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   The Summary:- In the Country of one billion searching for a fit P.M.from all angle Is Hon`ble C.M Nagaland  Neipho Rioji is answer to this perennial famine?

                            There is always two sides of a coin and unless both the side is evaluated a person or a party cannot be criticized as easily also.The coming of NPF party indirectly in the Panchayat election in the State through Independent party in some place in Arunachal Pradesh may be allergic to many rich and haves class Publics ,who have been enjoying lotta money and power till now.Those class who have been earlier trying to show the Congress party as more important then the Peoples also.But forgetting unless Publics real grievance is solved .How party will survive also?So all Congress parties supporters statements, can it be also accepted as gospel truth always?And can the presence of NPF a Naga party in Arunachal can be hated just like that also?As till now who have looted this State more our own or the Central High command members?

                                      And mind it this is an impartial observation  and based on the interest of this region only. Today when all the haves class techniques have been exposed to loot others only specially in my kind of place.As in other part the party atleast keeps on changing and there is no monopoly. But here when the haves class are now smartly seen sponsoring there own illiterate and contractor leader types and in some place even both the candidates they managed to get the loyalty by there money and muscle power earned surreptiously.And pretending to be both the candidates friend; but how long this nonsense can be tolerated any more ?And in this backdrop where rise of genuine opposition person and party is tried to be stopped by divide and rule policy.Do they have right to point finger at coming of NPF if they fail in real deliverance to Publics; if they are themselves are impediment to stopping the democratic revolution which could channelize the popular grievance against the Govt.in democratic way.
                                 As in fact the Christianity only advocated for justice and equality and terrorism though condemnable but if there is no democratic introspection is this not the way.And why in Christian State the terrorism did it not happened in Hindu State like Nepal which is Mo Wadi bastion.Thus unless a political change is also supporters non have right to point fingers at this  political developments.Mind it the new kids in the blog if given chance may do wonder also,and this days the Public have become increasingly impatience and want delivery.But the top dynamic contractor leaders refuse to budge what they see is there own interest.But they make an exit if they really feel for the Society. And yes some of the present State senior leaders where the ones who earlier used the party like TMC and NCP to give divided face to the opposition; then why criticism on coming of this indigenous NPF party of North East? Ponders many.As some Congress man seems to be thinking power as there family property only or why this adverse reaction by some against Jodik Taliji for becoming President NPF .As interestingly when he is heard to have accepted to become the Acting President NPF there was reportedly an emergency Cabinet Minister`s meeting which is surprising. As in developmental issues there seems to have been least concern by our leaders till now.

                             After all India is a democratic Country and democratically all have right to do what they want also.And now Nagalands Hon`ble C.M Neipho Riojis role is also indispensable for bringing peace and tranquility in N.E.After he single handedly defeated the Congress party in Nagaland State election and thus his Congress party defeating skill may help PPA also thinks many.Even if the Congress comes back to power in centre or not as he is our local Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi claims his ardent fans.And also seems to be not wrong also,as in spite of odds man have taken Nagaland to new height`s of developement. And one like it or not if the NSCN problem have to be solved then Hon`ble C.M Nagaland have to be taken into confidence also.And on our meeting him he was also seen to be sincere to only help his fellow Tirap and Changlang genuinely; from his view point who belong to the Naga family tree/ pre degree chart and if it is only this then what the harm also?As being a Christian also can his assurance of no other ulterior  motive, can it not be trusted also? After all the Nyishi Elite Society ,Gao Bane Keba and Adi Bane keba is it not also asserting this types of constructive communalism ?
                  If there is constructive communalism non should mind;and Neupho Riojis strong conviction in Christian doctrines of justice and equality may be also prompting him to develop this elderly brother`s views to see justice is done in other N.E regions. After all we have to also accept that in Saw Mill days where there was excessive timber operation in this Tirap and Changland Districts, the People of Arunachal Pradesh especially top leaders of other region have miserably failed the Publics of this two Districts also.And also to some of the major community members who seems to perennially give a damn to others interest also;thus the minority Public`s specially in Itanagar area may also welcome coming of NPF.As this development`s is it not inevitable also if there is prolong injustice and dadagiri by some particular community members also?Which chauvinism and superiority feeling seems to be making of Congress party only.

