playgrounds where all my depressions where ventilated.The teachers I am indebted to today also is- Ram Sir,Roy sir,Tripathi sir and Jaha Sir etc.
                             Among the numerous Swamijis Gautma Nandji is most respectable as he had divine aura .But the way the students where made to take Ratta of the lesions only to get good marks was bad.I think what is important is what later student achieve in there own life.Plus there was less guidance about the future visions and honestly in our College days we where like Broiler chicken as things in Delhi was so much for us.Honestly PAO TALE JAMIN KISAK GAYA,e,i-the earth shocked especially after seeing the rock show.While everyone thought the NE students were like westerners but in our case we were more Hindi expert then the others also.

                            But in many ways this RKM also helped me to shape my future course of actions.As the Swami Vivekanaadajis message seems to have been infused in my blood veins.And see once upon a time my memory was also not bad.As memorizing the Chicago address of the Swami Vivekananda was not an easy thing.As it was perhaps 6 pages and yet I managed it.After class X I left RKM as I developed a difference of opinion of swami Suverinadaji as he insisted I make ratta of notes.And he may have been right as well;but may be God had other plan for me.And after doing class XI from the Basar Govt. H.S.School.completed my class XII from the Govt.H.S.School Aalo.
                        The most memorable moment in the RKM was the Subroto cup final;here we could have won only for the injustice as many good players of our side was removed in the Semi final on the over age ground.As the final was against the Madhyam Gram of the West Bengal so critics believe the Bengal lobby seems to have done this trick.As the air force of Delhi which was organizing the tournament was filled with Bengalis.And at that time there where less aware Arunachalees in Delhi.In today's time may be the Hon`ble H.C or S.C may have been prayed for.                       
                                         My father was a innocent man;though he pretend to be tough from outside a very clean man saying what he wants to.And so all respect him in the Basar town.I seems to have inherited his uprightness to some extent;my father`s innocence seems to have been exploited by his own close friends also as he was short of a Land Baron.My family is waiting to see the outcome of our past fathers good deeds also.And even those leaders and there families for whom my father and mother  have suffered like anything;will they also look us back in our own times of troubles also?
                      Lets hope for the best as in historical time all may be changed for good also.But have to accept that Sri Eken Ribaji Ex-Hon`ble Cabinet Minister only seems to have still certain amount of respect for my father for his earlier help to him.And also my village relatives have always stood by us like the musician in the Titanic movie who

played music till there last breadth.And lately Sri Tabom Bamji I.A.S is heard to be appreciating me and ready to support me in my mission to bring good leadership in the 29th assembly constituency Basar.If this is truth will be a major change in rich Public's outlook.
                   As it was earlier very difficult to defeat the ruling Congress party in the Panchayat ASM and ZPM election after making head long collision;and this we managed to do earlier with there blessings also.And thus in new situation I need to be more secured also.My father was a great Social thinker; he did not wanted to live merely;and wanted to be remembered for his good works.But the best memorable thing my father did was in helping in finishing the NH -52 road in late 1970`s,he told me once he was given one chen = 30mtr. only as  a contractor in this road;and from the money he set to make the govt.quarters in Daporijo town from there went to work in Zero Plateau.
                And told me that the large Village in Ziro was a sudden and amazing cite for him when he and late Gohen Bamji reached there;he told me that he taught angling to the Apatanis living in outcurst who where seen very scarred lots at that time.As earlier there was regular inter tribe wars.May be my fathers true love for my mother seems to have encouraged him to clear many hurdles;as he may have needed money to buy her out from the old child marriage.As he was the most successful business of the town in those days and it is due to my mother cooperation alone.
                      After my mother died it was like he lost a Laxmi and could never ever see the same success.Honestly it was time when the other part of the Arunachal was yet to see the light of the day.That way this Basar and Aalo town of the Galo land was very advanced.Another important work he did was

donation of the ICAR land to Govt. in 1972 in connivance with late Tomo Ribaji Ex-hon`ble C.M.; pioneer leader of the PPA of which my father was life long supporter.The loyality to late Tomo Ribaji by my father was phenomenal.And the ITBP land donation in Basar town  was also undertaken by my father Sri Dakto Basarji  is verified by Sri Tumgam Bagraji who was then A.S.I ;I.T.B.P and Dr.Emi Rumiji presently Deputy Director T.B Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh.
                              As they claim to went to convince all the land dona tors along with my father.It was done during time of Deputy Commandant O.P Chaturvedi of the 4th Batt.I.T.B.P.And later ITBP was changed to S.S.B ;the same commandant Sri I.B Negi ( I.P.S) was reins ted as commandent of the 23 SSB.After long year this Company was shifted to I suppose Valmiki Nagar of Bihar.And for this service to Govt. of India my father always desired 21 Gun salute for his effort after his death bed.As its also consider a great honor in our Galo society also.As when my mother died I have never seen as much Publics and volunteers coming with private Guns to bid her last farewell.
                       As my father and main land donators have never received any monetary compensation from the Govt. of India also.So they deserve certain recognition;and my friend in ITBP I.G Shah,Commandant Mandhirji DIG Shillong may also try from there side to see what can be done.And for a prodigal son its my duty to appeal for the last wish of the dying father.So may someday he also may get special concession from Ministry of Home as special case to die a happy man. Nervelessly the SSB and the ITBP have been always helpful to the Public's in the time of natural disaster like fire.
               And have been also a place for cultural exchange where many local girls have been also married to the service man.And with AAP wave this fathers dream seems to be near now,to give blessing to the real sacrifice of the country seems to be the real plan if the AAP make presence felt even in other Urban areas.But nothing like rewarding

a person in his old age when great man`s life is short. See this was also a significant contribution made by my father which cannot be gainsaid also.
                       As the Secret Service Bureau in the line of Japanese Armies Nicona koki during 2nd world war used to earlier give all the information to Govt. of India through local recruits of the  border areas like Mechuka and Taksin the place near to the Chinese border.As for us getting chance to see Documentary show in the SSB was the greatest kick in our life.As there was no entertainment point at that time;alas those hunger for entertainment where it has gone now?Therefore everything too much also seems to be bad.
                              And in our Childhood all the ration of the SSB used to go from our Shop and we used to be invited in the SSB Picnic parties also. It was short of a family relations with them.The great thing about my house was it was the cultural exchange meeting point of all the great man of our time.Sri Tejum Paduji ( Present Director Higher Education Govt. of A.P )also my nephew,Sri Tahang Tagu presently Hon`ble Deputy commissioner Daporijo, Moge Doji eminent singer and maternal uncle e,i- Mamaji,Er.Marker Bam ( S.E PWD) and Retd.Director Sri obang Dai who was then EAC Basar where the common face in the evening dinner table.
                                            And the great evening used to end with the song of the great singer Moge Doji who used to only be ready to sing when finally my mother used to say to her.TAGE GANA GO ENTO KE.e,i-Moge sing a song.Last time nearly tears came out automatically in our face when Kite Mogeji sang a last song on my request in the Nephew Karsang Basar`s marriage party.It was perhaps his last song as few days after he is heard to be suffering from the stroke.
                 The Arunachal Publics obsessed with his singing are really bothering about his health but his all time great is-`Takar Tasim Ngo….`.And he can sing Mohd.Rafi`s song

adjactly like him.I am praying almighty God to heal him.The great Moh.Rafi and Latajis ever green song will perhaps ensure that the Arunachalees will choose India over china also.The making of KVK in Bam Village is also my fathers brain child;as he seems to have anticipated that future was in farming and agriculture.The vision and creativeness of my father and urge to discover something new in his all life seems to have influenced all of us all; he seems to have the spirit of Christopher Columbus the man who discovered America.And for a man of his time who perhaps show many thing for the first time.Every thing must have been a very interesting thing for him like the character in the American serial- GOING TO WEST.
                   But what made him different was that he seems to have been in look out for searching a way to make our society always better.With cooperation with his business partner R.P Chabraji of Gauhati he started selling the Rice Mill and Power Tiller of the  J.K Satto Company.And this really helped the Villagers and he took very less money and even sometimes left his commission also;this seems to be imbibed in my gene also.As even if my family and friends says I have already done enough for society and it is time for me to see my own interest now; the fighter in me refuse to stop.
                              As on many occasion I was taken by father in his business trips.And today also in my family my father is seen as the greatest encourager of me to be a political leader also;as he seems to have believe in me;and want to do what he cannot through me.And openly say one day everyone will flock to Tago as he is selfless.And he is this days always not keeping well so I feel I should not also tell him the latest developments and works I have done.As he tends to be very emotional this days.He is a simple man and does not perhaps even don`t know much of my work also;as Intern ate is something there generations will never understand.
                         And being a prodigal son its my duty also to fulfill his last wish also.And hope other family members will also realize the gravity of situation as a great man also needed to be given and standing ovation also.The Abo Tani clan members which

constitute about 70% of the total Arunachal population have been known for there leadership and friendly manners;and for few bad ones all should not be seen with apprehensions.The main tribe of same decedents of the forefather Abo Tani are- Nyishi,Galo,Minyong,Miri,Pasi,Miling and Padams etc.
                               It is pertinent to mention that all the Arunachalees be he Buddhist in Tawang may be direct decedents of Abo Tani only.As the established fact is most of Arunachalee forefathers come from China side.And in Fa hiens time Buddhism seems to have come and by that time Abo Tani`s descendants like Galo which name means to climb down may have climbed down from Lhasa side of the Himalayas on the way to Indian plains.Thus all the cultures and traditions of each sub tribe have to be seen as our common legacy and beautiful flower in the garden of State.
                       As all the other tribes like Khamtis,Akas,sherdukpans,Nokte,Tangsa,Wangsu etc. seems to have remain cut off for long time from each other so there is seen little variations in culture and traditions.As the culture and tradition is dynamics and change also;but change is very slow so we do not feel it.So everyone is our own from Adam and Eves point of view also.And thus the Abo Tani clan members also need to come out from this communal syndrome.
                          See Arunachal Pradesh is the only place which have been never conquered by the Britisher`s also.See the specialty of this tribes specially Galo`s are ability of recording of all the forefathers name.It is good or bad from my perspective as the communal sentiment is still very much and good if used by a right leader for right kind of outlook.And it seems to help to take the name of the forefathers in respect and learn from there stories;in absence of good Priest some bad Karma may also come from forefathers time if there name is taken unnecessarily.
                                 As the Abo Tani clans believe that the spirit of the forefathers comes

along with the Uyu-Malevolent and benevolent during time of the sacrifice like -Peka and Togu to Uyu/malevolent and benevolent god.But the Galo and Nyishi brothers of the Abo Tani belt since adopted the modernity so quickly the Tagin brothers folk story can be seen as more reliable now.As they seems to have even symmetrical story with Holy Bible in telling origin of the human and even seems to know the names of forefather long before Abo Tani who is considered first forefather.
                          They say the great grand fathers name before Abo Tani the first father of the Abo Tani clan as Koryum-Rumchi-Chetu/Si(earth)-Tuni(Abo Tani)-Nyibe-Bere etc.And thus earlier they also had this Galo pattern of keeping names and it seems due to inter wars and chaos in between some forefathers name seems to have been lost.Thus Abo Tani was also not the first human being according to them which seems more scientific as well.And the same pattern of naming was also heard to be used by the Nyishi brothers as reportedly told by brother Nilam Taramji one of our top Baptist believers.
                                      The other religious Peoples like Buddhists are perhaps also our own lost clans only as they converted to other religion and lost the interest of keeping tab of family chronicles.As in many ways there religion philosophy like not killing undue animal is like Donyi Polo old practices.After all  the Arunachalees are after all from same Indo Tibetan Mongolian stock.And the eating habits seems to have changed the Peoples as earlier Millet/Tami now still eaten much in the Mechuka and twang area is stopped eating in this part.
                        My family tree/pre degree chart as told to me from the Galo folk lore is from -Ato/Great Grandfather Toni(forefather Tani)  time is- Ato Nito  ,Ato Topo ,Ato pone  ,Ato Ne-ur  ,Ato Urchi ,Ato Chikar ,Ato Karko,Ato Kore Karko( father of Rihar/Basar,Riba,Rina,Rike clan etc. as such all called as Kore Aaos),and there descendents are now today trying to unite under the aegis of-KAWA- (KARKO AAO

 WELFARE SOCIETY),Ato Rihar,Ato Hara Rihar,Ato Aka Rihar,Ato Kangu Rihar,Ato Nguchi Rihar ,ato Chimar Rihar ,Ato Marsen Rihar ,Ato Hengo Rihar( Elephant killer),Ato Gomar Rihar,Ato Marli Rihar ,ato Likar Rihar ,ato Kardak Basar,Sri Dakto Basar and Togo Basar this is till me.
                                The family chronology is possible due to unique manner of the putting the name of the son in Galo system after last two word of father`s name;which  is put initially before the Galo name which helps to know the sequence.And this methods have helped all the Galos to know each others till now.And not in any way an en devour to glorify the family as we must love everyone as since ages others have also contributed for growth of Galo land,Abo Tani Land and Basar area society also.
                               But to tell the history and achievement of Individual forefathers in short is also important to get positive inspiration in life.The Galos are very possessive about there culture and tradition this will be also there; but other communities and religious groups contribution can also be not negetted. Thus.Thus all society members is the inheritor of this common rich legacy and have right to it being the decsendents. And.And so only time will tell weather there is different yardstick for the rich and poor.As for now rich have been seen to be pampered.The close relatives of mine called Marto Aao`s of Basar areas who are descendants of forefather Ato Marto Basar who was younger brother of my great grand father Ato Marli Basar have been really seen more successful in worldly life as well.
                                   With three top officers  -Sri Toli Basarji Director Urban Development Dept. Govt. of A.P,Sri Tajum Basarji Ex-Director Health and Sri Tago Basar Ex-Director Agriculture under Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh to there credit.And in there shoulder will also lie future well being of this Basar area and they seems to be now appreciating my ideas also.As the real greatness is in working together for a greater cause and my

grandfathers seems to be poised to be bless me this time.My Great Grand father`s,father and mothers blood in me also perhaps give this never say die attitude for feeling to do something for my society.But gracefully accept that Lord have been merciful in blessing the opposition leader like me with Intern ate and Lokh Pal Bill to be heard now.
                      As without which perhaps most of the opposition leaders specially in this State would have been never taken seriously;even by the relative also,this is unfortunate fact here.As though any one may be good also;but sometimes for greater interest of society there is also need to take help of the greater power as well for the benefit of the Aam Admi for which I am committed.see there is need for critical analysis in serious issues.
                    As some of the haves class have been seen least emotional for other and seems to have always hacked up emotional issues for themselves.Thus time is perfect to take best thing from every side.Only the other day my family priest Late Nyibo Tage Ango`s son Sri Gere Angoji was telling me that my forefathers sin which come after killing an elephant that curse once come upon my father also and was successfully removed by prayer and magical chanting by his father who was our family priest.And truly his father was my family priest till when he was alive and was a nice man.Earlier the priest who was really chosen by spirit was also living a sacrificial life;and there was also lots of does and don`ts for him.
                          The Galo tribe considers it as a previlage to wash the sin of forefather`s and perhaps if God wish to bless He may also want one to repent even for his forefathers sins and mistakes also.Thus in many way there is resemblance in all religion and the culture and practice of Galos seems to be even more older then the Vedic

rituals also as we find similier story here.It is said our forefather Ato Hengo who was the youngest of the three brother – Ato Henkar and Ato Henjum was a great hunter.While other one killed an enemy and other Panther.Ato Hengo who cut a wild elephant with his dao is said to have this curse from perhaps god- Ganeshjis spirit.
                         And it is said he was provoked by someone who wanted to give her daughter in marriage to him with this condition of first killing an elephant;and later when that man also come to collect the meat of killed elephant.In anger forefather/Ato Hengo is heard to have thrown  blood at his face and cursed  him and that family descendants are heard to have soon died one by one.As for forefather also it must have been a scary work to hunt a big elephant as he is heard to have lied down motionless for many hours after killing the big elephant.This killing is said to have taken place in Teru area now made as my elder brother Er.Tomo Basarjis WRC field.
                Thus the mythology belief is also that those who slog will enjoy;and more sin will come on who provoke other to do the risky part and come to collect the booty himself also.And so hope my sacrificing life as an opposition leader will be soon rewarded also.As the Publics/Aam admi here are very much traditionalists even if many rich man will like to put them in poor light;forgetting that they have given them money in election.Had this three great forefathers have been not hunters and fighters the Basar clan of Galo tribe may have prospered more and even settled in Guwahati at least in Assam some critics says so.
                           But the other minor tribes and animals also have to be treated well by all;as there is perhaps there relatives blood in us also.As the marriage with each other have taken place from olden times.As the great Paktus are said to be the descendants of Ato Karkos sister.Interestingly few years back a Lama Monk told me to make a Shiva Linga as he told he showed a vision of Ganeshjis stone near Gori Village field.And at that


time I was not a serious Christian and sponsored a Shiva Linga in that crude Ganeshji looking like stone front in my native Gori village.
                    Interestingly my village name is Gori which is the Hindu name of god Mahadev/Lord Shankar Bhagwanjis wife.There is a local story that there was once upon a time a tree called Gori in this Gori Village area of Basar town, who knows perhaps it was not a Kalp Taru tree also?As Hindu mythology also talks of a tree which used to fulfill all wishes.Thus in my own way I also seems to have cleared all my pending debts before joining the Christianity.So If tomorrow you get good chance in future then remember the family deity may have been also secretly blessing you for your previous hard work this seems to be Donyi Polo belief.
                                        As the effect of the positive Karma/good  deeds of forefathers seems to really come to the descendants also.As after all the Uyu may be also God`s agent only as there is really ifs and buts ,do and don`t in this Galo practice also,and some bad Uyu it is said will definitely won`t leave a person as easily also.And most of them seems to hate the evil persons only but there is need to do more research on it by the Gangi brothers;as unless one knows fully about the  spirituality he won`t get benefit also.And those who hate this introspection are the real enemy of Galo`s,as it have been Galo quality to question everything like Swami Vivekananda and become light for other`s.
                           And so outwardly Donyi poloism may looks very primitive for this parochial view only;as People are not clear about the list of benevolent Vrs. Malevolent god and there jurisdictions;thus religion topic must leave to Individual choose if there is no intention to make a serious en devour like Lord Buddha.And in absence of that kind of Guru it is wrong to aspire for other instead of trying to learn from other.As what shameless in learning;as world is a learning process?.As religion in fact belong to

Heavens list and thus this controversial part like Conversion is best left to the spiritual leaders specially in matter pertaining to conversion.And interestingly what we hear in the chanting of the Priests prayer in Donyi Poloism is basically heard to be the glorification of the forefathers valour besides invoking the malevolent and benevolent god`s blessings also.
              Thus the good karma of the forefathers of the family is also seen to be helping there successors to prosper and motivating them,so the Galos are very particular about remembering there family tree and forefathers contributions;and so many feels reluctant to sell themselves in election also.And as the deities always seems to bless the good family also in times of troubles also;so the Peoples are still not that bad and will surely help good person in his tryst with destiny for Aam admis welfare.
                           This elaboration was may be needed as said in Holy Bible you know the truth and it shall liberate you.Thus the religion is mutually complimentary and only for few jeolots a new religion should not perish for its audacity to clash with the divine God`s scheme of things also.That have to be also told as the God owner of whole world may be also needed tomorrow by a man who may be right now living in a well and thinking it as world now.For His power is unlimited and may He also bless my present family members and all the dead one`s also who have died not knowing Him.  
                                  As for my father even in those earlier PPA challenging days atleast he never voted in communal line and have said same things in every place.And is still now loved and respected by the Riba brothers of Ego side also;as he stood by them even against his own.Today the children`s and  grandchildren`s of Karko Aao clan more particularly need to take lessons from the past misdeeds of forefathers;as this meeting  like KAWA should be a occasion to take others confidence also by propagating peace and justice.

