Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Beware of Hackers:-

                                  I am thankful to Sri Sukhdev Singh running cyber cafe in Aalo opposite APST Bus stand for reviving my blog.Dear readers my blog was hacked for a weak so if there is any addition or subtraction to defame me I am extremely sorry.And it will be only work on direction of an anti social ,illiterate and maniac  person who can never stop me.
                                It is time to say spade a spade and I will never deter from speaking out the truth for the fear of  few self centric ,egoistic persons who seems to be living in fools paradise that due to there surreptitiously earned money they  can do any thing.Forgetting that even Tata and Billa never opted to become M.P or MLA and where only satisfied by the gift of God to them .It is time to realize ones limitations as even 30% vote in recent Tirbin Panchayat election is a very satisfying result to us and a warning to some who may be after me.As the critics where predicting danger bell for the present leadership if there was even minus of total 1500 votes and wth God`s grace we managed 2800.

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