                         Mind it there is God for justice and tomorrow due to coming of more outsiders I,e-non tribal’s more in Itanagar area there will be soon a socio political change.With the outsiders specially the Mia`s all set to become a more dominant force and set to be more tyrant for there violent inherent characters. If the force is alone allowed to be used without no respect for rule of law then this is but natural phenomenon. Thus the communalism as political tool played by some now will never auger well for the local community member themselves also.Thus all must show there greatness by seriously taking brotherhoodness and peace a chance; as new situation commands it now.Before things get bad , as see today the tribes around the metro areas like-Dimapur,Shillong and Gauhati area have lost its distinct identity and characteristics; and the locals have been marginalized and boycotted for there earlier excesses.
                 So with modernization and more outsiders coming to the Itanagar area more often; mind it one day even the local have to be contended with a non tribal legislator and live like a lamb.As like sardarji it is hard to make a good name for community and it takes 2nd to spoil ones all hard earned name.See Itanagar place itself is not that beautiful geographically to attract the tourists; thus we need more better local Gentleman like Rev.Likha Amaji and Sri kamin Ringuji to inspire others as our goodness will be our asset.Thus nothing like following the principal of Holy Bible in letter and spirit as the coming of Railway platform and Airport will soon change the scene of the capital area to make the majority as minority. And so it is time to be redying for the transformation by the Itanagar walahs,as development have a price also.