                          Myself and my good friend Sri Komkar Ribaji have promised to never cut each others road in future.And why only Basar and Riba all the Basar area Publics must imbibe the theory –love thy neighbor e,i- ` VASUDEV KUTUMBAKAMB.`e,i- world is one family.This only will make us prosperous and this I believe and this is the believe of my all family members also that this dream will oneday become true.And specially my elder brother who is considered by many as the prodigal son of the soil for his immense contribution and his search for the peace and prosperity through a society called GRK.
                        I beg apology if there is even remote smell of chauvinism and superiority complex of myself and my family and any hurt to feeling of my near and dear one also.This will be purely coincidental and I beg personal apology if it hurt someone.            But for the future generation interest and inspiration we need to write this incidents perhaps for academic discussion also.And I being interested and gifted in that line may be that work naturally falls on me as being fathers son I should also make him proud also.
                      Today I have realized that for me there is non other then Lord Christ but at the same time I must respect other religion as both are mutually complementary and gives wide scope to believers to know the truth;as it is upto believer to take the best one willing to go to Heaven or hell is upto a person.As in the Hindu philosophy referred as lesser heavens are –Baikunt or Devlok .And Uyu Mock as told by the Donyi Poloists which should if God will should not be directly going into hell.So it seems for a person realization is very important to know where he stand and where he wants to go for the heaven and Brahmlok seekers they have to be perhaps respected more.
                             As this is the final journey which is most important.Yudhistir the eldest and most noblest of the Panch Pandav said that the most surprising thing of the world is that man knows he will die oneday;but pretends as if he don`t know anything about

it.And this final journey will be possible by always being good to other and hearing the divine will that will come through prophets or hearing the self conscience and God`s little voice.And in the old age for a ruler it was suppose to come more clearly;but surprisingly in this State the younger Guys seems to be better then many older generations.
                             See many believe now and it have to be even believe by the senior leaders that there is more quality and hunger to give development by the new generation leadership.As non may say the truth in the face of the powerful leaders but this positive chemistry of the Publics with the new kids on the block cannot be now not undermined by them also.The God have given us brain to make this world a better place and I believe there is nothing which cannot be discussed and solved.This is if the intentions are good and see unless the real source which makes the leader and the Publics do evil is searched and removed then this Political leaders alone can never do anything.
                      Atleast both the options have to be showed to the Publics this is so important and have to be kept in top priority.And having said that the respect have to be shown to all the religious Peoples.See I have faced number of problems unable to visit my parents in there illness time due to the sacrifice to Uyu where many see us uncomfortably.And see what will be that religion if it does not permit to mingle.And for a good priest he should be more concerned with his god and him.So is it not time to discuss this issues and finish it ones and for all.As only a witchcraft is practiced secretly.If there is nothing wrong why worry.
              See many in other religion is also citing the luck for there success;but it was in fact God alone who have been seeing that persons Parents and himself good contributions in society since long time and blessed him.As for example before giving an IAS interview there may have been anything like accident or diarrhea for a person

concerned.Thus I appreciate Sri Amulya Abyankarji IAS for taking pain to come back to Daporijo as Guest of Honour in the Si Donyi festival after he was transferred in Delhi.This is lessions for other officers also.The Arunachal is also part of India and we are also feeling good to be treated well by other.
                See unimaginable richness have been earlier heard to be earned in Arunachal Pradesh by some beurocrates. The.The People fails to realize that after a point of time there is no love between the husband and wifes also.As the mare formality make them to take care of each other in times of illness.This is short of an agreement you scratch my back I will do your`s of short.This can be alone changed by welcoming the Holy spirit which is called as Vigyor in theological term which will once again fill one with newness in life.
                    Thus the man can not alone live by the bread but daily word of God.See the role model for youths the cine star`s many are seen helpless not maritally settled yet.Why because there may be price of being agent of devil also.But atleast Shah Rukh Khan can be appreciated for keeping the balance.See most of the leaders earlier seems to have buckled under pressure in his last stage of trial and tribulation.As to appease God alone is our human duty and this alone will take us all to the prosperity.Specially for the poor leader like us;as if I am obedient to Lord then only He will open the window of opportunity.
                      As ultimately the human being I suppose will accept a good argument put forward effectively.As it is fact that a good leader should mean much more and be respected for there values.And for the civil society members also need is better to know his limitations as tomorrow after election who will give him free liquor.The People should also respect the person as he is thus better to be good in what you are.As praying for near and dear ones and making them fear God is it not greatest gift to your own community.if you don`t want them to have illness and diseases.

                See non of a human being will be that good or that rich to change others mind;and thus in each moment of our life Lord is needed.And as He really want all to progress thus the true leader who really want development for the Public will be obedient to God,in letter and spirit.And one thing is for sure the leader will be always criticized so no problem if he is criticized for being truthful also;as God Himself seems o be rewarding more truthful ones .
                              As a matter of fact things are much better in Sikkim why?As a God fearing person alone will ensure there is no calamity and economic depression in his constituency and State.As the evil spirit and the economic injustice by devil possessed excessive corrupted leader is the major source of the illness and diseases in some constituency which also eat up leaders and Public's most of time also.As if you seek God He will bless and seek devil he will isn`t it?As Devtas made much better cities because they had blessed builders with them.And even the Mughal Emperors our co-Mongolian race they used to prey namaz 5 times.
                        Thus even if the Public's are taking liquor should not question a leader who is not taking it as will a driver drive nicely if he is intoxicated?See the other good side the new generation will say no to drugs.See already our villagers are suffering due to disrespect by the younger generations why?Thus a beginning have to be made along in GRK line.And other important point is the views,ideology and manifesto of the party.  And those leaders who speak all short of lecture before election you will see they have no testimonial life for the God and the poor Publics.
                         And in last election have signed many false promises also;so there big imposing posters and calenders in all knock and corner will make the Public more allergic also.And even if they win but the whole Public is going to loose.And it is also possible that the dirk forces also disturb the way of the truthful leader.As for human being in fact

salvation is more important but in some place where there is acute need of miracle God also shows his power.Thus unless the end is seen sometimes all the prophesy cannot be also accepted.
                    As for Lord giving political power may be a small thing.In right time He may be also ready to give better thing;thus the prediction of the prophets for my better life in coming time is not surprising.As God have been always there also and His promise also never fails.The weak believer also get entangle in the word of God and get confusion sometimes because they need to always read Holy Bible which they don`t do.As then only the Holy Spirit will talk to them or show a way out.And why others even myself have been very a bad Christian so far;so whatever I am telling is for myself also.So honestly I am also waiting for a right break only this time things seems to be more easier now.         
                                       See Lord Christ He even made water as wine as He may have respected other`s sentiment also; as unless one knows and does of others point of view how other person is accepted to also reciprocate.Thus this where ,when  and with whom awareness is also very important as after all the Publics are the god also.But be a naturally good person believing in what you do.Not one saying different things in different places and it least in my life 95% of prophesy have so far also come true that I have to also accept and the society is also starting to recognize.
                                  As world is a small place now and one cannot bluff other as easily.And may be it was for me to be concerned in Lord`s service as even if greatest of miracle is also shown some Peoples who don`t want to believe will never believe why?because it is said the devil is also the prince of the world and can also give many blessings barring,life,death and salvation.And the above topic was for the serious spiritual seekers.And as for the common man they have to be simply made to see

that.The culture and traditional is a common property and must be practically preserved without saying much.
                              But spiritualism which is basically self introspection have been always there in society since olden time also.Today it is in the form of Christianity which seems to have come suddenly ;so there may be apprehensions against this religion.But mind it everyone benefits from this interactions.As the society in worst transition period have been always seen to be the cradle of civilization and birth place of great man`s.As the negative and positive energy is seen tussling like the Samudramanthan scene as depicted in the Hindu mythology when the Devta and the Raksasa where competing.
                                             See unfortunately the real problem in accepting portion of the local culture and tradition by the new Christian converts is they cannot accept that UYU which means also - the evil force is the main centre of gravity of all the human activity.Today even the neo Donyi Poloists are saying that new name should be given to the benevolent god`s; such as- YAJ YALO which have been always used for it.As both the   malevolent and malevolent god have been address as Uyu only in Abo Tani culture.
                         But earlier as there where limited vocabulary and no knowledge about devil also; so this word seems to have been used to address all evil force.Like Horse called as Gura as it may have been seen for first time brought here and same Assamese name may have been instantly used.And as the forefathers seems to have been nomads so there is seen lack of metal maturation of Publics here in true sense of terms.        
                           And see this language definitely matter in shaping the future of a Child.Never say Uyu will come to crying Children let him fear God,parents or atleast Donyi Polo.As there is time to fill Child with positive energy.And though this topics may be very irritating for some local Galos.But knowing it nicely alone will give all real happiness,closeness ,prosperity and surety of salvation which clarification should be alone shown by a good leader.As he can`t afford to have surety of salvation alone and

have secured money in the Bank and spirituality is more then that for sure.As true leader will like to take all to heaven towards prosperity and perfection in all the fields.
                              As ultimately it is the God who is going to be the game changer and interestingly the great Galo Civilization have been unknowingly following His commandments even before the Gospel reached here.As interestingly in Galo practice there is one Kotir Tirnam process.That is breaking of stick with confession of sin by ill persons in his death bed ;here Priest put sticks one by one in front of the sick person as he confesses his sin one by one;see the stick represent one sin.
                                    This can be seen as last confession;as Galo also believe that one can never die peacefully with so many secret sins in there heart.Thus this are precious lessons to be learnt as in the death bed ;the problem of sin will be faced by oneself and so good Galo specially older one`s never criticize any religion or any religious man.Many a time we live as if we will never die.My experience in life is Buddhism is emptying your mind through meditation,the Christianity is filling one`s mind with Holy word.And for others they are on the way to reach a perfect place.And it is only the Christianity which gives lots of quick answers about the divinity and saves time;and so the elite seems to be preferring it now for its result orientatation.
                              And as spiritualism is a journey at least that feeling and happiness only the master can give according to one`s own merit.Thus one targeting Gold medal may at least get silver;so the religion should be seen as a goal and we need to wish best of luck to others as wish we receive from other also encourages us;and we feel good about it.And mind it in olden times also this courtesy was reportedly more.So the religion that is based on vested interest few officer, and Business man  who are scarred of transfer and want to appease there political bosses as hidden agenda will never survive.But this may be not the majority view;and if it is so the coming election is the perfect time to

show it.As for a religious man even in the Donyi Poloism he is not accepted to blame other for not changing.But have to start the good work himself.
                      And this is same for any religion follower depending on where he is posted and in what circumstances.So there is seen more blessing in the minority and persecuted area as they are committed to what they believe in there odd time also.As for one good man the divine power may interfere also;as His views may be different from us.As the voters see the Bank balance the Lord may be seeing the heart and soul of the person.And so even the malevolent and benevolent god is seen to have refused many rich man`s prayer request in Donyi Poloism also.As tell what a Poor man`s leader should also do if in his good time alone he is invited by a rich person?And in many ways the thinking seems to be same.                 
                  And so indirectly the Galo have been always seen to be praying unseen God in words and deeds and God also was seen to be close to us ;so if He loves even if there is initial misunderstanding everyone should ultimately love you also.As now my relatives also seems to love me and respect my stand;as the initial misunderstanding have gone.As today  for a father like me what else he wants if after lots of wondering; he is bestowed with a wonderful self look alike daughter like Miss Goshen Basar.As the love have the ultimate power to heal all from all maladise. That.That is also truth of the life.
                 The excessive past glorification is communal ism and is bad but history also repeats in itself thus we need to learn from it;as telling the truth to new generation to fear the divine warning is it not good for that chap also?The Lord /divine power have worked from long time back,and still works so it is wrong to consider old story as foregone conclusion also.And to see one who talks of spiritualism always as a weak or escapist person is worst;as warning other is loving other more,we have to see the Prophets from that angle.
                      But being in the society the best way is middle way of symphonicism

between all the philosophy as same goal but different outlook seems to have been made by us.But need was for following the God calling.Thus both the God and good karma seems to be needed;nevertheless some are definatley called one`s and deserve respect not for his own individuality but for Him.As said by Lasky the political thinker -`Between the thesis and anti thesis best is synthesis.`this seems to be needed more now in the cock tailed society like Arunachal Pradesh in its worst transition period.
                     Thus this modern political reversal of fortune seems to have today favoured AAP and may favour its cousin PPA in this State also;as this is eventually a middle way also.See the God is source of untold miracle and graceness ;if He wants to may make all the political party also revolve around His favorite disciples.As the Delhi High command makes the A.P leaders to dance like monkey`s yet was made to bow down to AAP.And honestly even for me I need to fear the future as God may even forgive my enemy also;after all in Christianity saying goes those who come first becomes last also.
                          Thus intentions should be never to even harm the opponent also in good time;as one`s own sin will ultimately doom himself.And besides in others position can we also remain to be honest also?that have to be pondered.The writer will have loved the scenario more when the Goliath have repented and have left the dias for the king David.And the Hindu fundamentalist may be amused at seeing our leaders doing this Suryanamaskar;as there is no referring of Mongols in the Hindi Varna system.And who knows we are seen as the descendants of the vanar Sena by some tells some funny critics.
                         Thus those ready to die in war like as usual which don`t belong to us for them best of luck some regional minded Peoples believe it.Thus we need to be also sensitive to what others think specially the poorer and the more minorities.Thus even if I am trying to be a good Christian but I was always trying to see the liberal angle in my

practical life also;as there have to be minimum suffering to other.But in fasting and prayer you have to be also like a fundamentalist worshiper also;as then here you are fighting against the principalities of dark forces which is called as real enemies for a Christian.
                       In fact for a true Christian there is in fact no enemy for him as Lord will fight for him.And thus the Christian believer should be very peace looking like the Buddhist brothers also.PPA party the middle party I choose as it is the path of reconciliation for all of the State of Arunachal Pradesh as it advocates for giving pride and honor to all.And thus for all who want to bring a new change in our outlook is most welcome.And for the advocates for the glorification of all the culture and tradition of the Arunachalee also ;which will be good for all should also join this party;as this State belong to all states Public's who have pride in its roots.
                         As all Peoples of A.P have so far lived like brother and sisters with peace and tranquility and this is its beauty which make the tourists flock here so we must maintain this spirit.See in religion also commandment is said to be keeping love above everything;so there is no scope for communal ism in religion and if it have to be shown then show in most needed place where other not dare to go;or the cruel leader is tormenting the co-believer directly and indirectly.As in one`s own place there is no need to be scarred isn`t it?
                         Thus before eloquent speech in religious matter this angle have to be also seen.As many a time even the rich co believer is seen insensitive to the genuine need of co-believer in tough places.As many seems to think as long as I am o.k why the need to interfere;as that man is he not good to me?As for a true Christian his principles and values should not be effected even if he is in top position.As the religion also means introspection of highest order to come at right conclusion.
                     And the PPA should work more in that line also as fortunately we are now

filled with good Peoples.And as long as this party is seen as party with difference respecting the Publics sentiment then it may be better isn`t it?And see I have also helped in making of this good party with difference from my own side from day one ;least others cannot blame me tomorrow.And for one who is laborious also,all the party and world should be friend; so I hope no much to worry for me.
                                                      As in the place like Africa where there is banana republic the political post is suddenly usepered also.And this also earlier used to be the order of day;but many friends are saying this will be extent of Arunachal Politics if your contributions are not recognized by the PPA top leaders.And as the deities also seems to bless the good family also in times of troubles;so the Peoples are still need to be good;as it is vice versa.The politics seems to be the final test of human conduct as the deities also don`t bless a person only for ability in purchasing sacrificial lambs.This have been believed since long time.
                     So the Donyi Polism in fact advocates good conduct in all the time love and friendship like Holy Bible as the divine power also seems to see the characters  of worshipers more then there rituals and sacrificing ability also.Or the rich man can easily perform ritual to appease the Uyu;but even the big sacrifice to Uyu/god like Togu sacrifice comes to previlage few who really commands Peoples respect also.So there must be a mutual respect between all the religious man of this State ,country and world as the God,god,godess,angels and man seems to have been living together in this society since time immemorial in peace and harmony also;that is also one angle for a lay man.
                But for a religious man he need to fight against the principalities of dark force also because God can alone save a person in physical and spiritual way that is after death also.Even some Galo saying believes that after death there is other three more death.And dead person rather are said to be crying for alive ones thinking that they have die.Thus this are confusing subjects and must be taken up seriously when well

prepared.As for now our Peoples seems to be wanting to live in a make believe world that they will never die.And some may even curse me for giving them mental tensions.
                       But believe me all the success and areas development have come when there was spiritual reneinsuance. See.See the growth of the Ashakas empire.As the fact is that man does not the God delivers is the guru mantra.And this need to be understand or the leaders will be always changed.And for one who swear in name of God may be also time to accept that-`perfect practice alone makes a man perfect.`Actually instead of appeasing the High command more it is the God`s will that have to be brought in to make any area more successful.And mind it those who are trying to mislead others for there own end in future things may be too late.
                           And divine power will never respect a bad man in heart whosoever power he prays also.And point to ponder is He may also not always give some family in previlage position.And one always wanting his family monopoly may be standing against His commandment.As the modern Preachers and the Priests not knowing this divine secret should not provoke the worshipers to hate each other.But it is upto Donyi polo brothers to make introspection of highest order as they are also filled with naturally good Peoples and I wish them all the best.
                     As it is not bad to search the roots and try to systematized the spiritual practice;the 2nd best choose may be also not bad.And many may not now accept the rich man`s sermons in toto;as all the great man like Sri sri Ravi Shankarji and Baba Ramdevji have also warned o boycott the excessive rich Peoples now.                                                                   See this issues was needed to be clear so that Peoples be truthful to whatever divine power they want to follow.As the freedom of choice according to one`s own capacity may be what God in fact want to give to all.
                             And as the Galo land is now in worst transition period;the introspection should be seen as best.As the only great civilization allows it`s citizens to come at the

best.But the real villain seems to be the rise of new excessive corrupted haves class as they have been always against the man searching for truth,enlightenment,Bodhistava and salvation since time in memorial and today more so as may be fearing reprisal from Publics if all become enlightened and know there mistakes.
                                       See to know real God is said to be very important for a person and as development have to be all en composing and achievement have to be seen in totality so the crooks want to criticize a religious man in the politics.As the issues like conscious which develops by spiritualism seems to disturb some man`s never ending greed this need to be understood.But on close scrutiny bad one`s are also slave of the negative forces and are worst sufferers also.And great man also accept there mistakes.
                          The earlier forefathers for them the goodness which is the main religion was there way of life and thus Donyi Polo religion seems to have evaluated from the concept like one should have crystal clear heart like Sun and Moon that man is respectable.And later competition of short seems to have developed after seeing other religion;see there is no need of apprehension in religion.We are our own enemy specially all the bad element in us is only disturbing us we need to fear that more;as let God take care of issues like life after death.As for a good man everyone will come eventually to him as finally everyone have to accept that this man is trying to make everyone`s life better;even if he has silly grammatical mistake.
                        But there is goodness in all society by there blessings and by introspection we come to know the secret of the life. The greatness of this civilization was our forefather knew God even before advent of gospel as there was always fear of a unseen God before doing any thing bad.And as such the local Publics cannot be taken for ride by the groups which have no answer to many questions.The reason the Hindu philosophy seems to have been unable to make much inroad here in State is.They seems to unable

to explain the absence of the Mongolians in the Hindu Verna System ,and tackle the cow slaughtering and idol worship issues.
                 The reportedly calling of the Mongols as Danav`s/Raksas descenents in there shastras are also subject of importance.And this are genuine concerns for the Poor Publics in remote area who want to have secured of there relationships.And honestly this point may be good for the Hindus also who want to spread there ideology.As unless the core issues are discussed how superficial surgery can be made.Thus the good one from other religion in NE is now also seeing the top Christian missionary and pastors also as everyone's property; as every one is not that rich to go to Towns and cities for Medical treatment as the number of Priest have come down.And in the education field atleast the Christianity have given really landmark contributions.
                          This all now know that the good rich man will probably be concerned for the poor brothers not himself;and they will perhaps appreciate the hardship of God`s man.And feel by serving them they will be also blessed.As God alone uses a person as He wish and for the true disciple there will be real proof of miracle through him also and so argument is meaningless who is better.As even the poorest man may have the greatest blessings of God.As for a good believer he may have sit for long fasting to show his goodness.
                            And for a rich son it was also needed to perhaps donate half of his property long time before election have come.As this seems to be the spiritual test in right perspective.And other allegations will be beating in the bush as the evil plan of person concerned who may further harm his own family.As God gives money and may can also take it back by making one as stubborn.
                       As for the critics and grumblers who are thriving on hatred many of them may end up there lifes end in Christian Medical College Vellore in the end which is small glimpse of power of Christian platform.Thus in the garb of criticizing a disciple it will be

 wrong to criticize the Christianity and Holy Spirit also.As I being more knowledgeable one must tell this truths.And even the excessive criticism of a person may make an opposition person more popular also; as it is said no advertise is bad advertise . And many even if not called by Lord and savior personally feels that this is right time for the Lord to send the gospel also as love is what is important now.As God`s good word for poorest of the poor is seen working more now, as seldom even the Govt. is reaching in many interior places.
                      The true religion is now seen to be developing where there is mutual appreciation and no pride.I am really thankful to some Donyi-Polo/Gangi brothers and sisters for helping us in the last Panchayat election I am truly indebted to them.As the good priest are also finished now;and few left also have to be respected may be from our side also.As without hurting each other we have to go in life.Thus there is need to be a common meeting point like in Festival time; as more persecution more particular religion will also grow this also need to be understand by the Christian enemies.
                     The religion related confusion seems to be imparted by some who are over ambitious and have no confidence of there own.And honestly I am telling this for our Publics advantage;as very less educated Public's are there in my place.And as some friends sujjested to me that I am made for whole world also so writing this in blog.But mind it the man who don`t know the truth will be a obstacle for any religion he goes into also.As such we must respect the enlightened one`s of other religion also.
                        Thus the emphasize should have been appreciating merit not number and trying to spread love which is the real religion.As unless one is really ready will religion also help?Thus the counting the number of believer who have joined to show that the congregation is more then other is not good.As one man David killed the giant Goliath.As what religion command is single enlightened person who can help all the society.

                                 Thus good man have to be seen as Public's commutative property.And must be given chance;as it is respecting the divine power.This is I am not saying as I am a politician.See the real religion is helping even the enemies but not the power obsessed leader as in politics one leader`s obsession may be harming all the society also.And he may be divine cursed person also.So the Holy Bible have to be seen and known in totality least the doctrines are tried to be used by the corrupted.And for the educated man like me also I always seek your prayer support least I also tomorrow face the price of overconfidence.
                                    The Arunachal Pradesh is still far better then other place as everyone considers good person of other religion also as there own and soon any difference if any will be also shorted out;as the communication gap is being broken now as other peace maker and unifier should also come from other religion also to help us.As this peace is a big issue now but we have to believe in the inherent great legacy of mutual comederie of the Galo`.And mind it unless this difference are solved this Society problems is not going to be solved; as one likes it or not we have to live with each other and work together.
                      See no one have that richness to change others fate;and non that good by himself also.So we need all and there have to be a real atma chintan to come at a conclusion.And I am ready to face any one in any given day to come at a logical conclusion;as I mean for the happiness of my Peoples in all the time.It is wrong to only use the Public's as canon fodder for ones political ambition.As the present Congress leader`s suppose tomorrow they suddenly merge to BJP and want to organize a meeting this non will like now.As everyone is now fed up of this Aya Ram Gaya Ram culture.And in this situations when the middle party like PPA prospect is seen more promising this tricks will also not materialise now.
                             And given chance we are ready to take this mutual love and respect to new heights.As to remove this deep rooted mistrust which have given more worst

scenario; we need good leaders who in word and deeds are ready to now work for State unity and peace now.And if this kind of souls are tried to be stopped will not all the divine forces will also not come in there aid?And for the Public's also by the the time a right leader is accepted it may be also too late.So God seems to be very aggressive this days to send a better plan.As what we think in life is not necessary important from God`s point of view also.Thus who thought even the Arab countries dictators will fall down. 
                                  And a good Christian and a good traditionalist is eventually a good person only;thus small difference of opinion which is only say 10% may be not considered.As in all the religion as Swami Vivekananda exhort the aim should be for higher spiritual growth;like in the materialistic life one have that attitude he should have balance in spiritual field also.As this balance alone will make one happy;as one cannot accept his soul to be unhappy which seems to be aware of the future;who know`s the forefathers souls are tormenting in hell;and it is better to do something for them now when we are alive also.As how ever we despise this but this something which is going to be felt by human being himself.As all the great religious scriptures talks of it.
                       See unless one is educated he may harm his own religion as if hatefully issues like -`Loss of culture is loss of identity`,is supposed used to insult the Christians ;someday it may boomerang on the religion which supported it also.As many align culture and tradition seems to be already incorporated in the Donyi Poloism since forefathers time also.See Togu Uyu e,i-cutting of the ten Mithun sacrifice in Galo marriage system is heard to have been started during time of Ato/forefather Takar Tazik`s time only.And the sacrifice in alter/Yidum is said to be helped by god Donyi Jilo to Abo Tani and Ayo Donyi Mumsi when she was ill.Thus a Galo saying goes don`t remove the skeletons in the grave;as many more may come out.
                                Thus changes for better seems to have been also made in the Abo Tani culture and tradition as the folk story says.Thus the aim have to be for betterment this

have been always shown by the forefathers.And while trying so one may even take back his religion to an era where there seems to have been no animal eating also;and in fact this will be the goal also.As the God seems to want to take the love to animals also.As non of the religion will propagate violence thus this new issues may also harm the one who uses it.As in fact this will exhort others to make a change themselves;Thus one should think hundred times before speaking out.
                    See it is wrong to criticize a religion just like it.As there is common feature of religion which need to be there with any religion like-love,respect and sacrifice etc.There can`t be pick and choose as the totality of the philosophy have to be good as no religion allows preferential treatment to richer one also.Thus this open denouncing of the Christians in the Galo society should not be repeated.And for this they have also to show magnanimity to the Christian political leaders if they deserve it.It is wrong to complaint other for hacking this issues when these are seen as common phenomenon in this society.As it is pertinent to mention that in late 70`s also when there was official Christian persecutions.The most of the Holy Churches was seen to be burnt here only.
            And those who unknowingly by themselves and trying to exhort there community to make a headlong collision with the God`s philosophy will harm themselves.As God is one and He send His only son to die for others sin.This is plain and simple and even the excessive corrupting the Publics with ill gotten money is in fact against His doctrine.And He was after all for all;as even if son of God He was so down to earth that never was boasting of His status.Lord Jesus Christ ones told in synagogue today all the religion have been fulfilled in Him.
                       This way he was also giving credit to the contributions of the other avatars,religion and forefather`s contributions send by father in heaven.That`s the spirit of the true religion showing ones down to earthiness and so we need to also never boast that Christianity is so much a powerful organizations even if my innocent Publics

in Basar don`t know it.See the greatness of a religion or civilization is seen from how its citizens behave.I admire one Sadhu acknowledging greatness of Lord Jesus Christ in Zee news that,`one who died for other and forgive even his tormentor also, if He is not son of God who else will be also?
                         See non want to leave his comfort zone and don`t want to hear something different from his view inculcate since his upbringing.And non dare to hurt that sentiment for his personal interest.But if there is love and real result have to be gained then the fact have to be told.As truth is bitter initially but it alone will later matter also.As change in attitude alone can change the fortune of person his family and society also;and for this I am helpless as like my lord who died for others sins without any reason.
                      Thus if fact cannot be told atleast why not praise each other;as if there is scope for development by praising each other why not praise as truth may lie in between two views also.And every one is in journey and knowledge he will learn on the way will help himself.Thus the religion difference itself should be our good opportunity to excel in life also.A good spiritual person will see problem as an opportunity so see things from others angle also;as Lord says,`Love thy neighbor.`As Lord loves other also.
                         See if non loves other specially more poorer and destitute then Lord will and then everyone may have to unmindfully come to him only.As the last minute change only the Lord can make in the heart;and brothers no amount of campaign or persuasion can change a voter also.See what happened with AAP in Delhi.And mind it with the sword of demogoges hanging in the form of the Lok Pal Bill the haves class have better reason to have sleepless night.       
                                 As said by a great Sanskrit scholar –`JANANI JANMA BHUMISCH SWARGADAPI GARIYASHI`, e,i- the motherland is more then heaven also. And for me

also If there is place on earth closest to my heart, this is Basar town of the West Siang Dist.Arunachal pradesh North East India, where I was born and all my family members grow up learning to be a perfect human being and a try to become a source of positive energy for the society. This Basar town is in the West Siang Dist.Arunachal pradesh of North East  India.
                               The Basar name seems to have come from our forefathers who where called Rihar`s who was son of forefather/ Ato Kore.And seems to have migrated from the china side as there is folklore poems referring place near it.See this Basar land is said to be given to the Basar forefathers by forefathers of Ango clans who are our traditional ally and now in minority in Basar town areas; nevertheless we have to be obliged to them and all the minority clans also as every one is our own .The Basar township area is dominated with Basar and Riba clan,then Bam and Rirams comes next.And there are many minority like Kamdak,Geyi,Taba,Ango,Angu,Kamsi etc.and all are like United color of Benetton.
                         All the communities are living in a peaceful manner, the Riba,Basar, Riram and Geyi clans who are from the joint Karko Aao clan don`t merry each other being clan brothers.And they now constitute about 50% of total area population.But all the locals are descendents of the Abo Tani and are coming inside Galo clan.The great Tomo Ribaji and Todak Basarji the powerful politicians names are worth taking.As the former was Ex-Hon`ble C.M and M.P;and later was Ex-Hon`ble Cabinet Minister and M.P.
                    Another great person is Adv.Eken Ribaji Ex-Cabinet minister ,who was the first president of APSU in his School days and was the first Advocate of the State and is retired from active politics.And Sri Tabom Bamji I.A.S Secretary Inter State Council New Delhi Govt. of India is also a big person to be reckoned with.Both have always encouraged me in life specially the later.And today in this time of most important phase

of life his encouragement was divine as his point of view also matter a lot in our Basar area for sure.
                  The specialty of the Basar is it is very beautiful being a natural valley and have moderate climate.Thus this is agile place for vacation and keeping the Childrens in the Private schools as lately many private schools have come up.The specialty of this place is even if we have been here for long but its beauty specially culture and tradition never diminish.
                                  The God have been kind to us so it is also good to share to others who are lesser previlage to us regarding our family motto.My family have tried to give back something to my society also as we feel it was Peoples love that have made us little successful also.As we have always seen my father enjoying feeding other Peoples also ;specially to the poorer ones from day one .
                       Thus the M/S D.T Construction Ltd. This firm was started by my immediate younger brother D.Tojo Basar on our advise.The M/S D.T name is derived from my father Dakto and from T stands for all his sons.This is now a registered A grade firm and have all the vehicles and tools specified by Govt.And like the Churchill brothers in Goa M/S D.T Agency is also trying its best for constructing best buildings and road for welfare of Basar.And supporting the GRK,Gori Open tournament and all shorts of the cultural and sports events in the society.
                                            The Urban Guest House Building in Gori complex in Basar town ,Gori to Piri PMGSY road in Basar,the PHED main water treatment and supply plant is some of its making.The Urban Guest House Building in Gori Complex was appreciated even by the officers of the Planning commission when they accompanied Ex-Hon`ble Chief Minister Late Dorzee kanduji on its maiden visit for opening it.

                       And honestly had it not been for God`s blessing and Sri Tabom Bamji (I.A.S) help it would have been really difficult to wrangle this plot out from the defence e,i-ITBP;though my personal friendship with commandant shaha sir of ITBP also may have helped in getting the plot of land;and the villagers in kolpo area need to be thankful to us;or they may have never get the allotment in this area.As many retired defense relatives have settled there.And thus this move was a good for them basically.
                                   The D.T sons are also thankful to Sri Tope Bam Hon`ble D.C Longding Govt. of A.P for giving 1st chance to the M/S D.T construction Co.Ltd for making the Urban Shopping complex in Basar town.Today the big project such as the Todak Basar memorial stadium project is with this firm only.And have now stood for trust and good delivery of work for all the West siang Dist.Publics. The D.T cable Net work service, D/T Gas agency and D.T Market is result of families joint effort also.As the love and guidance and above all prayer support is also priceless which many tend to forget now.
                               The recent 15th Gori open Tournament had it not for the camera crew of the D.T cable network service ;there would have been definite misunderstanding between both the GRK village host Gori and Soi football team who reached in the final of the 15thGori open Tournament.And had certain doubt regarding a goal which referee was unable to decide.And this was later verified from the Camera record taken by Bimal.
                     The extraordinary credit of spearheading the GRK work a upcoming NGO with tremendous potentiality lies on my elder brother Er.Tomo Basar( Chief Engineer Govt. of A.P),and this have been all possible due to our families bond and love and mutual encouragement also.And above all other Gori and Soi Villagers important officers and Public leaders trust in basically our big elder brother.And even if other may see my elder brothers commitment in NGO as my political weak point.
                   As being a big officer he is always under ruling Govt.scanning and may not be able to be seen with me also.But if he is doing good work I may also share his blessings

also.As what is more important is secret blessings from the core of heart.As for my elder sister Smty.Topu Ete she is a great entrepreneur and the talk of town now.As she have made business partnership with Rashid Habib`s Hair style firm and have opened up her shop in  the Hot Ice Building of Aalo west siang Dist.which is oppossite Boken Market.
                       And she have opened up her Rashid habib`s academy near the Lakhimpur College in Assam.Her story is also great in her own right.As after my sister inlaw`s husband  lost election in last time.And even if her first show room of Hair Parlor was finished by the hooligans in the BK Plaza in the Itanagar in last political turmoil in A.P for which I suppose the poor shopkeepers are yet to get anything also.
                     She nevertheless managed to make my two Beti/her daughter proud for Mamaji by making one as Air Hostess and other as Professor in the Govt. College of A.P.This shows that even if problems comes there is power also above us who seems to later replenish one for his bad day.Had my elder sister Topu Ete have been a male there may have been also no place for others for sure.
                                           If there is forced compulsion on a good person and family to live apart I believe honestly then the Lord of Host will certainly send his guardian angels from far and wide also; as those Birds of same feathers like me with the positive spirit aware of helplessness of there forefathers soul rotting in hell.They will surely send there white and black money also to help whenever there is injustice to fight on Lord`s behalf.
                               As one should believe there is also love and positive energy in the world as much as there is negative energy also.And I suppose this world is too big for a whimsical leader of this place to pathom.And perhaps also fill with good peoples who also bailed out AAP in Delhi election.As the true spiritual persons have learnt to make Gupt Dan to the Poor Publics called as- DARIDRA NARAYAN.Which is said to be Gods face in earth as in Day of Judgement God may tell I also asked for your help in the garb of a poor man but you did not gave.

                     And for the critics who think there is certain problems in my family; in the time of crisis earlier the family members have always come more stronger and united and disapprove the critics also.Problem with myself honestly I have been always seen as part of family.And family also matter a lot in this part of the world.And need not to say when there is divine commission prophesy coming for a person to work wonder.The devil will also like to hit at the weakest point to show me Have been made helpless without the family support.
                  As already I have been made notoriously famous for being projected and laughed upon as a poor political aspirant.But who knows God have made the present situation congenial for me.As as easily I have been earlier laughed upon for my poverty this may also be now my strong point.As I was always positive of God`s intervention and honestly right now many are accepting that I seems to be in the right track even if I am unable to give my calendar as this is seen as common feature.But may God bless all my supporters and give them something which others have never accepted.
                            My elder brother Er.Tomo Basar is the 3rd in the row from my fathers side and is a great man in his own right and is right now the Chief Engineer under Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh.And is doing wonderfully for not only himself but family and society as whole.As his story is what going to be mattering in today's time also when the selfishness is at its zenith in this Galo Society against this his move may be the right answer.
                       As the good officers who did not like to work under a corrupt and inefficient regime seems to have chosen clever way to be more focused in other way.An indirect revolt against the system some critics dub.But my brothers thinking is plain and simple serve the poor;and he have also right to take his own decesions. And.And as for those who blame him for not initiating on my behalf;from day one I was absolutely clear only bank on God.As the critics will always make an excuse this way or that way.