                    And to some poor also they may see a ray of hope for themselves with coming of NPF,as the performance of the Govt. is seen better in the Dist. Of Tirap and Changlang also.And thus for this latest political development we all are responsible as earlier there was dirt of Guardian angels types leaders ,who could sacrifice even there profession also if need be for the betterment of a society in its worst transition period. As if all the best are seen busy only for there self interest then who will see the interest of the Society? Sending dishonest, uneducated, visionless cowards as legislator`s, who may have more shops in Itanagar area but unable to voice in State Assembly which is there main duty; then who can save the other poorer Publics from developing undemocratic thinking?As there large property in place like Itanagar seems to be making them more scarred of rising issues of Publics interest. Especially issues pertaining to communal problems and to talk issues like development and brotherhoodness seriously to make Arunachal as truly blessed place.
                      As the silence is construed as acceptance by some and as said by Edmund Burke -`Rise of Evil is due to silence of good Peoples`;as the dynamic contractor leaders are today seen doing more contract work only in there own place and only seen to give superficial attention on the ill and diseased Publics who are victim of there own system of Economic injustice. As no interest is taken on rural schemes like MG/ NREGA,IAY and Old age pension etc.Thus this hatred and void seems to be all set to be taken advantage by the NPF and perhaps tomorrow by worst enemy’s of State also; if there is now no immediate introspection of highest order.That too very soon as the time is now running out;and see most of the earlier senior leaders in A.P are now seen inapt to deal with this situations and cumulatively need to be now shown the exit door.And for betterment of all the N.E Publics time have come for projecting Hon`ble Nagaland C.M Mr.Neopho Rio as Hon`ble P.M of India.
                  As especially his fan like Jodik Taliji is advocating this line of thinking , as he feels he alone is true leader of North east region and our last hope also to protect its interest. As so far all the central party have looted N.E.only.And this Jodikjis dream may be also true oneday never know,and we should prey for our own as Neiphu Rioji is after all our own prodigal son of the soil of the NE region. As he have not done bad in spite of odds and guided his State successfully in its worst transition period. And in this coalition political era fed up with leadership crisis the country may be this time compelled to do something different also,one never know the political development this days.As our Mongols who where called as Mughals in Persia where after all who ruled the India for such a long time making Red Fort and Taaj Mahal also.
               As the natural instinct to rule perfectly is in our blood being of same Mongolian stock of Akbar the Great.And thus at least Home Minister post may not be un-manageable by NPF also.As the Hon`ble Supreme Court`s interference may soon remove CBI from the clutches of the Congress party.And this may make Gandhi family a commoner and as royalty is naturally in Mongolian blood our leaders may shine.And as all the ST and SC of all the country who plays a determined role in today’s India’s politics is seeing NE State Publics more particularly Nagas as icons of short.Even the army are appreciating the Nagas determination and tough character as they are heard to be tough nut to be cracked in there interrogation also.
                  And see this is era of minority politics and today only the NE Publics have quality and affinity within themselves specially when we are in place like Delhi.See todays other top leaders only is seen to be paper tiger the Congress party is dogged by corruption of worst order and the Modiji is only seen to be saying pride of one crore Gujratis while other one billion specially in the North East area and the South only seems to identify there regional satraps.Thus it will be now also in the best interest of NDA to confine there presence in Urban areas of NE and South.This is prectical truth as place like Arunachal though seen as insignificant seems to be used as Money laundering place by the Congress Party.Giving huge State fund to be muisused for Congress Party fund seems to be the modus operendi here.And mind it this can be alone monitered by strong leader of our own region like Neiupo Ruioji believes many.
                         And even if there may be also good leader in Congress party also.But mind it even present President Pranab Kumar Mukherjee his clip was also not chopped before becoming a better P.M material?And for the Country uncomfortable with dragon even the Chinese boundary problems may be solved more better by making a Mongolian as a top leader of the Country.As there is more populous Ming`s dynasty of same Mongolian stock living in the Chinese side.And thus it is time to give chance to a race that may also take the country to new height.As Chinese and Japanese have shown perfection ;as delivery should alone matter for the Country man now.After all how long Naga`s and N.E Publics can be always discriminated by not allowing them to gain a political mileage to satisfy themselves democratically also?
                    This some political experts also thinks as democracy also commands it and for naga`s also they must think when they can win whole country why confined to Nagalim.As there is no scope for importance of sovereignty in Holy Bible doctrines also.As it is long time since Jodha Bhai the Rajput Princess is said to have despised Akbar the Great and refused to merry him for his unfamiliar Mongol face.Thus it is time the fundamental Hindus stop seeing us as part of Hanuman`s Monkey/Vanar Sena.But for this N.E Publics as a whole also have to make some compromise and come out from there parochial view and fight like pack of wolves.As our place is really poor place so we must be united for our overall development.And should not despised the Naga`s who have also many good traits also.Till now good thing for Nagaland is that-Neupho Rioji have emerged as uniting factor and why not the Christians fraternity, NSCN and other North East brothers should not love him if he fight`s for the NE pride after all he is our own?And earlier unfortunately our elder Sri P.A Sangmaji failed to take benefit of this regional urge for fighting for this N.E pride.And being elderly person should now bless Neipo Rioji.
                 And after Sangmajis exit now ball is definitely in the Court of brother Neiupo Rioji.For PPA of Arunachal Pradesh also if the Congress still survives in Delhi then also it have found a powerful ally in NPF as he have already defeated Congress party many a times in Nagaland.Only for Jodik Talijis over ambitious dreams for P.M for Neiphu Rioji ,in that case he may have to convince the Naga brother`s to change the nomenclature of there party making Naga Peoples Front as may be National Peoples Front-NPF or at least the Northern Peoples Front or NE Peoples Front to woe other co-NE and other Publics also.After all money and muscle power which was only used by Congress party the Naga`s seems to have more arsenals in that matter;and better committed also.But above there most powerful weapon is Nipu Jisu/Jehova Tse e,i- there spiritual commitment to God.