                As unless there is a coordinated attack from all side there will be no result and one cannot leave a single family for all the good work.As the political leader will be also helpless to do something by himself unless NGO backs up thus this GRK is an important element for future prosperity of Basar town.And see for the corporate and business house also they will need a good NGO to back up a leader also;as the prospective leader also need to have a blue print and vision document for development.
                            After all one can never take a smart man for a ride and more so a smart constituency;thus whoever becomes political leader should back up GRK and keep it above politics.And this alone will show the commitment of the Basar area Publics to woe the Investors,tourists and the entrepreneurs this time.And hope this Power point will be tried to be imbibed by all those Peoples who love there own society.And if necessary tomorrow if necessary GRK may keep a permanent resource persons to educate the entrepreneurs of other place also.
                                               After my elder brother I am the middle brother from my mothers side and have tried to contribute in my own way also being a blogger.The political activist being the State Gen.Secy.PPA ( Minority Cell) and Adviser Peace and Justice Dept.CBCNI-Council of Baptist Church North East India.Someday as the Publics and friends are demanding for my comprehensive life history; if this present story is popular I may again dare to write another story on my thryst with the destiny in detail also.After me my younger brother Tojo Basarjis turn comes;he is a born business man and right now A Grade Contractor with numerous project work to his credit.
                   He is a popular person on his own right and have been pillar to the family.As being left out from academic pursuit`s he unfortunately went through more misery and that seems to have made him more matured also.Right now he is also considered as great King maker of my area and critics are also wondering which way he is going to make his next move.And honestly he is more a grass root leader.But for a winning team all the ingredient is also needed.Thus it was hoped all the great man of the Basar area

would have united as time like this is real crucial as future is going to be more challenging for all.
                      After Tojo my sister Topi`s number come who is right now the Professor of the Law faculty Delhi University.And have made good use of all the love showered by us.As she was a small baby when my mother died with lots of concern for her in the death bad.May God give her absolute happiness and continue to lead her to new success.But honestly the North East students are seen to be benefiting more from her job.And good also;as we needed a guardian desperately in our own time in Delhi.
                                   My 2nd younger brother Toli is also a good upcoming business man and is a best person when he is not angry man;and meanwhile have used his temperament in the positive direction in business being called as small Vijay Mallaya of the Basar town by the critics.And sometimes I am really concerned if he bash up someone specially who is talking some bad thing against my family.My 3rd younger brother Er.Tonya Basar only for his intro vertness is also ready to make his career as he have also cleared his B.E in Civil Engineering.
                 The youngest of all brother Er.Todar Basar (A.E Power Dept.) is the cynosure of the family.And I wish him all the best as he did family proud by managing A.E job in this time when there is lots of job crunch.But may be her girl friend Dr.Nani seems to have inspired her more. My younger  sister Togam Basar (Lollen) have been lucky to have a good life partner may God also bless her.But above all it will be also unfair if I don`t appreciate my present mother Smty.Yai Basar( Kamdak) who have looked us well in absence of my mother.
                                   The credit for distinct personality of all the family members definitely falls more on my late mother Tumbi Basar(Doji) and my father Sri Dakto Basarji.And one mother who is alive Smty.Yai Basar( kamdak) have to be also credited

for bringing us up well.We are indebted to both mother and will be perhaps unable to repay there debts and will love them till `JAB TAK JAN HAIN`e,i-till death do us apart.
                      And my Abo father`s sister Abo ojum Kamdak W/O Sri Mento kamdakji have carried me in her back and brought me up,in fact my nick name Tadam is kept by er.I have lots of respect for her and today our relationship have increased with his son marrying my younger brothers daughter Jopi.As for Sri Mento kamdakji what he wanted was only further relation to grow;chachi Ane Nyijir W/O my uncle Nyajum Basar have also made us hale and hearty by cooking food for us several times.And uncle /chacha Nyajum Basarji who have done all thing possible to upbring us,it was time for us to see them hale and hearty in there old age.May God soon give me that chance also as they are also in need of help now.                            
                If knowingly or unknowingly there have been any hurting to them from my side also; I pray God for forgiveness,as in my young age I was perhaps problem child for them.But today when I am grown up; I regret for all my misdemeanors;and realize that non should hurt his family members when they are alive also.See my elder brother Chief engineer Tomo Basarji have been also very instrumental in inspiring me;his volley`s of letter in my younger days kept me motivated to do something great in my life.And my eldest sister Smty.Tokir Angu was also one who took care of us like my mother after she died.
                         My late mother who born me along with other four sisters-late Toter Basar,Mrs.Tokir Angu,Mrs.Topu Angu and Miss Topi Basar.And three brothers-Er.Tomo Basar,myself and Sri Tojo Basar.My mother late-Tumbi Doji was someone before time in place like this;when today also the domestic violence is seen excessively against the women folks.Yet in her own time when the male chauvinism was the order of day in her society she stood against the system and always fought for the social justice by

beginning revolt against forced marriage herself ;when she was about to be forcibly married to another person.
                     It is said in the District level Bango Keba against her everybody had turned up and wanted an strict punishment against her for refusing to defy the force marriage.It is said Ex-His Highness Governor of the Arunachal Pradesh R.N Haldipurji when he was Deputy Commissioner in the West Siang Dist.Aalo and Sri Gamken Eteji then jamadar helped my mother very much and she won the case in the Aalo Hq. As her fight was not only for herself but perhaps for all womens as things where too bad at that time;as here there was earlier not only Child marriage but forced marriage in mothers womb itself.
                        Thus my mother was a great lady;as today also the stories of her torchure feel us with so much concern for her.And after losing the Keba/case the Kombo village relatives of her ex-husband is heard to have organized Donyi Bonam.A sun god sacrifice where her soul was given in sacrifice.And my mothers grandmother always used to say that it was only because of that she died soon.And today this secret sacrifice is banned by the Govt. also.And this seems to have been earlier a truth.As the hate for the women was so much that the women tied in hands and dragged through the market was not an uncommon cite.As once the father or mother touched the price of the daughter like meat and apong a liquor then the fate of the girl was sealed for ever.
                          My mother seems to have accepted the challenge knowingly also as she must have thought enough was enough some have to stop this.As she must have seen the good condition of the women in her Delhi tour when she attended the Republic Day parade.The soul of my mother should be very happy that her most favorite youngest daughter is now Professor in law. Fac.Delhi University which is a great achievement for women of this remote State.I am really indebted to my mother for this indomitable will power which inspired all of us.

              See even if you have world with you but if your mother is no more there is always a void.The another person who really inspired me was my elder brother Er.Tomo Basar who have really taken good care of me.I really miss his love and affectionate in my younger days.His long encouraging letter always use to motivate me and that have always made me to think I need to do something for him to be proud of me.See for a family to prosper the elder brother must be very successful not only in term of the materialistic way but in spiritual way also.And in fact he was the one who gave me a Holy Bible.
                              Other persons who helped me in life through encouragement and finance was- Ato Nyiji paglin of Galu Village  our grandfather who was ally of my father.He used to make bow and arrow for us in the Childhood and tell us many stories.And one Mamaji from Doji whose name I have forgiven.And our uncle Abo Gomar Basar used to be very closed to us and we always used to ask money from him in our young days.Later late Ato Tomo Ribaji he effected our life in many ways.Late Sri Todak Basarji,Late Yimar Ribaji and late Jikom Ribaji where very fond of me;in fact we where in same camp.Had they been alive then I may have never get any problem in my political plans.
                       And one perfect gentleman Sri Hengo Basar P.D Govt. of A.P,Sri Gegong Apangji who told me many good things, Sri kanki Darrangji ADC Basar I am really indebted to him ,as it was only due to him that I got admission in the Hindu college.And another person who was good to me and always advise me well was achi Omak Apangji Ex-Hon`ble M.P and MOS;I find him not to be a bad man inside.The State Publics are seen to be very much greddy when suddenly they are seen to be praising a person in height of his glory and suddenly neglect him when he falls down.And this is really scary situations for all.The Publics also need to change as for them even the genuine friends are also neglected.

VII. LESSON I LEARNT:-                       
                                           Life is a learning process I need to always learn and be well equipped as this is also needed in spiritualism field;so I also keep on seeing many preaching and sermons of the Hindu Preachers also.That same Parents spirit also seems to be in my genes this made me to be a short of revolt er ;but this was not appreciated initially as the same great Galo society seems to have developed great many political apprehensions after debacle of Late Tomo Ribajis political career.
                 But honestly late Tomo Ribajis ideology was before time also.The rise and rise of the Ex-Hon`ble C.M Gegong Apangji and stopping of the Saw Mill timber operation by the Hon`ble Supreme Court and targeting of the vulnerable Galo Officers who where many may have been other reasons for PPA drubbings at that time.But let bye gones be bye gones Sr.Apangji have also done many good things also and is also was later found to be a nice Gentleman.The problem is when one become very successful then there is seen coterie/psycho pants around him also.
                    So sometimes there is also fear to have many close dangerous local leaders around you.And they may have not necessarily same thinking like you also.As we had already seen so much trouble as from political background family; as my father from richest man suddenly become very simple man;thus the political ambition is honestly not much in me.Only the destiny have to be seen where I am leaded by God and my Publics. As.As even if the prophesy of spectacular success for me have come from the prophets;I believe only Lord will show everything in right time.As there may also be a greater incidents with far reaching ramifications also.
                               And this waiting for the God`s command seems to have made me also to be not focused in earning money till now;as I was always sure of a great commission for me in life.But this experiment should not be imbibed by other also;as I

also endured many hardship for Lord also.And initially get too many criticism and rejection also.Thus one should focus in where he is good in;as in exceptional circumstance alone God may interfere;and it is difficult for the simple man to see the pain of great man like father of the nation Gandhiji got.
                           And may be that kind of post is also needed in this State also as non like to drink the poison and this perhaps great man like Setong Senaji can alone justify also.As a midst some who can say no anymore to power and position then I suppose Bada Bhai can be that soul.My elder brother Er.Tomo Basar Chief Engineer Drawing and Disbursement PHED Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh have been really instrumental in refining me from day one.As his love for me was phenomenal as it also seems to have spoiled me as well.
                          See in my school days ,he used to always motivate me by letters that to many extent helped shaping me and forgetting my biter past.As I had to face lots of bully in my school days,lost my best friend early,and my precious mother,then this operation thing and academic disturbance.His good advise and timely help have been always crucial to me specially in the school and college days.He is one hale of brother who even sacrificed his own interest for myself also.
                                         And there is a feeling that ultimately ones own comes in aid also;but if it is God`s mission hope in coming time some other Guardian angels from far of corner will also like to share the credit of divine commission mission.As it is fool who will like to lost his everything will question the presence of Lord and His will.As dead have been rised in our earlier election campaign;and definitely this will be by Lord only;and perhaps after this no more greater thing is left by the Lord to show also that He loves me.And thus coming time will decide my future as this God is seen to be blessing more when His disciples are also criticized meaninglessly.
                      And so for those who want me out can at least never do so by the hatred for

sure.As we tend to forget that ultimately everything is given by Him only.Thus it is important to know you are surrounded by what kind of peoples.As William shackspeare said,`always be afraid of lean and thin hungry looking Peoples as they are dangerous.`All thing done and said if one man is destined to harm himself so be it.As the Lord`s will may be done in earth as it is heaven amen.As is there any dirt of deadly deceases this days like pressure and stroke?Thus friendship is the best policy.Earlier in my Delhi college days when I was made as the president ASUD I had no problem mingling with the Buddhist brothers from the Tawang side also.
                   And this made me close with Uncle P.K.Thungon Ex-Hon`ble Minister MOS Govt. of India and I was invited in there Lossar festivals also.In such festival I had once chance to chat nicely with the cine star Rajesh khannaji also.Thus nothing like friendship.As for the Bomdilla and Tawang guys they were seen busy trying to change there course in new college in the 2nd year.As the Uncle Thungonjis area of influence was limited to South campus only and each time a new Guy come he used to recommend to the South college principales. And.And as the north campus guys were seen with much respect at that time thus they used to feel very dejected later on.
                       The closeness with the Buddhist brothers also enabled me to defeat my colleague Kiran Rijuji in ASUD election for Presidential post;to this days we are good friend and himself have reason to accept that I am yet to be helped by him.Mrs.Sakuntala Gamlin IAS was praising my platform speech as she seems to have been seeing all the debate.The Delhi University days was good as well as bad as we managed to win NESPED football final 3 times in row for the State defeating Nagaland in the football final match.
                           And after we moved out it is heard things was never same again.But the Guys in the outside the field seems to have better time with all the beautiful girls while we were slogging inside the field.As in the Hindu college field also most of our energy was taken out by Datta Sir and coming through sports quota was also a horrible

thing.After coming from D.U I come back and show Ato Tomo Ribaji Ex-Hon`ble C.M  was trying his last futile attempt to become an MLA.I joined him with the condition that he will never ever again take my father in campaign as he was very sick and old and frustrated for his parties failures and sidelined by the ruling Congress party.He accepted it and we started making round of all the villages in the Tirbin circle.
                   And finally we won against the myth of powerful Sr.Gegong Apangji Hon`ble C.M in his helms of power;and after this Late Tomo Ribaji he again wanted to contest as Hon`ble M.P which I warned but he refused.And this seems to have been genesis of his downfall.It was a great experience to work with a great person of my time.After he died and I could not come to his burial ceremony.I show a dream where I feel like he have given his legacy to me.And this made me sentimental to leave PPA till this days.All this experience and meeting so many Peoples and knowing there problems seems to have been a wonderful experience for me.
                                                                   And see even if Mosses was a sinner and have also murdered the Pharaoh`s man the God seem to have liked his love for his own Peoples isn`t it? seldom that fire is seen in man for others this fire seems to have been also kindled to me by Holy Ghost.Which is truth;and given chance tomorrow I am ready to show it also.As the God fearing persons should have concentrate in the spiritual persuits;but at the same time the society should have been devoid of the excessive corrupted ones also.As social obligation also refrain us to make a spiritual commitment.Honestly for a God fearing person best happiness is serving Lord and for it if necessary preparing to make headlong collision with those who think they have the birth right to enjoy life the way they want.
                           My family have also reason to accept that they have been also blessed may be for my divine work also.And today when I also look back my brothers where also practical Peoples and there love for me also genuine which made them to warn me to be financially sound.And honestly there was earlier good scope for making money for an

ordinary person also.Yet I don`t regret as from the day one I wanted to test the pain of the poor brothers and sisters from true sense of terms.
                        And fortunately for me to be real honest; if the Lord`s blessings have not come this time it would have been also a brink of frustration situation for me.As the image of one concerned for the poor brothers and living like them may be now going in my favor now after this AAP success in Delhi the center stage of Indian politics.But everything ultimately also depends of the Public's of the Basar area also.Not necessarily what we think good they will think it is good as well as there also demi god`s in my area.                    
                                My family members should also regret for not earlier hearing some of my prophetic warning also;as long time back I had asked the family to  surrender our defunct Saw Mill before the Hon`ble Supreme court order banning all the timber operation had come.As there seems to have been a strong intuition working in me perhaps called as 6th sense of sensing coming thing from day one.And after all one who studied abroad will have also certain advantage also.And surprisingly later it always seems to happen what I say in life as all the Saw Mill was banned by the Hon`ble S.C;and I feel any person who is truthfull, God will guide Him and always fulfill his wishes also.
                        But the person on whom God`s special mercy is more the Satan also seems to make him do some some foolish thing also;so always live a prayerful and holy life.As we have to be now different from others;the trial and tribulation alone make a person to see a clear vision and view His plan with much elan.As speaking truth is a great responsibility;so God seems to be giving moment of glory in the fake end of his career specially in spiritual arena.As ensuring both finance,power and surety of salvation will definitely take some time.
                           My journey have been one filled with trials and tribulation but feel like I am now somehow near the goal.As the truth is Public wants to hear the truth only the more truthful person have to be also able to sell himself.And today this social network

 cites seems to be God send.This is small place and world have become closer the lier will be eventually caught.And the logical conviction will alone come from the truth and truth alone.And God fearing person and educated elites can be alone convinced and there respect gained by truth alone.As the money and muscle may matter in this State but even here also many Peoples are now ready to change.
                             And are truly seeing PPA as party with difference and substance.And true rep enters why they should be not given chance.As they are our own and tomorrow we may can use them for societies good also.As surety of salvation need to be there for a believer and as you have slogged for it yourself you will enjoy it alone.And thus I may be in for a big role in coming time as the Christian and Hindu Prophets are both predicting this good future for me.But in what form I am yet to know actually.And if it is in politics soon the Basar area Public's may also welcome me.
                            But my greatest fear is when I am also made popular and successful I have to be more better Person also.And see the whimsical leaders who don`t want to use the positive energy in youths for a good purpose they may also have to get its consequences also.As so many villages have even no football grounds;and there was time when the fund was not a big question.And the land dona tors where also not against land donations.See what a tremendous loss when in election time only the youths are used to suppress the good leaders.It was time for the Youth`s also to rise up and be a positive energy for the social transformation.
                         This is even if they don`t get any money from any quarter.As unless we also helps ourselves non will also help us.As there is possibility that even after a humble appeal to world the help may not come as usual to us.But the great work is also started by few and mind it in this historic occasions the haves class have reason to fear the future more.After all for them it is life and death case.As even if some won the election surreptitiously they may lost it again.As the top corrupted leaders sentenced to jail will

again like someone else to go with them.And in this State most of the haves class may have some problems or other.As here the top contractors are basically them only.
                       Thus this PPA should have been seen as best possible Honorable exit as it belong to all-rich and poor,left and right,Christian and other religious members also.Thus it was time for the Arunachalee to once again think as one family before the things goes out of the moderate like us who want a amicable solutions.As already some feels when 90% Poor are already angry with the haves class and see PPA as AAP party of the State why not take chance by giving clarion call against the haves.So the time is crucial by running away to the BJP this time the haves class can now never hoodwink the Public's again.As the Public's are now seeing the Aya Ram gaya Ram culture as the clever ploy of the haves class society members.And are seen to be seeing the PPA leaders as heroes and martyrs.
                                                          See my turning point come to take spirituality seriously when I had virtually died in an operation theater and Lord Christ surely saved me for sure.As it is written in Holy Bible-`God is a spirit and those who worship Him must worship in spirit`as spirit is what is needed most for man.As Holy Spirit can do anything;and can rise us from our death also.Alas this is the truth the fact which one realize when it is too late,as in this world we are so much enslaved by the maya. As.As from time to time few great man seems to have been given this realization of the greatest power.And this is needed to be told to others as it is only the most precious lessons.
                         As what matter if another person is very rich even in election he may utmost give a calendar only talks many frustrated youth now.As in today s time since all are matured and want large cash it is impossible to win all by money only.As the people have learnt that election money is worthless.As ultimately the villagers are asked to collect money from that person whom few money are given and there is so much ill will

after that.As our Peoples are so much deep rooted and never want this misunderstand to come.Thus perhaps time have come for me to tell the truth.
                                As even the rich family members themselves are seen suffering from some illness or other.I was unaware of even Lord before Operation and was very much against Him in my good days ;after all I was Hindu School product and thought what I have been fed in my school days as always truth.But the realization seems to be given in the end of the man in pilgrim.And sometimes a new situation and circumstances may trigger it.The emphasize of the Idol worship in Hinduism seems to be later addition.After the Mughals demolished the Somnath temple.As hatred seems to have prompted the rise of Idol worship.As in the vedic age it was not so.
                   Then later the coming of the cinema seems to have glorified this idol worship.And as we Indians think it only the work of the Brahmans to find the truth thus for long we seems to have harmed ourselves,family and the nations.As if you don`t know the master then nothing doing.See how long great man is revered after he dies and is no more thus some have to say against the lies and deceit in the life.So that in future many dare to trod in this path where we were earlier insulted,rebuked ,joked and looked down upon.From my experience there is certain things which highest God and His Holy son alone is seen to do this days.As a matter of fact as I was operated alive;as the anesthesia failed and was so much suffering that I cried to all gods to save me.
                                       But I get no reply;again I cried all the gods to even kill me.There was also no reply still.Than I suddenly felt that I have committed so much sin in my life and was going to go to hell .And I was compelled to repent and after that felt like a power of Lord Christ touched me.Friends the experience in death bed is horrible.My concern for all of you is making me to tell this facts also and for the betterment of the mankind.As prior to this operation I never knew the Jesus Christ so closely .

                                          I am telling this so that there is real love and affection when there is life and one desiring to work for the God may do so;as it is previlage to do so when we are alive this need to be known by all.As see the worldly richness and happiness have dire consequences also;and thus rich and poor alike cannot escape who have sinned and have made no confession to some who have power to pardon this.See the extent of the devils interference in life in election the Public's are seen to cry more louder for there political master then there real master.
                         And even somewhere the political leaders calendar are said to be kept above the calendar of the God`s son also.And the Hindu brothers seems to have been brainwashed by the movie to think that goddess is one who come with laddu full of plate when he is cried for like in Santhosi Maa film.But honestly non of this is going to happen atleast with this generation.As we have become so stubborn and even the Yama seems to be scarred with this youth driving bike so fastly. See.See my family is perhaps more conservative then many Hindus.     
                As still now rain is seen to fall when there is family pooja/Havan this is even accepted by Ex-hon`ble Chief Secy Govt. of Arunachal Tabom Bamji I.A.S also.But heart is what Lord sees and He uses some as He wish so He seems to be the one who chooses.On the death bad I had promised to commit myself to do God`s work in the rest of the life;and so for many years after I was healed was loitering hear and there seeking His command.And as this troublesome experience really disturbed my academy also,thus I feel there is really many initial troubles for a believer.
                           As this may have been time where I needed a good Holy word of God or psychiatrist for counselling.After all imagine what will be the condition of man if he is operated alive.And to make the matter worst my relatives asked me to not become a Christian also.As at that time Christians was really not liked in our society;still now many openly say that they have poor opinion of the Christians.And as my family is a close nit

family I had to also see there view points also.But today feeling that the devil is also using the weakest and emotional point sometimes.
                                                  And thus sometimes when one is going to take right step he seems to be disturbed a lot and sometimes by using his own also.And slowly and slowly I regrouped myself honestly initially even going to Church was matter of shame as if every one was looking at me.But life was never same again once I thought the life and death belong to Lord.I went through many hardship the bag with the Holy Bible was in my shoulder for many years like the new converts in our Village;and in a place where monetary gain alone is the reason for respect I may have been an and till now also embarrassment to my rich relatives also.
                            The Peoples started avoiding me as I may have been useless for them and it is also natural as being a new State everybody seems to be after Roti,kapda and Makan here.But I hardly missed a fasting programme and Healing Crusade and gospel chance.There was time my concience also started questioning me.What you have gained?as my friends where very much successful and established;I could have got what my heart have been always longing for earlier for someone also.But I was controlled by a power from where I could not free myself also.As I belong to Him now as He saved me it was as master wished.
                            After all I was saved by Him and He was in my command.And finally frustrated once on the prophesy of a CRC member I went to 40 days fasting programme in Chate which is in Medziphema Nagaland.And by that time as my family members seems to have been fed up of me.But Lord definitely opened up my way for the fasting programme as it was His programme.On reaching Chate prayer centre I decided even if I have to die I will come back with the answers in my life.          
                     The main prayer warrior of Chate Prayer centre-Sister Neipu Kri was telling me God was commanding me for 40 days fasting programme.Initially she was about to

 say 21 days and with great pain I had to accept His will as come to her.As till then I have already sit for 3 days,10 days and 21 days and all was real tough;and honestly 40 days was really to much for me also. Neverthless I thought it was better for me to die in lord`s programme then to live a purposeless life.
                           My ordeal begin ;see the fasting and prayer is not an easy thing so the one who have finished this have to be respected.First 5 days I did not took even water though I was supposed to sit in that stage for 3 days.I was being told that I am not opening up my and families sins in my prayer confessions to Lord.And mind it this Roman Catholic confession system is also good;as for a Christian one like it or not one day he have to sit for a tiresome confession and fasting if he neglect God`s programme.And by the age grows there is a natural inclination to the spirituality,but this days also feel sorry for new converts as if they have no deep connection with Lord they will have lots of problem for sure.
                          As Christianity is not a fashion but promising to carry the burden of cross.And he is compelled to carry it;thus the new converts should be also preferred to be a born again person.But nevertheless Lord is also there for a better Christian also in each moment of life.This religion is really and finally find to be result oriented;as the Holy Spirit is really felt so close.And in the fasting programme I was asking and thinking why on earth have I committed any sins also?But after 5 days the past sins spontaneously started coming into my mind and they asked me to write it down.And soon the diary was filled up with all short of sins big and small done by me as also shown in vision.
                            Thus this vision and prophesy are truth.But those who will slog will gain is the mantra here also.This was the most pathetic experience in my life as you have to give focuss to the daily bread of Lord that is His Holy word and avoid the body/worldly need.And mind it unless God calls and one have strong will power he cannot make it happen also;as hunger seems to be the reason for all short of sins for sure.But God`s

 mercy that I made it happen and finish the 40 days without rice and meat;only magi and fruits after every two and half days that too in lunch time.Only we were made to do was prayer and more prayer basically intercessory prayers for other`s even personal enemies.
                              In the last three days we were made to sit for three days secret fasting in the closed room and asking for His blessings.My partner was my Hon`ble PPA Standing President Nick Kaminjis mother who also sees me like his son.                        Honestly on the final night God show me a hand in vision which was writing; today I feel like this writing skills have been given by Him.Today also I feel that unless I was blessed with this writing ability I may have been never been writing in my blog.And this Noble in this tense time also , as writing also need lots of patience.
                         And as I may have been also so closed to God at that time that once a Arunachalee couples from the Gensi Mihuk Taipodia and wife also asked me to prey for them.And God showed me live vision in the broad day light.Snakes like shadow in his face;Mihuks wife was surprised and accepted that after killing three Pythons his husband have become short of foolish and speechless person.
                   Thus the Holy spirit work theory is not wrong;but it takes so long to come in one person that most of the Peoples think it is pigment of one`s imagination.As non want to leave there comfort zone and does not want to share the cross of Lord who died for our sin for a second also.See when Lord Christ made supreme sacrifice He never took 2nd thought.Thus is it not bad when we make lots of ifs and buts,and even question His credibility?
                          So God is for sure but till one reach this stage of facing the truth it is very difficult to know and feel His power also.As the God want is unflinching loyalty to Him above everything else after all He is master and this is really difficult for late converts like us.And as for the Sunday school Church goers it may be easy thing.As even the most

loved one may be your loss for price of being closed to Him;but today seeing this all as the temptations by the devil.
                      After all many peoples is waiting for Him and praying days and nights for years and only best of best alone will reach near to Him.And will perhaps receive personal programme from Him also and are they not blessed Peoples.having said that there are much better Christian`s in Arunachal Pradesh I suppose I am still the worst.As I have still medical problems and genuinely need everyones prayer support.
                      Thus the Peoples does not realize the importance of working for His will as some may get His grace easily also;if they support a man in His mission.And see even if you don`t come forward to help that man with His mission ;someone else may also.And it will be your loss;as after a age non will be perhaps satisfied with this wordly pleasure also.And this the Jacheus the tax collector may have felt as for him you see money was a common thing.Thus the time of choosing a right step is also very important.
                           See as the living God His power is so spectacular so I am writing this testimonies and  every bit of this claims are right.And on fasting programme God showed me two great persons of my town in death bad to be gospelled. One.One house  gate of  richest man of our society;and other the house of a dead neighbor; where a long Dipe/decoration of the alter for sacrifice to deity was shown.They should have heard and accepted the Lord`s order to gospel to them and may be there life have been enhanced.
                                               Sometimes it is not right to tell the name of dead persons as they where not politicians and did not owe anything to the society. As it is real fact which I experienced that the Holy Spirit possessed persons specially from the prayer centers don`t come to one`s house without any basis unless command by master so respect them.And as I have to respect the name of the dead persons who are no more and not Christians so there name have been not referred.And many more miracles

where made to be done by me.But basically I seems to have been bestowed more with little bit of the political prophesy power by Lord.
                         See I suppose the good God does not make one a bigger person for his divine blessings also;and after many mistakes I also did not developed and today after great repentance I seem to have been again forgiven.See what People have to appreciate is that they stand to gain much from a truthful man like Arvind Kejriwalji also.But he again is also due to God`s inspiration only;as this days God seems to be more focused in bringing right kind of leadership who have suffered in there life which may be like sitting for long fasting also.
                       As the justice and equality have been seen to be main guideline of Holy Bible also.And for one who is avoiding this doctrine in there divine life Lord may not forgive also.See it is possible for saving a small disciple like me Lord may spoiled the Congress parties prospects in whole India also.As the mother of all the sin is said to be the neglect of the Holy Spirit`s prophesy.As I have been promised of great future of respect and  appreciation by few Holy man as accepted to have come from Him.Lets see what is the future stored for me.
                     As the power obsessive Congress man may dare to even challenge the God`s power; as all the prophetic warning concerning my life I have always tried to give the information to the stake holder some even top Congress man who are my face book friends also.As it is important to know your purpose in life as told by God and just go ahead,eventually Peoples will flock to you this I feel will be the true experience of a Pilgrim on his way to final journey.After all world belong to the master and any one who lives here have to accept the masters voice isn`t it?
                       As after the Congress drubbing in the Delhi also is it not time for the Congress man to study this reports seriously?See the local Congress leadership in the

Basar area have long enjoyed cooperation by the Christian majority voters;thus the reciprocation should have been spontaneous isn`t it on that account also; leave aside the promise conveyed to me to help this time by a common friend by a powerful person in establishment?
                              And see the Gandhi family and the senior Christian leaders of the State have been given terrible amount of prayer support by the poor and downtrodden Christian brother and sisters of A.P.Thinking they have Christian roots.As those who are also suffering in this part of the world in spite of the divine prophesy of Evan.Christopher also in the healing Aalo crusade;will God not send His angels to help us?As his 2nd prophesy in the Aalo Healing Crusade is yet to be over where the State of Arunachal is going to be made as God centrist State which may mean that most of the political leaders next time will be God fearing Persons.
                                   Thus the Modi Phobia may be Congress parties own making also.As all the politics starts stopping when the Lord`s will come;and today where the falling of the Congress party in the center is more or less fate accomplish.Have they something other plan then to pass a strong Lok Ayukta in State of Arunachal pradesh even if there is difficulty in taking other steps also; after all will it not be eventually the member of the top power corridor who will be accountable in all matter only?As the Contractor leaders mostly in the state of Arunachal Pradesh seems to have hurt the divine power also by there power obsessions.And worst trying to justify there position.                           
                         See unfortunately the critics may never realize how I had to also suffer and sacrifice in life also;but this God alone keep record of a person`s earlier good deed and pain.Though many Public's here seems to see the bank balance of leaders only.And this attitude in the Public s spread by the vested interest groups seems to have now made all unhappy here which instead may be taken advantage by the negative energy also,the principalities of dark force which Lord want us to fight in life.As this hopeless

scene may have also made forefathers soul like Dracula needing blood and will never like the society to change for there reluctance to face the day of judgement.
                           And worst part is if we don`t change many tomorrow may end up like them also.As Holy Bible says of gnashing of teeth in burning sulfur for the excessive corrupted and selfish rich Peoples.And as this may have been pooh poohed so I may be given a chance in life.And see if top change many Public's below will change;and even after my warning if top People still try to act smart many temptations may directly come against them.This Poor Public s seems to neglect that many rich Peoples are also so poor that they have no decent sleep as well.I feel like I may have been a very successful person this way or that way.
                         But today if I am in a authority to advise and convince the haves class also then I am true son of God also.As good God will also not like to miss them in heaven.See even 5% of there cruel tactics they use for God`s kingdom then this world will be a better place.As interestingly unlike in the other place not a single rich man is seen joining Christianity barring brother Gokar Lombiji who also joined Christianity when the believers mission needed him most.There is common feeling that only a poor person join this religion.And they need to repent and realise there folly after seeing the success story of the Nagas and the Nyishi brothers.
                                   Thus I am also praying to Lord for giving us richness so that the Missionary family also can be helped.As all the religion shows that the good deeds of the son and descendants help in the journey of the father and forefathers soul also.So time to now accompany man in God`s mission least your soul also get ragged by previous family members souls now in hell.So there is lots of expectations from all quarters from God as what ultimately one need is 6mtr. by 2 mtr. area after death.
                                 And for some may be it is now too near also.And after writing this I have now feeling that I have been truthful to Him so your criticism will be of no concern

 to me also.As many have resorted to more sinister way to earn money also and I am trying the way which God seems to have given me.But I have tried to tell the truth,the truth that will liberate all.As if there is fear of God then alone this Society will prosper or all the election manifesto and ideology will be meaningless.
                         But if God blesses every road will be opened.And if I really want to become my peoples leader how I can tell them lies in the first instance.As nothing will be in my hand and everything with Him;and I will be always also needing your all prayer support also and you have been secretly given me so I have reached upto this position.
                                     See in the old practice of Galo and Ayans as seen in Vedic period  ,there was natural presence of the divine power.And the law was blessed by God to command them.As at that time sin was perhaps less.After all it is upto God to send right avatar in when,where to whom.And today due to the haves class policy of pride and prejudice and hijacking the Godheadness.
                          He  seems to have now send the better options in Lord Christ avatar this is plain and simple.He is the one which have been asked to be wait by all the religion and prophets also.See if there have been no Lord`s forgiveness doctrine many haves class will have unsecured life with the rampant growth of Naxalism like in Bihar and Chattisgarh also.As it is impossible to satisfy everything by the old system;so better one may be send also;as we also look for latest model of car don`t we?So person who thinks himself self sufficient is a fool.Soon he will find himself in a big mess.
                                See my operation was also outcome of my fathers refusal to hear the Priests warning that the divine power is against the cutting of more then ten Mithun which my father did not accepted.And today when I look back I being my fathers most loved one may have been targeted for his breach of covenant with the divine power also.So sometimes I tell my relatives it was only due to father I have become a


Christian.As our family Priest may have been aware of the limitation of his power.And the spirit which tried to harmed me for my fathers disobedience was ultimately perhaps trying to stop the pride which develops in man.But for sure God forbade him to take my life.
                            The Lord Christ come to help me;as He is a Lord who cannot neglect when His disciple is in problem;and in some place to save other he seems to call some.Thus instead of badmouthing against each other it is the benefit that have to be taken in life as I was also once upon a time the worst critic of Christianity.Thus even if one does not become Christian but should not hate other religion.Thus the old Hindu forefathers tried to mentally prefer the Hindus by telling the story of Samudra manthan to tell the importance of atma chintan.
                        Thus Murli Manohar Joshiji have called Hinduism as way of life;and mind it the Hindu brothers may gain more by going into the logical end.As before last door there is fear and confusion.So Swami Vivekanada seems to have said once,`the greatest insult to one`s own religion is fear of future.`As if one have guts he will do like great man like Rama Krishna Paramahansa did by trying to experiment with all the religion.As the truth may be between two contradictory views also.As the samudra manthan theory seems to be a direction for mental preparedness to take the best whenever a future complications come.The forefathers have always tried to told in the parables and code the true meaning of which we fail to understand.
                          And so for the greed of the haves class this generation seems to be  suffering,and they seems to be the real reason for the debacle of the Doni Polism also; as for some greed never seems to end.As see even the Donyi Polo Poor brothers are now unable to purchase there sacrificial animal for there poverty which is due to the

misrule and lack of future plan for there Publics.And as greed is now unstoppable so all need the Lord and savior now,even Donyi Polism.
                         After all in Holy Bible also it is written God made it also.And so one can criticise an Individual but not an Institutions and in any case the Holy Spirit at all,and even criticising God`s close person will be counter productive.As even if they don`t want to see them,they will be compelled to digest them like Congress party compelled to support AAP in Delhi if He blesses.As God is good God he gives freedom of choose to the desciples unlike the evil Spirit,He never compels to follow Him.
                           The good man with Him never digest the tyrant`s.Thus the fighting against the rich and powerful is seen from poor,simple,honest Aam Admi and they are in majority,and mind it they are less corrupted and more near to God.Only they need a trigger and this can be alone triggered by a Aam admi leader only.Not son of a rich haves class or the political nomad who might ceased from the congress party also.
                            The more greater promise one make and rot like Job as told in Holy Bible may get more then everything in the end also.Or live the life in this world like the character like in the Milton`s Nobel-`paradise lost`, where there is seen momentary pleasure only given by the devil.Many great man says initially the evil spirit comes which the disciple have to be careful about.The message of great man of all the religion will also help;but it is the journey of a man if he continue earnestly taking best from all he may reach the final destination.
                          After all this way to nirvana/Bodhisattva /salvation will not be an easy one and as saying goes perfect practice alone makes a man perfect.See the Ashoka the Great can make all round development only after accepting Buddhism.Thus this is the main thing;and how you will also feel so bad in the old age when the son`s don`t treat you nicely.Thus we have to be more sham less in shouting the glory of God as more we are

loyal to Him in our young age more help will come to us in our times of problem.The reasons the Panjabis are seen to be more successful is that they never show any greed when shouting -`BOLE SO NIHAL,SAT SRI AKAL.`As at least they give first preference to the god they believe in.
                              At least there is a very feel good factor if one feel himself so near to Him; as if a man if he sacrifice his youth age for a good cause will not God also like Him?The problem with the nation seems to be now lack of true man like Baba Ramdevji;as why a Holy man should be seen from one religions point of view only.The man like King David the blessed man in the Holy Bible;inspired other subject perhaps because if the centre of gravity is itself good will it not effect the others also?
                       Thus all this short of corruptions left and right can be perhaps alone stopped when the Publics give vote to one who have atleast sit for minimum 3 days fasting programme also.As a person who do not belong to God can never belong to any one also.As He can alone save anyone;this all know but only the true lover of Publics will take pain to appease one who can alone change there fate.
                    The problem with the pro-Hindu leaders seems to be now not taking the publics to logical end of knowing the real Dharma;as this issues cannot be left halfway and only one side of the coin will never change the desciples. So.So there seems to be always unhappiness in the Country as Peoples have been never ever given chance to make a selection from there heart.The opportunity must be given to the new generation to take the best as they wish specially in religion matter.As the globalization will bring much more challenge for them making there blood adrenal sore more.
                         But they must be given ample chance;see then only they will excel.The thing which have been good for the forefather may not necessarily be good for the descendants also.As see there may be now better medicine then Sanjivan Bhooti used

to heal the Laxman in Ramayana also.Thus a good father will perhaps not insist in this matter as world have changed overnight.
                        And may be a new world religion seems to be evolving now.As even if one is not Christian also but in principal they seems to be one.Even a small Pan Dukan holder accepts that in X-Mass he makes more profit.And he is happy and it matter`s more.As God want to give all happiness and so many Peoples are now celebrating X Mass,31st December,New year,Valentines Day even if they have less clarity about from where it all come.
                           Thus it is time to evolve from old mindset;as so many things need to be done to save the humanity which are more important.Like the fight is needed against poverty,illiteracy and dreaded diseases like AIDS.So hope they are made the real and common enemy of all the Institutions.As earlier the religion was the center stage which is nothing but man with justice equality principles in the helms of power.And this was also practiced in olden Hinduism Philosophy.See the story of the King Dadichi of the Hindu mythology who even is said to have donated his bone also to the Indra Devta.
                         And soon that perfection may once again come after this AAP success as Politics needed to be cleaned now.As more practical sacrifice are now seen in the political horizons of India as if the 2nd Mahabharata is inching nearby and like Bhism Pitamah who made historic blunder in the crucial hour it may be up to you to become mortal or immortal now.And mind it in the crucial time like when the Lord Christ was passing in the town of the Jacheus the tax collector.He realized it was his golden opportunity and climbed up the tree to take a good overview.
                             What this shows is better to be in the positive side;as the man who was crucified with Lord in the cross at-least believed in His salvation mantra.Bhaiya when

there is no other option left now;and when the life is so short why that egoism also?Many a times we fail to see our past life and forget how many times we have harmed the God`s interest also.And want His instant blessings.Sorry there is no preferential treatment for the rich at-least in this religion.
                       Thus the prophesy from the religious Peoples of Hindu and Christianity that the 29th assembly Constituency Basar is going to be an important place for Lords activity in coming State election may be the chance to feel the real Holy spirit of Lord.As the khumb Mela is still celebrated in perhaps hope for the last drop of Amrit/nector of immortality which is heard to have fall down in this four Hindu Holy place after Samudra Manthan.That is other matte that amrit drops it may have been already finished by the earlier Devtas.  
                             Thus coming time may be the time for the pilgrims to test that divine spirit here as seldom also God`s will come this days as increasingly we have also become corrupted.And this if truth is also a matter of shame for us;as have we all fallen down to such extent that master have to come now.See Lord have already also blessed us with our hand and mouth and many things and His one command should have been enough for us to change for good.Man is master of his own destiny thus choose is your own to be in which side.
                             And mind it all the rich and successful persons you all have been also successful as from earlier you have been always in positive side also.Honestly I will be not unhappy that someone have not helped me;but if he have missed the Lord`s mission it is his own loss.And after writing this Noble will this Congress leaders in the State of A.P who seems to be always united when it comes to witch hunting and harassing the opposition leader.Will they also not telephone tap and check my Bank Account No.also?only time will tell.As my testimonial life cannot be also as easily neglected.
                             I give a damn of my critics anymore as enough is enough;I suppose after

this Testimony non will fear the present Govt.also.As utmost it can do is transfer someone but one have to fear who can transfer one from this planet also.And now those making executive decision there own time for facing day of judgement seems to have come now;as when you don`t acknowledge the master in others front also will it not happen also?As what believer if he is even scarred to acknowledge His glory in front of others. Interestingly more then the present Christian leaders others is heard to be interested to repel the Indigenous faith bill also.
                                           And see non should feel insecure of coming to man in God`s mission ; for whom God also seems to change the rule sometimes;as unless he is down to earth he will be never be blessed also.As the numbers of one`s life testimony cannot be neglected as easily that too which come repeatedly against powerful peoples.And for them also the also it is sin and not sinner which is the work of devil that have to be hated.And God must have also loved them so warned them also.See other also have to see that unless one`s heart is good he cannot be made to given powerful and attractive speeches also;as powerful word is also a great responsible job and it also matter.
                     As there is leader whom some pay to hear the speech also. There was time in my place the opposition leader was considered as mad man.But for this the stake holder may have spread more rumors so the punishment will come more to them only; as the fact is the innocent Public's are yet to see the better day and may be made to lost the hope also.And this hopeless world is the worst and this have to be fight together;and for Lord He seems to be very much against it.As He is one who want to see all hale,hearty and prosperous society and may be seeing the new generation leader as better equipped according to new time.
                                              As anything is possible through God and as such this should have been the greatest political agenda;we are not progressing because as Swami

Vivekananda said we never make an introspection.As once Swami Vivekandaji climbed up a tree when there was rumor that there was Ghost in the tree.Swamiji is also have said to have said how long the dirt will be swept  inside the carpet.Thus this is time there is all short of revolution in the country to make this country great.As this only will be standing ovation to great man like him who is heard to have once said growth is life and stop is death.
                    On my part there is a strong feeling that only God`s graceness makes or break a person and what is important is what one feels about himself;what not others feels about him.As if it is God`s programme He will also send me helpers and friends also who will not wait for the miracle any more.As they will be groups of persons that will accept that the will of of the father in heaven will be now enough for them to work for waking up the dying society and help it to rise up and walk as I was once dying inside the operation theater helpless.
                         See this commandment`s are already there and mind it for communication gap many life is also spoiled.It is possible a best girl and boy only for communication gap may never meet also.Thus this open exposure of what one feel is important specially when it comes to humanities interest.And if one feel it as a divine responsibility.See if God plans to use you He will compel you to do His work you like it or not.
                              And for me more important is tomorrow in good time also I need to be not effected by the bad spirit that finished many great man.The great Hindu Political thinker Chanakya have also said ones-`RAJASHYA MULYAM NITI,NITISHYA MULYAM DHARMA, AUR DHARMASYA MULYAM VRIDHAM`, e,i- the rule is more powerful then kingdom,religion is more powerful then rule;but enlightened one is more powerful then the religion also.As they may be reflection of God `s view in earth themselves,and

probably only a good person with God gifted qualities will have long life and continous wisdom to benefit this world.And those who hear them will be very much respected.
                           See there are many more blessed persons in my place ;please do visit this Basar town and get divine blessings.As God dwells in the heart of a pious man;as this is the first kingdom of God.And see there are many good Peoples who have not yet received God in true sense of term and in the future who may cry also.And so soon before the Lord`s power work they should forget there all egoism and join us;as there is 3 success mantra when,whom and where.
                     This is also same in the spiritual arena.As if tomorrow if whole world have knew the master there may not be any place left to gospel also.Thus as much as the intern ate is used for a bad reason some may have to also use it for better reason so that it benefit all.And in the Day of the Judgement others will give testimony that Togo have at least tried to warn us.
             As the time seems to have come to climb up the tree like Jacheus the tax collector did in Holy Bible;as if he had been present today also at least may have knew that when the Lord`s spirit is going to visit in a place he should stop all the sins and welcome it.As supreme God`s spirit will work as He wish and everyone have to eventually bow down in His knees when He pass by.
                      See in the Christianity unlike in politics it is not those who will come first will be loved most;but Lord in fact died for everyone's sin and love them as they are.As there is no sin which Lord cannot forgive.And thus Lord promised to come to Jacheus house much to others criticism as in the right time atleast he was not found unwanted.See even the Hindu prophets like Brahmakumari is predicting this days that the Satya Yuga is going to be now ushered in.This I showed in awakening with Brahmakumari T.V programme.
                          This even the Buddhist philosophy accepts and seems to call it Kalchakra


 which says after a long circle of life truth era will again come back.So we are also previlage generations as so many sages and Holy man have died to see this days.Thus the falling down of even the Dictator in the Arab land is it not surprising also?As when the Lord`s spirit will come the least may be made to make rhetoric rise;as unlike us he see no bank balance of a leader and party also.
                                         As Lord doesn`t want to miss any one of the world but have also to show his sign and wonder in one place only;and so when the Lord is going to work in one constituency it is the privilege of the Public's living there; and there cause of shame also.As they have to perhaps also think have they fallen down such low that Lord have to eventually intervene.As if the sinner like us is going to be used then it means other have also become pseudo good man,and  are now least bothered about Him.
                         See for the good believer there is no cause for him to even meet the excessive corrupted political leader also.Once I meet one Youth called Mr.Viken Ngucho who was also taking fasting programme in Jipu prayer centre who told me that,`once when he was on fasting.Lord talked to him to join the short hand course and soon he got one job`.And see this days how it is difficult to get a job also?But kid may have been good from the day one and Lord take not of previous good deed,big or small,rich or Poor so the youth specially in the Sunday service must be concerned more about his loyality to Lord then future.The future will come by itself this seems to be the funda of a good Christian life.
                          Thus this is wrong thinking that one top person is helping other due to his own richness.As instead of helping others may be taking many to hell also.As it takes years to understand a High command it also takes time to appease the Lord;and everyone have to accept that everything comes from Lord only,even health and wealth.                     As if there is a God fearing political leader;there may be no illness of the Publics also.As


illness also seems to be coming due to the deplorable condition of the Publics as there is seen to be economic injustice as few is seen to be enjoying this days.
                                              Some corrupted leaders may be making even the missionary to backslide by offering money to them in election time only which is against the Biblical doctrine as one`s right have been forbidden to be sold in Holy Bible as we see in Jacobs story.Thus beyond a point Lord may also not forgive a leader;as his decision effects so many peoples.Thus the feel good factor by the leader by giving good amount of money in the Healing crusade as chief Guest will it appease God?
                       When the Poorer leader have atleast more good intention then them and is sacrificing there time and energy in the field which they are good at.And above all ;the Khadar khan the Hindi cine stars Technics in political movies to appease both the head of camps will it work now?As the days of hidden politics is gone now.
                             As God may know the man inside out and so even no snooping report over a top leader also are seen to not work also;as even if one person may have been a tea seller but may have been earlier a very good Tea seller also;and for all God`s blessing is ready.See even the Devtas used to loss the fight against Asuras also but the BJP should also have right intentions from day one.But if they have hidden agenda they will never flourish.Honestly some feels it was now time to finish the RSS and VHP.As even if the Congress is lost in oblivion God may again make the AAP as the centre stage political movement for the 1st or 3rd front.
                       And among Hindu god`s Lord Krishna rose to the immortal lebel for his playing master mind role to side with the truth as  poor Pandav`s where in lurches in Mahabharta.And they had to also advertise there mission as they had no other options and mind it at that time also the good man where not less also.And times like this are the taylormade occasions to see the real friend,family members and sacrificers. As.As the

 God may have wanted maximum publicity to educate the Peoples at that time regarding the consequence of adharma also.
                       So the God`s gift the social network cite should have been also used for His glory also;as we tend to be so selfish for using it for good reason.And mind it is previlage to do good when we are alive.So see what the great man of todays time will give explanation after the Lok Ayukta is also passed in this State.As even if some political leader wins by hoock or crook what is guarantee that he will not end up in jail and lost his seat also.As Hon`ble Parliament have also passed a bill to debar the convicted Hon`ble MLA and M.P from contesting.So for there own interest it may be time to stop distributing more motorcycle and cars to the voters from right now itself isn`t it?
                           As the main theme in God`s mission is wanting everyone's benefit;so those leaders who are hard to be having magnanimous heart can have also get Dan Vir Karnas image in real sense of term`s.As Karna also donated his teeth after war only;his soul may regret that it was not before war.I have seldom filed a RTI and PIL also least Publics see me also as blackmailers; and for top Congress leaders the trouble maker should have been seen as his own Congress man only.
                            So why angry in me for telling the truth.As was it not for the benefit of the stakeholder`s only prophets have been used from time to time to stop divine injustice.As in fact Gods man is enemy of no one ;one`s ignorance is his own enemy.And see even if there was no passing of Lok Ayukta Bill; is the life and death is not under God also?Thus will still some will want to stand in the way of thy will?
                                    If  God seems to have really used me also to play a pivotal role in bringing change in Indian politics.And as such real credit have to be given to Him only.As it is wrong to persecute a genuine spiritual person even from the Hindu.Who knows the  lady dress was forcibly put by the Delhi Police over Baba Ramdevji;thus who laugh on this ;curse may fall on them?And this I am saying this even if Babaji may even not send

me any help also.But we as the spiritual seeking persons must atleast have good will towards each other that too in bad time.
                       As I felt his genuine love for me when I met him in his Arunachal Pradesh visit.And discussed with him at length regarding many issues.And seek his forgiveness for our co-Karko Aao clan member Sri Ninong Iring Hon`ble MOS Govt. of India accidental insult.As all along later he was claiming that it was the body guard with whom he had quarrel and was misquoted by media.
                      I was also the first one to criticize this reported incidence in pasighat.And also lobby for the innocence of my friend Tarun Vijayji the BJP National Spokesman when he was alleged of the Sarla Masood murder case and he was later after clear of name was very thankful to me.After all when I lost my father in the street of Delhi he also helped me searching him.
                   And even made L.K Advaniji to call to Morish Nagar Police Station also.Thus Rahulji was apprised of his goodness and CBI also did not committed another mistake.Thus all the Politicians must make personal friendship our enmity should be only confined to our party ideology and for making a bill.See this life can be more better if we change our outlook.                
                  Thus what we have to see is the interest of the nation that can be only there when the emphasize is on truth and for this all the good persons of all the party have to also sometimes unite for a great cause like this I have told above.Sometimes for all the Congress misfortune only the top brass may not only be responsible also.See on my meeting Baba Ramdevji I had personally appreciated his good work specially in high lighting the black money stashed away in swish Bank.And we had prolong discussion on

many issues.But right now as the Gandhi family are themselves seen to be regretting much and trying to change .
                   The saintly person should also forgive and forget also to those who make repent;as for the repented and genuine one eventually someday the opportunity may also come naturally also.But see the prophesy also come for self and non is that selfless that they will like to loss there long fasting power that easily.Thus the victory ultimately belong to Lord and the person who really want to change there fate should immediately go to a good fasting centre.
                       But His will should be asked more,and He is the greatest Game changer.As like King David about whom it is said He committed greatest sin but also made greatest confession.That repentance may be needed now for some after all for long they have enjoyed driving big cars throwing water and mud in the body of passerby.                                 As the Prophetic Persons will they make loose comment unnecessarily.As some seems to be giving more emphasize to there political party then the God`s will also;so the Congress party may face further debacle if the party worker  remain defiant.As many powerful man now basking in luxury will ask what the Godsman have to do with politics?
                 Thus as there seems to be serious mistakes and unseen and unheard of corruptions and nepotism here in this part of the world that seems to have awakened Holy Ghost also.The International preacher Sri Joram Dol told me that in the earlier Aalo Healing crusade which is the Dist Hq.of Basar town and about 50km.away he felt more negative nergy then in the Africa also.As he said he visited 17 countries so far and have never ever felt this negative energy.
                        And where the negative energy works more there positive energy also is seen to work.And brother Evan.Christopher told the crowd then and there itself that

 Holy Spirit is telling that soon there will be a Christian Hon`ble C.M and it happened.As this places have been seen to be very allergic to the Christianity.Even if they not accept Christ is not a big deal but criticizing and trying to harm other is bad.Specially when in other Christian dominated part there have been so far no hatred in religious line.The Congress top party leader should have made more introspection of earlier friendly suggestions made by me also as can a place be allowed to be developed as a modern Sodom Gomorrah.
                           As in my election campaign also I have been warned with dire consequences.The Public`s should have seen that this religion was a better way to link all the communities and remove there communal outlook.As this place have also strong communal sentiments which seems to cut across all the party lines also.                           The Congress party in India seems to have become Den of psycho pants only concerned with money.
                      That is Judas Iscariot spirit which may be harming them now;and perhaps it is time for them to go for a mass fasting as mind it non of the dirty tricks can save them if the stick is coming from above.As the party indebted with the divide and rule tactics was perhaps earlier thinking the opposition votes will be divided between the BJP and AAP.But ironically everyone dented in its own bastion and even the prince own constituency is under zone of fire now.
                                     As even if one is holding top position in the party something like will of God is above everything;and non have the right to give God like image to himself;as this worldly life is it permanent?And this short of test comes in the life where you have to choose.So bad to see even those leaders who have benefited from our prayer support are now seen not affirmative in supporting us.And honestly number of the Prophesy God used me to told to the top Arunachal leaders is also surprising for me also all all have come true .And the two missionaries and two Sadhus who have foretold


this good future life prediction for me have also credibility.As three of them I know personally and there earlier prophesy have also come true.
                                            Even if we are now bind by the NEP Kohima declaration.But it is upto the BJP and the Congress to make out of the way unofficial compromise in Independent pockets.As when there is will there can be many ways also.As for long they have done as they wanted and may be time for them to do as Lord want now.As for God`s man and AAP/Civil society members the PPA have unflinching loyality to it; and is not scarred with any one;but in God`s mission emphasize should be always for accepting last minute apology also.
                        As this days God is seen so keen on showing His glory to let other make true realization and repentance of his sin also.And if it is God`s will I cannot be like others also doing what other political parties leaders are doing also?Thus more fear is also upon how we will deliver even after winning also.Thus whole worlds prayer support is also needed by PPA and that is the worst part.In any case the God have openly shown his miracles now by making a dead one alive in my election campaign also,and see the debacle of the Congress party in Delhi also;what greater prove Public's want`s  now.
                 As the need for rich leader was always coined in A.P as justification to give commission to the officers in Planning Commission Office in Delhi for clearing projects.And soon some Arunachal corrupted leaders should be also coming in AAP cadres net if it still try to do so.They may be tied there in Delhi now.See after much preparation God`s man like Steven Franny alias Dynamo is seen to be doing miracle after miracle.Like walking over river and flying.And Peoples also perhaps don`t see how much he had suffered in his personal life also; that’s also personal price for ones stardom also.So the real AAP of A.P the PPA is also all set to rock as this is the time now as its time seems to have come to ask Peoples support for its earlier sacrifice.                               

                      And for God what is more easier also,as election result is small thing for Him as Publics are already fed up and have last hope in God Himself.As for thy glory I may have to today also say this openly in world forum; as saying goes why taking long time in telling right thing.As in this warning alone one person ,family or party may also find his way out also.As I have been saved when I was dying in operation theater myself and even there found a way out and thus we are committed to root out the corruption and nepotism that have made the life of the aam admi horrible.
                       And this is the quality of human being also to find a right way out;as Public they choose 3rd option AAP in Delhi between two powerful party also.As the other party may have end up becoming the rich man`s party as usual.Thus instead of waiting for more wonder is it not time to help each other in the issue which we can do together also?As feeling of helplessness itself is insult to great Galo society.    
                           Please before feeling bad about my writing please ask-who have asked you to criticize me?And as there is no reason to hide His greatness also ,thus coming open on this subjects is perhaps best part in my life.As tomorrow even if I die I will die a happy man also.See honestly in my last 3 days fasting programme calling as instructed by the prayer warriors of the Jipu Prayer centre in likabali to come there.The moment I reached Likabali check post ;the Likabali NH-52 road get blocked for 3 days and one Hon`ble MLA Saab is reported to have been stucked with a dead body for 3 days.This report is a surprising element for me also.
                                            And in the fasting programme I had cried and cried God to make me a missionary instead of politician.As so much expectations from leaders in this part of the world.And I know all the glitters are not gold.There may be many temptations and hardships as we have been seeing this in life being from a political family.But eventually left it to God`s will about my future plans and have even forgiven all my adversaries also.And felt like God is also showing me in this political line where I am set to play a big role directly or indirectly.

                                         Friends so many persecution was seen to be targeted at me.And on  my party,see the Panchayat election was postponed in Tirbin Circle of the Basar Sub-division on flimsy ground by the Congress party.The person in the vintage position will make many excuse; if I don`t talk will say he is not talking;and if I talk then will say he is talking too much.But from spiritual point of view I feel I have tried all the best possible way which I can do before coming open.As the God will always give a chance before hitting a person.He is unlike evil force like-Rodu Uyu as quote in Galo society coming silently and bringing all the misfortune.
                              Many Public's accepts that if there was no postponement of the Panchayat election and conducting of Bye-election in the Tirbin circle;then the Congress party would have badly lost in two ZPM seats of Tirbin circle of 29th Assembly Constituency of Basar area`s in last Panchayat election.And even after doing this postponement one may not escape God`s furry also as seen by AAP success just after it and declaration of passing of Lok Ayukta.
                         This was that way there is certain that one will fall sooner or later if he is destined especially if God is His enemy.As Lok Ayukta is now real cause of fear for the contractor leaders of the Arunachal Pradesh.As in other part of State atleast the Congress man is not that business centric and may have not left tace of there misrule,omissions and commissions.As open vision empire is visible in this state;the symbol of brazen loot.
                        And see for some loosing election may be better;one who can make lady rise from death can He also not take one`s life also?Is it not point to ponder also or what?As for Him nothing is impossible and feeling of closeness with Him is a great feeling as He is the greatest unseen force on earth.And have been my savior from day one when I did not even knew him.And when He is only with me in times of troubles also;then how I cannot glorify Him?See for some leaders in other part at least there

workers may be more responsible for notorious act also;as great Visionary and God`s missionery Sri Todak Geyiji have told me about the God`s revelation upon another Hon`ble MLA`s mistake.But report of personally sending the goons to harass the opposition leader is bit too much.
                         That one leader was not personally responsible his over ambitious workers have committed the blunder;so God was not much angry is what Todakji told me about a near by leader.See in this case there is forgiveness of scope.How long the Hon`ble C.M will be appeased to increase ones own business interest.And after this also they will say as usual he is jelous. Then.Then why not telling the work and vision in election and harassing the oppossition leaders and workers.As later telling sorry will it do?
                       Thus time is now crucial to make a decision for all.See for the Goondas and Mawalis they need to know that, all have connections today and better respect the democratic right of a person also.As his home town doesn`t belong to him.And the Public's are not eating his rich leaders money they are taking indirectly which rightfully belong to them.
                     And our neglecting the corruption and nepotism work of some one in helms of power and giving last minute realization time to an uneducated man who cites the Public interest as his reason for doing kushi kushi; seems to have been seen as civil society members weakness also.See each time taking help of the excuse that Public interest command his electoral victory will not work anymore.I challenge any one to organize a open discussions in this matter in my constituency.
                                  See ones goodness have to be not seen as one`s weakness also,I am not a Govt.servant working under any one and can`t be seen as foolish Sheep.Even the BJP followers filled with the pro-Hindu ideology persons will be perhaps not amused by the failure of the prophesy of the Hindu Sages also.And the good BJP leaders in A.P who

have also suffered like us will not like this idea of accepting someone who is in divine target also.As this migrating to other party by money and muscle have been earlier tactics ;but now Public`s have become aware now and hate them most for tarnishing the image of all the constituency for there own vested interest.
                  As here in this State earlier the moment a party capsized the uneducated,corrupted and contractor leaders have been earlier seen to change there fence as easily also,as every thing was for power and as they where seen to be more shameless so earlier succeeded more also.So for good educated man my clarion call is also`-Give a damn to sham`; as if it for saving our own Peoples as if others more corrupted one`s are shameless then why we should be ashamed of our poorness/honesty?As mind it I have been a shy person earlier and today compelled to come open because the Public`s are helpless and desperately need an alternative now.
                          See God is the greatest giver of health,wealth,money ,salvation everything. He can save you from cancer and other dreaded disease also.See all the answer is with Him alone as need is only following his modern avatar of the kal Yug and His devotees.And as the writings of Holy Bible is laughed upon I am sure He have already started 2nd coming by sending His Holy spirit.See in open Healing crusade He work openly; as He is the greatest power and does openly whatever he want to and accept His devotees to do so also.
                The greatest truth is knowing Him and it alone can take this Country and world to new heights also.As He deserve glory not only for the fact that He is son of God but for loving us with everlasting love.And this is on merit and He seems to be wanting to exalt the meritious persons also.See there will be always deficiency in other`s if His divine blessings is not taken.As the rampant calendar distribution to win the affinity of the Public's by the politicians will also not do;and for one who want to cry in the end and

face more shame and develop more enemy that fool alone can be seen to neglect the divine warning.
                    The success based on oneself will be always momentary;as hidden agenda is loot and Decoity which brings anti establishment feeling within 2 terms also.And this can be fight with the help of the divine Lord.See the gun powder was discovered  in China,made as the dynamite ball by the Arabs to use against the Christian`s as cannon ball.But picked up by them to make it smaller and use it as bullet in gun to shoot at Arabs.And see the black money becoming white in the Switzerland.
                     Thus there must be a parallel spiritual revolution with the urge for a political revolution as both are same side of a coin only.See non is that shameless to roam around with a corrupted leader;only earlier there was no alternative opposition party like PPA like now in A.P.And today the people will change as already lots of invitations are coming for us to address them but we are unable to comply that.
                        The emphasis should be making Peoples to understand what is best as the truth alone will liberate them.As only the great Hindu saying of all era-Satya Yug,Treta Yug etc.have to be synchronized to come at a rightful conclusion.Now the future depends on which party you support make more of introspection as politics also matter and have been advised to be taken in the line of Dharma in all the religion.
                       As He is the real game changer as victory belong to God.As He can suddenly make the Public's to think some other way that too overnight.As the Peoples are now fed up of the bombastic speech and will be compelled to accepting the guarantee given by a spiritual leader.As what greater guarantee one likes.
                   And one leader life testimony will be like his narco analysis tests.As the

witness will at least not lie in God`s programme as the great work of God how it can be neglected.Thus there should be open questions;the God`s man like to reply any question.Either in the e.mail,Mobile and telephone also.As Public's have right to verify this comments.This are my personal opinions and is not my parties and not aimed at hurting any one;and is for everyone`s well being.Thus now need for all the party is a group of prayer warriors praying to God.And who knows the Pentagon have already one for them;as the Americans are always ahead then us in all the thing which is good for there country and world peace.
                                 As the nations development is of our primary concern so we need to hit the bulls eye and don`t waste our time any more.Those who are made bad earlier by the circumstance and who also seems to see others like them only may not be respecting others,or defaming others to keep there own monopoly.Or may even try to sponsor a crook like them to keep there interest intact;or divide the voters;but the rules have changed now.As the Peoples are questioning now why the man like Dhuryodhana was not killed in his infant itself as it is said a soothsayer have predicted that he will one day become pariah for many and in Mahabharat did not many lost there life for his stubbornness also?Thus there is great message in history and this time is great historical time with greater ramifications in future.
                                  This time if they are seen hale bent on sponsoring someone else and do more cunning act,then it is perhaps going to be there own mistake also.As they may be thinking themselves as having divine right to rule others.But Publics have decided to reject someone like them even if they are very polite,handsome,resourceful and even there relative also are outwardly good.As time have come now when there is strong feel of need to change the system.And for this the public also have to elect a deserving leader who is under non of a lobby;as many a times the surrounding dirt do matter.And for deserving one he will be one man Industry so the good one must be given chance

even if there is seen no initial supporters also.As in time he may rock like a real Nayak as truth is with him.
                             As all the chance have been given to some redundant leaders for honorable exit;and it seems to be too late now and this is for there own folly.And like AAP we have no other option then to come open now.As why shame to collect open fund rising from others for a good cause also;when it is other parties secret weapons.And as for me God be thankful to give me knowledge and idea to do this,as this was perhaps the best thing with me and I had forgotten this.
                            And hopefully my old readers and fans of my blogs will not fail me this time by spreading this Nobles popularity.As they have reason to believe that I am speaking the truth as the important incidents have been earlier also reflected in my blog and facebook. And.And thus I am not concocting any story they need to know.
                      But the power obsessed leaders  will there own family member endorse there own view also,this question need to be asked by themselves also?As non will like to take the curse of his father specially coming from a  God fearing person ;that too against divine commission mission.As there are many lobby of a popular leader in other leaders constituency also thus this time some may be marginalized. As.As this days party alone does not ensure one`s popularity also;own party boss may have problem if he indirectly antagonize his own workers by harming there leader in other constituency.
                                  As there are still many good believers who don`t see politics and religion as different and are ready to sacrifice for divine will all the time .But the good trait of the present Hon`ble leaders also have to be appreciated also;he may be much better performer then many other political leaders also.But what better retirement chance can He also give by sending His message to do so to someone;one who should

have seen it as a prevalige also to bow down to thy will then developing egoism to see it as bowing down to his opponent.After all our Peoples are so deep rooted in society and in future cannot think of settling in other State also so one should have taken right decisions.
                  But problem is also that the world have suddenly changed and it was perhaps time to give reign to an educated leader also.As man this is time of e-governance and even the disconnection of the net and mobile tower may be now seen as work of some uneducated jealous persons in top position by some of the angry net users.As mind it information is so much needed now;and is for betterment of mankind.And whatever is happening is also for good;as this is an era of information and technology thus for God`s shake we all have to change now.And having said that there must have been also some bad things about the younger generations.But there is basically better idea with new generation which seniors have to also appreciated also.
                     The problem with this State is the reason for joining in the Politics have been earlier seen to be looting;this is very bad motive.And this probably is due to the bad Uyu and our previous leaders slavery under them.It is time to come open in the light and enjoy;believe it the Lord have saved the good persons from many disease and infirmities also.The trouble and past traumatic life of the human being does not make him a person to always see his own interest also.And with this habit they may have jeopardize there own interest also as in coming time Lokh Ayukta is seen waiting for them.
                   As non is that rich to give all ample money,not possible for seniors to go around eating in every ones house;and this Public's who have been made more smarter by the deceit of the old leaders themselves also cannot be now cheated any more.As earlier few where alone seen enjoying and at that time they where perhaps feared also,as there where few family in authority and everyone accepted there point of

view.As the ruling phobia have been overused now and this have been used by conglomeration of fatty corrupted officers,business man and politicians of which fortunately ideologically I was far removed in my life in letter and spirit.This haves class monopoly have brought the political fatigues as for long they refused to budge.
                       And I have right and reason to write this Noble in this changed world where many Peoples are taking divine warning seriously;and want a leader who can be seen as asset for world.Live local think global seems to be now the guru mantra of a leader.As seems to said in Holy Bible the Sodom Gomorrah a place was not only destroyed for the sins only;but for the excessive injustice to the poor Peoples.
                      Thus the knowledgeable leader alone will always keep himself updated with religious sermons;as this alone is tonic to grow and serve the humanity.As for other end will be definitely bad.And see this fight for justice and equality and sponsoring good leader have been divine agenda from day one.And one have to help it with missionary jeal as everyone have to become directly and indirectly a short of missionary that is those who love themselves and there family.
                               And for one who want to become great have to do this;as absolutely there is no other way also;as we have also helped other without any reason as we accept God to help us.And perhaps this was for this time that earlier I had to endure hardship in my operation;after all I was also flesh and blood member of this same haves class relatives also.And had to see the magnanimity of Lord and learn from Him.And perhaps God was also preparing me for playing a moderator role in times as this as in fact some haves class member need a peace maker more then other also.
               But public's have reason to accept my family relatives also as better among worst of this class also.But the political leaders like a father of the whole constituency should have sometimes acted like a parent also and should give peace a chance which

may have been good for themselves and for all;in this worst transition period.See for success I have to always believe that Lord is with me;and many a time small miracles where also send to me from time to time to perhaps continue have faith in him,after all I am also simple man like you all and need to be continually encouraged;as whole world hope is pinned in Lord only.
                       And though today I have reason to be even be satisfied that God have shown greater miracle in Delhi election itself.As many People where earlier mocking at me but we must work together as I have also repented ones and forgiven.Thus this forgiveness is at-least ample in me but remember this time more harm on my friend then I will be compelled to write the JAN KUNDLI/Bio data of the present haves class.                                  
                             See what is important is what you think about yourselves then what other thinks of you and ultimately most of the Public's will not like any attack without any basis also.The more attack of my being not supported in life by the rich relatives will be by one who is fearful inside.See my elder brother have already shown his guts fighting and defeating the ruling party also.So for some of officers who have never done so in there life,it was time for Ganga snan for them.As the things should be always seen as a new opportunity.And in any case this is now a common man fight in India;see as in AAP case He made the common Public's rise overnight which was earlier thought of as impossible.
                       For rich friends my question is ;why only allowing some one else to take all the blessings in God`s commissioned mission?Some day some Peoples may feel it loss to not stand against todays conspiracy/ blackmailing of some officers relatives;as is it not slap on whole the civil society members?As once time is gone then no matter how you regret that time will not come back.See even Gandhi may have a rich brother made by Britishers and some may have foolishly said first let his brother come forward.

                             See if God wishes it may end up better.As the majority Public's sentiment which matter more will definitely go against a leader who is only well in dept in highest form of manipulative tactics.Even in old Hindi movie when the Villain kidnapped the close relatives of the actor and ask him to come in the secret place.
                              It is seen many a times the Publics have been also shown to come to rescue that person.Thus this ruling Congress parties pressure tactics is of-dated one and Public must see that they have no vision document so doing this.See only a man with this childish mentality that through force and blackmail alone he can always manage the things get done can do this.Whereas today even the local fish called Talo refuse to take the fisherman`s bite for 3rd time.
             Those who blame others are worthless man only bold man wanting to make lasting imprint in history like my PPA panchayat candidates are great man;for others ;for them coming election may be last time to  show there brave heart.As the warrior blood is in tribal and the conscious will never permit any tribal person if he lost a wonderful opportunity to fight in life.Why trying to come to eat the corpse of Deer killed by a Lion?Why not put hand in Lions mouth itself?And this might be the reason some of the official class die a frustrated death after retirement also.As non are seen to come to them.
                 How long this highest form of the Narad Munis character will be acted upon to appease a new leadership;enough is enough of this jumping inside leaders house from ventilator in good time only.This can never be accepted in this great Basar area Society.As all are the son of there parents and grand parents and will definitely show to the world that they are not Business man/Bani-as in this coming election.As cutting 10 innocent Mithuns/Bos Fontalis a Bufalo kind of animal in marriage ceremony called –Togu does not make a man great.
                     It is possible that who without any question join me in this great heroic act

in historic time may also get heaven also.As Hinduism claim`s there is also another heaven for heroic Peoples also you never know future;but positive side is always better.                         After this Nobel is published I will like to Publish the life testimony of all the top PPA leaders of Basar area who have come to change the system for good in my blog.As only a Cowards who want his graveyard to be vandalized by the new generation with this slogans written by some charlatan that –`This man was most  selfish man and never left the ruling party for his own interest when he was alive`.Will like to pooh pooh this challenge in this important and crucial time as this.
          And for the ex-PPA supporters my appeal is-`Aa AB LAUT CHALEIN`,see the worthless person only acts like charlatan in election;in my cousin brothers last election campaign for ZPM candidate also we show this.Eventually he won by 400 votes that too against the ruling party and even my cousin was complained to be a very poor speaker also;and in less populated place that margin is too much.And more then that there was another cousin from same Basar clan contesting from the ruling Congress party.
                    And as such some fool was saying that the lone non Basar candidate will win.But like AAP the Publics preferred it over BJP and Congress thus even putting dummy candidate to disturb the genuine one will not matter also if one`s real good time come`s.Thus nothing like a selection for all as why not for a better future once we also sit down like it happened in my brothers wife ZPM election also.As fight will be bad for all;as I have earlier sacrifice for congress party in area interest the Public's in the Congress also reciprocate.Or the Public's will be seen as duplicates having two yardstick for the rich and poor brother`s isn`t it?
                    Thus those critics who want to dissociate themselves with God`s scheme of things; do so at there own peril.As mind it in there times of troubles non but God have only helped them and is last hope also for today's rich man.See interestingly all the

earlier PPA supporters relatives have also become successful by God`s mercy also.As the good deeds of a forefather and father  also never seen to go invain. Today.Today public's have understood that those Public's who make noise are alone given money  by the rich candidate and they see it as there birth right to grab it from rich leaders;thus this is also other side of coin.
                        As majority is not that shameless and wait for the right leader till last time.See gone are days when the rich leaders where seen with special respect;check the CC footage and hear what Public's speaks in there absence also.And see even if one is rich distributing money is also not easy thing and specially in this days of CNN; IBN Citizen Journalist show .And for the rich leaders relatives and Villagers also; after initial reluctance seeing extortion by the other villagers will ultimately gheraoed there own village leader also.making him move less and slow that too in crucial hour;so the earlier tactics may boomerang now.
                          As one who plays on others greed may ultimately be its victim also.This have been noted earlier also if a leader is only called for his financial status by the Publics. As.As one leader really decides to contest then only many questions starts coming in.And for a disciples the Lords blessings above Him will always answer all the questions.And why one section will be always seen to be in vintage position;many questions is now also coming from Public`s side.For some at least question will be where is his godfather?See the  common poor Public's for whom one have burnt midnight lamp are they not our greatest weapon also;as place is small everyone knows each others good and weak points isn`t it?
                             And a genuine man being a neutral man and party will he be not respected by all the camp?And even if haves not leader could have used radical motivational speech to rise the passion of the haves not class.Is he not appreciable to be

seen at attempting to trying to bring a peaceful transition for which haves class need to be worry more.And see with the kind of relatives for him in both the fence should he not be accepted as best middle option for all also.As is it not time to see maximum goodness and utility in all the leader?
                    Thus for the man like him the opposition by the close rich relative may be also boon in disguise also; as many clever voters will they not like to take the credit  for making such kind of leader also?As everyone have to know in any case there will be many close relatives also working for there leaders secretly.Thus ones ideology,views and family which is also very rich property can it be neglected as easily also?
                     And as said howsoever one is perfect he always falls down without thy blessings as such all need God.As last time in a constituency in A.P a Hon`ble MLA lost an election as he refrained her wife to go for 3 days fasting programme telling that he have enough money.And need not to say he lost to a believer and few days back he is heard to have sit for fasting in Jipu prayer centre.Having sai that there is also good man in the Congress party of this State.
                As last time it is heard Sri Setong Senaji Hon`ble Cabinet Ministers engaged some prayer warriors in election and they prophesied that God have directed to pray upon the name of all the youth voters in the e-roll they did and surprisingly he won by few votes.This was even if he had reportedly very less money and had to kept the house locked to avoid Public's coming for money.And thus God is not impartial he sees the heart.And even being a Hon`ble Minister and having testimonial life is great.
                  His difference with other top Congress leader is that each time there is problem he is heard to be proposed as Hon`ble C.M candidate as consensus candidate but he is seen to be refusing.And long before AAP success in Delhi have himself volunteer to come down on health reason.And for man like him the Public may also stand by him if he continue to contest isn` it?

                                Thus few local leaders chamalion like changing quality is really laughable;as if BJP comes in power also,they may have some speech ready to be told.But today even the Mishing community brothers in Assam have risen up and chosen its own regional party AGS in recent Mishing Autonomous Council election.So we should not be effected by the wordly glitters and see the Lord`s will as a duty as He commands us to love our own.
                     Mind it even some old rich man are either heard to be scarred of death or want to die quickly,thus non is happy without Him.Thus be content with what you have as even if there is no money the divine spirit working in you is it not better also?as many may be suffering from dreaded illness and already getting protection from Lord may be for a right cause and His divine purpose.
                                And for some after old age there donation are not perhaps accepted by God and may be they have to be thus psychologically content with making some Gupt Dan secret charity to some small spirit,idol made by man or pseudo religionists. See.See for the shake of closeness it was gross blunder for the lord  Jesus Christ relatives to refused to accept Him as savior.As Prophets are always disown in there own home town.But man who planned this evil things to reject Him;may be more to be held responsible also.My advance salute to the rich and well equipped leaders who will also  joined PPA ,as soon its bad time is poised to be over;and so timing is important.But they have to be respectful to the old leaders who have spend so much swet for time as this also.
                             As some whimsical ones they have so much to loos but if they hear Lord`s command; they may be also be given everlasting life for eternity also.As in all religion more emphasize have been given for fighting for justice and equality and make friendship with spiritual Peoples from where only right kind of suggestions will come.As Satan can use any thing and seems to be using more which is our weakest point like

cinema actors.As they are used as endorsers for Liquor and cigrate. Thus.Thus 6th sense is very important; many a time the real enemy may be eating and sleeping in one`s own house.See in war between the Devta and Raksas many a time even the Devta had also lost specially when the Indra Devta was filled with greed.
                     And thus only Baptisms without ready to hear Lord`s command how far that will help a person? God alone knows every thing and will use a person according to his capability.See Bhism Pitamaha why he wanted to die even if he had power to overcome death,this you find in Mahabharata the Hindu mythology.Friend`s coming election value may be only known by a person after its time is over for sure.The throne of immortality is at your door now just sit on it.As earlier the money and political power was alone used by the Congress Party and now there trying to say party ideology may not suit them anymore and they may be victim of there own making now.
                                 As they only earlier believed in the ideology of self aggrandizement and have shown the door to hell.And this may be making the God and the divine followers more irritating to some old leaders for still refusing to accept the views of the civil society which is the voce of the God only.

                                                           God have been always merciful to me and it is difficult to write all the testimonies in my life.But for the readers I am writing few important one`s.See my story is true this are not concocted or after thoughts and can be verified from the Person concerned and the witness given below.And this is being write for the glory of God who deserve our standing ovation.And it is upto Him to make or break a

person- The Ex-Hon`ble Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh Sri Gegong Apangji was made to be warned not to give party ticket to his wife ,and brother in law.                   
                       With great reluctance Apangjis daughter Smty.Mone Yomgam(Apang) had accepted the writings to be shown to his father after repeat ate request.As I had freshly come from the 40 days pasting programme at that time and Lord seems to have been really using me those days.As this was the time non dared to warn the Ex-Hon`ble C.M.As he was very much feared upon.Need not to say Apangji got pissed up ;as at that time he was only surrounded by the psycho pants and he seems to have believe them only.And made sure I was removed from his son`s Jr. Omak Apangjis personal office after this revelation;within weeks the Govt.also fall down.
                                  And Ex-Hon`ble C.M of my State of Arunachal Pradesh  Late Dorjee Kanduji he was made to be told in advance that a Buddhist person is going to be a Hon`ble C.M.This was heard by the Hon`ble MLA Tswang Dondupji of the Tawang in the Borjhar airport Guwahati Assam.And he once told me that after 10 days of this prediction  Dorjee kanduji become Hon`ble C.M and they went to Delhi for a vacation and had even no plan to even make a Hon`ble C.M.also.
                           Unfortunately Kanduji is no more with us.And before he died also he was made to be warned by God,this was about a month before his accident.This fact is known by my friend Pagi`s Kenbom Ribaji who is now heard to be working with BJP`s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modiji`s close circuit.People denounce a person just like that;whereas all have some special qualities they need to know.
                              Lord also made me to predict to Ex-Hon`ble Cabinet Minister Power  Lijum Ronyaji future that he was not going to become Hon`ble C.M contrary to his claim.As he was saying he have made understanding with Hon`ble P.M Atal Bihari Vajpaiji and if he become Hon`ble P.M for 2nd time Hon`ble C.M post is coming in his

kitty.And next day Vajpaiji fall down from P.M post and along with this fall down Ronyajis dream.This argument in the Basar circuit house was heard by business man Sri Mento kamdakji.And Er.Modak Ribaji A.E, PWD Basar.The Hon`ble Cabinet Minister Jarkar Gamlinji was told in advance he was going to win in last election one day before the actual counting.This was in the chamber of the D.C Sri Amzad Takji.                  
                                 And last year before late Hon`ble C.M Kanduji called me for a personal help as told above; I had asked Hon`ble cabinet Minister of my State Setong Senaji to get ready to become Hon`ble C.M.After long pause he buckled down and it is heard after the death of Hon`ble C.M Kanduji he was also unanimous choice for becoming Hon`ble C.M but refused.And see if he had accepted the will of God then there may have been no political violence which was seen after Kandujis sudden demise also.Thus will of God is seen eventually good for all.We have to see thy will not see the persons character on which His will comes;as prophet he or she is a mare messenger and is only used by Lord.Thus it is Lord whom one have to fear and prey for changing of prophesy also;as every major thing in the world seems to be under His supervision.
                            God loves all;as father loves his all son`s but the criminal minded son ultimately get the gallows.This may be the mechanism of God also thus always ask what He wills.The Galos also earlier more particularly used to see the chicken liver test to make any big move in there life.The Hindu Kings also went for deep meditations to know thy will.Thus though it is equally true that some saints have also tarnished the sainthood image.But the value of the God will also never diminish in this world;after all He is the real master politician and game changer.And is above time and universe.
                                          And will make something happen one like it or not also;as the dead man seems to be crying more in hell and this may be prompting Lord to work in the world;so that other repent.And he may exalt a beggar as he wants as He is the master.Those who cry afterwords are one who don`t hear the divine warning when they are alive in the world. And see In spite of untold misery the God have been also merciful

and kind to me.This repeated accurate prophesy is perhaps God`s own doing; as for a normal person like me it will be really impossible as warning a Honorable Ex-C.M   before he died in an accident only Lord can have done.No need to make postmortem of a man who is no more;all should repent if they also want to get salvation.As God may also punish whom He love most.
                            And for the good man also Lord may be also taking them up before they commit further mistakes.Only a foolish persons will hate a messenger the message have to be told one like it or not.And this warning may also come to those whom God wants to warn; as they may have earlier also done something good;thus this divine warning should be seen as positive.As even if body dies ones soul may be saved.So the kind of friend one have around him is important as many may mislead and take you to death bed ;which timing you may never know also.
                         As for a good spiritual friend with him the evil spirit are said to be reluctant to attack;as what answer he will give to the God if there is a mistake.See the protection given to Arjuna by the Lord Krishna in Mahabharta.Thus never ever compel one to take apong/liquor etc. as sin will come on those who break the chastity of a good man also.And for the Public's which is more important free interaction previlage with there leader; or one who is really delivering even if he is different?And this regular round of leader losing so many money after election in Itanagar, is it also not Public's own making?
                                 See earlier those was days when I used to be sitting  for long fasting and today I myself need more prayer support.As at least by missionaries terms I am in His divine mission;but many a times myself more scarred if I say something wrong.So beg your all forgiveness as this life is a danger zone, I have always wanted to help others,and many a time have been misquoted as well.But this time I had to speak out as knowing the truth and not telling this may be also wrong;and perhaps this was the right time to spell the bean also.
                                 Thus my guardian angel may also get divine blessing`s as non is that

rich or powerful that he will not need God.And if I am able to get yor attraction then there is also God`s mercy on me and you.As even if the Peoples say a person is making long speech;but if he can attract the listener then his gift have to be also appreciated.But nevertheless others advise have to be also accepted as they love you.But please prey for me if you really love me and remove my mistakes also.
                                As only the corrupted leaders short of tie up the poor Publics with hope of money distribution after speech.But this is also inadequate step.The People also see the totality of personality thus everyone need God for his success as He can alone give everything.See this continuous writing is also due to His divine blessing`s as when I had 40 days fasting programme in Medziphema Chate Nagaland this writing skill was shown to me by Lord.Not that I am a good writer but regular stamina for writing also that man without thy spirit can perhaps can never do also.
                                  See this writing the normal person unless put in jail that too for a good cause will have Never have written ;and more so a lazy man like me could have never done unlessed bless by Lord.I am really thankful to my young wife Liken Basar(Nyodu) also who sacrificed her everything;and along with her my daughter baby Miss.Goshen Basar who have also over come near starve situation with us.For this obsession of mine;and hope today this sacrifice will be recognized.
                       And yet finally all my family perhaps have accepted now that I am really upto something also. But even then I am also a normal human being and was skeptical of the prophesy for great work through me in the coming election`s time.But earlier when I was sitting helpless in the eye of the postponing of the Panchayat election in Tirbin which happens to be birth place of present Hon`ble MLA.
                     God gave me a Panchayat ZPM Candidate also and even if we lost but made a humble beginning.And here also there where lots of temptations; my Block President was beaten up black and blue.And as reported to me my ZPM candidate house was also

tried to be ransacked .And day before the polling in the Tirbin Circuit House even the small kids where send to warn me of dire consequences.And now I am compelled to write this now for the security of Aam admis in this place;so that in next time even the national media should come in this region to stop this goondagardi.
                  So I was really angry and had reason to be upset about;as I was unable to do anything for my party cadres as no money and any logistic support can be given from my side.On the day of the evening of the Polling I went to my ZPM candidate`s house and was more agast when suddenly a women died.There was no heart beating and breath in her nostril.And we tried best to pump breadth inside her mouth but invain. I.I cried out to Lord in anguish -`if you really want to make me a big person please heal her.
                                  And while praying also there was initial doubts,but soon developed the feeling that Lord can do anything as He had also raised me up when I died long time back.And Praise the Lord the women got up after few minutes.And this was viewed by all the Ragi Doke Villagers and for A.C.F Sri Dobin Dokeji Forest Dept. Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh now promoted the house owner was also witness to it; he was very inquisitive.On his repeat ate inquiry I told him that as the missionaries where saying that it was Lord plan to make me a big person in Basar area by next State election time.
                    So he seems to have shown His miracle to show that He is with me.As the Basar area Publics seems to have been made addicted to money and the poor but good leaders made to be ashamed of there poorness.So the repentance time seems to have come for the rich and powerful families.Even after that miracle I have little reservations ;but passing of the Lok pal Bill after drubbing of the Congress in Delhi election have shown to the world that the God of justice have arrived now.
                         See my writing this article is never intend to insult any one or to prove myself as better.But also put my side of story ;it is Public to decide now.And interestingly there is hardly any intern ate connection in most of the village of my

constituency.I have earlier tried to request the present politicians to help me this time as they also short of earlier request to me to not contest last time through a reliable friend.But this request seems to have angered someone more and I was tried to be harmed more;but in new change of time there is accepted to be new introspection also.
                        But there is always scope for 2nd thoughts in Galo customs as after open darbar meeting case is always decided.See more persecution on me may be making me more vocal also.I am ready to talk if one believes in talking.And even being in powerful post this is first time I am writing this matters so clearly;as there seems to be no other way for me also.And all the incidents in back date can be seen in my blog as I have maintained my blog like a Diary also;as such my credentials can be also not questioned as everything is before the world.Thus can I not be at least appreciated for believing in logical discussions and adopting democratic means.
                   See its wrong to let other suffer;I have to went through untold misery for this innocence of mine.And all this miracle in my life ;is it not showing that I am also not wrong in my claims and not that bad man in heart?As a elderly person was saying a good Christian should have a good life testimony also.And even though I was despised I still now promise to be good to them if they bow down to the will of God without making further excuse,as why letting me take all the blessings.As if there is a divine commission mission then can anyone stop it?As it is highly probable that His will be done in earth as it is in heaven;and as some Arunachal Leaders used to shamelessly join a ruling party with much fanfare then why shy on bowing down to God`s will also?
                                        And the Public's have also understood that selective joining ceremony of the top contractors in front of political masters are tactics to mislead all the Public's to show as if all there villagers have also joined a leader with the A Grade contractors.While it is not so and the poor villagers have even no chicken to cut to show there displeasure also.See it will be wrong to try to do all short of further sinister act

without making an introspection.As even the powerful god fearing persons in the Congress and BJP party have to think thousand times to fight against the God`s will which the Public's also have reason to now accept after witnessing all this miracles.As the Lord alone can now save BJp or Congress also;as future is now so unpredictable.
                         As Lord have already opened everyone's eyes ;what else He could do He have already openly used good man Like Arvind Kejriwalji and team to triumph a midst odds.That too in the center stage of Indian politics;and this poor leaders cannot be supported myth should have been broken by now.I will still respect that great man who accept there mistakes,as among human being non is Mr. perfect.But the interest of the Public is foremost and for it what egoism and pride also?I will be more happy if all the Peoples rich and poor alike bless me with there core of heart.As we have same atma in all of us thus this was time to forgive each other and make a new beginning.
                                     See my writing may make the Public's to feel like I am obsessed with power.In fact in my last fasting programme I have completely left everything to will of God and He definitely seems to use me also.Even the other religious man`s who predicted about my good future have credibility also.As same sage who predicted about my younger brothers wife that she will soon become a leader.She have definitely become ZPM and that too was elected unopposed by the Basar Publics.
               And this is even if in today's time at-least 2-3 crores are needed for this job also;but she got it freely.Thus for one man interest it is wrong to give untold misery to the general Public's;as if there is real sincerity why not make factories and Industries by the local leaders who have become very rich kudos to silence of good Public's.                                But by there own stubbornness they may jeopardize there own future security also as world have changed apart.As today honestly many don`t want to become a politicians as it`s reputation and credibility have been lessen to great extent.

                        See the Congress man is seen sulking in Delhi and have to unmindful have to  make the AAP they hated most as the ruling party.This is the mechanism of God He is above all and God of wonder and need to be revered by all.And even if one don`t follow everything of His command  in toto,but something non have been ordered to be condemned.Like the work of the Holy Spirit ,see the time is precious this world is for a moment so we may all have o think seriously now.
                            And duty of the Human being is to glorify Him and those who does that even if there is initial thousand accusation against a good believer non will succeed.So it is futile to jeopardize everyones interest for one man`s own interest also.As what richness is of use of few man to others unless if he does not come in name of Lord?As non is that rich to satisfy all.But having said that I also will be continue to need everyone`s prayer support ;least given chance I also become like them oneday.
                     As for me more concern is be able to be continue to deliver when tomorrow I am also in that position.As if Lord`s mercy goes aways from me then I may be also a common man.But since I have seen so much misery in life even if there was world of opportunity for me and yet have tried to be loyal to Him. Atleast in His open glorification I sems to have not failed ;so the Lord seem`s to have like this innocent character of mine also in advance when I was dying inside the  operation theater itself.
                                        See it is only man like Abraham who is instantly ready to sacrifice for Lord who get His blessings.As it is ones unflinching loyalty that is going to take him forward though initially he may have horrible life.As God is the master He have to be kept above everything;this I have learnt in my life.And to reach that level of faith journey is also not easy.So other man of little fate have to be also loved.It is better to be a good human being then a bad Christian also as being a believer one is compelled to choose a narrow road and the rule is same for a rich or poor alike.And many take time

to prosper because it is there own temptations that make them double mind and get distract from the focus and purpose in there life.
                    But oneday you are compelled to support the Lord`s will against your weakest temptations that have dogged you all your life also; and to overcome it is the funda of successful Christian life.Then everyone will respect you as this world respects the achievers and in any field you have to be successful only isn`t it?After all even many voters may need healing touch of Holy spirit possessed persons also;as many even suffering from chronic illness may be not knowing there real problem also.
                           For me if I have been commanded to do missionary work also;I may have heard that divine command more happily.And so in future also His commandment is awaited as it may come more clearly to me also according to new circumstances.See interestingly it may be possible the most despised persons called terrorists may have more sentiment then the so called Christian leaders also,many of whom may owe direct obligation to Lord also.
                           Thus in this era where the 2nd coming of the Lord is anticipated by some believers it would have been good for all to change.As this may be reality this time as extraordinary things are being witnessed in this world this days and for His loyalists He have always promised in (Psalm 91:9-10)
                   If you make he Most High your dwelling-
                    even the Lord,who is my
                    then no harm will befall

                    no disaster will come near
                    your tent.      
                             And out here in this most corrupted State for a opposition leader life was really hell ;and have I been not bit spiritually inclined then I may have also buckled under pressure.As one by one all the opposition leaders joined the ruling Congress party.But for the never say die person like me the Lord have send timely help in the form of the social network cite and Lok Pal Bill also.Thanks Praise the Lord,God Tuz Si Great Ho  and so this story need to be told for the humanity to accept His greatness and sing His praises.
                       Then only then this Country will perhaps become like Switzerland the Paradise on earth;for the good persons in all the religion who believe in Supreme and Sovereign God and its creation Holy Spirit.For them more important is giving more emphasise on goodness then the negative gospel in the film and T.V`s.See  my advise is let us truelly follow all great man who advised us to reach the pinnacle of spiritualism;to drink the nector then the poison.As said by Swami Vivekanadaji growth is life philosophy also,so we need to grow.
                       See even if the flying Buddhist monk ;though he cannot fly as much as brother Dynamo he have at least begin ed also doing something like this.And what he says always keep your mind open always learn;this so called CHETAN AVASTA /conciousness state is the trademark of a good religious person.Only the called one can perhaps gain enlightenment or state of Bodhistava and for this one need not meditate also;understand yourself you alone know your weakness and positive side.
                                    For the Publlics my word of advise,` even not think of taking money of corrupted leader, as God have already rejected them and he will fall down this way or that way.And even if he manage to win by muscle he may face a greater goonda person in other place also.The way a cruel person always uses his wealth for his own interest

you use it for the interest of the world.As you have also seen my testimonial life and have to accept that I have been already blessed with greater blessings in my life isn`t it?The power to say what I want to.As the powerful words inside a person`s brain is what is making him to suffer with illness.
                     And thus continue to talk and listen positive things.It is the time like election where one is accepted to be more good to be seen good by the God and spirit of justice in this challenging times.Than everyone will see you as your own and will be benifitted;as it was previlage to meet great women like Mother Teresa when she was alive those who met her may be feeling this now.As how long after a man is no more he will be realized.Thus the great man like to meet other great man to get divine inspiration to do good work.
                              This historic meetings are spiritual food for the soul;as also one have to believed in our Galo tradition philosophy where there is saying;both goodness and evilness in inside a man and it is upto you to feed which side to make negetive or positive energy more powerful.And for the one who is living life devoid of God can they also control the bad character to develop in there sons and daughter also?who are our future property.
                    Which will be the greatest curse living vagabond/charlatan life in young age or suffer later;as real life is old age.See there have been terrible price also to be obedient to Him as worst allegations,gossip and slanders where concocted against me and even if powerful friends where there who may have come at my command.But I had to be focused in divine mission.Hope Lord will have pity on the man who have sacrified more then me also,as I have to appreciate them;as good writing not necessarily don`t make me the best person.But the divine commission to tell the truth is also not easy as future may go this way or that way.Let us see what God have plan for me;but the wprdly fear how long it can stop me to do good work?


                 After all by writing all the good staffs I also don`t become the good man and the present successful persons they are also worthy of our support and praise and many may have also helped Poor man also.And also Publics they may be also pressing them genuinely by seeing the money culture as the order of the day also.So please prey that God`s will alone is respected by all.And there be no enemity and ill feeling if there is a consensus candidate also.
                Note-The rest is in above


Anonymous said...

Good achi..manuscript em albe grammer check rimtoke nyi chenne is pura poma anyigo ponme interesting dake..esp ane ge bare ennam e..luv Meena

Anonymous said...

Good achi..manuscript em albe grammer check rimtoke nyi chenne is pura poma anyigo ponme interesting dake..esp ane ge bare ennam e..luv Meena

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