                            And who knows Narendra Modiji blessings may be managable for Neipho Rioji as the Mongolians like Japanese and Chinese have curved a nich for themselves and N.E Publics are today a dedicated work force and have brotherhood feeling among themselves and may can alone now give better leadership to the nation.As it is difficult for many to come back hale and hearty from hell like Naga`s short of did.And is it not time to show the unity in diversity trend of the Country as NE P.M have been never given any chance.And see the Biharis have also increasing dependency in NE that may make Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumarji also support Neipho Riojis P.M candidature says his fan`s.As for those who want to stop this political developments in our State  the need of hour was openly tackle issues of demand ofAutonomy in Economic planning; as the political inequality seems to be starting in Itanagar itself. So this introspection have to be made immediately if the NPF is to be stopped and tomorrow more redical thinking.As Jodik or no Jodik it may have come eventually. As why the money should heard to be vanished in Itanagar area where few privilege communities are said to be the only beneficiary?
            As if other region of Arunachal are not part of this State; thus why nil AOP for other region? Thus the Congress Party have no right to blame any one for its covert and overt support to the mafia Raaj, which have resulted in this disparity’s. Can it now still divide the AOP money equally for all the Districts? And show magnanimity to allow at least 30% of contract work to be given to the opposition leaders and there supporters also.Whereas given power the PPA hopes to do so; as root cause seems to be capturing of all the portfolio by a single community member and ruling political power. As this may be one of the main reason of the political alienation of the State also. And having said that I acknowledge that there was never any misunderstanding in the PPA for the leadership post.As from the day one we are absolutely clear to discuss any outstanding issue openly without any fear and favor in future; only State interest will be our concern.
                 As this PPA family is bind strongly by our commitment to our State. And thus appeal to all not to compel the People friendly PPA party tomorrow to even consider an outsider legislator in Itanagar area Assembly Constituency for showing the parties letter and spirit support for communal harmony. And in that case also I am sure all the party members will stand by it and even the good citizens of the Itanagar area also who want to give good image to there own community and to impress the investor`s will well support us. As Itanagar is heart of A.P if there is problem here there will be a cardiac arrest for whole body.Or what is other way left now to do for overall development, peace and trust then to hit this main contentious issue which seems to be the reason for rise of autonomy demand and may be tomorrow separate Union territory also by some groups?

                  And today this questions have come because of the blind trust in the Congress party which lays no golden eggs and few laid is taken by Delhi High Command also.And in right times the PPA will show this social justice is done in letter and spirit and will expose all the earlier misdeeds. And for this fear itself the Hon`ble C.M position here in A.P seems to be always kept in suspended animation by the Delhi High Command. Specially in the view of the increasing law and order problem it can be construed as indirect part of that plan.Thus this situation should not be allowed any further,local Publics have to also ponder now; will it not be the foolish and uncivilized Taliban`s in Afghanistan only who may be still resort to gherao  a particular clan man blindly ,each time there is a traffic accident. As if some team of charlatans are always after some escape goats to make daily living also.Thus this things must be immediately stopped as for one man whole community image is tarnished. There must be immediate constitution of Rapid Action Force unit by Govt. only for checking this short of activities in Itanagar area; and crowd should be immediately Lathi Charged if one particular person is seen gheraoed by a large community.
                  And this have to be also implemented in all the Dist. Hq.`s also;as torture to minority is against Humanity and divine power also;Unfortunately  many allotment of opposition party and minority community are also reported to be targeted. Who leader play this kind of politics? Time to rise this issues now. But lately there have been positive vibration also from some local prominent citizens also in this regards that is very much appreciable. Now talking big thing inside Nyadar Namlo,Kargu Gamgi and Holy Church won`t do.I appreciate the new slogan of Kimbo Bengia Tuloji President NES in recent Yazali NES Silver Jubilee meeting where I heard him in NE News saying-` greatness of community lies in good treatment on the poor and minorities`. That should be the new spirit as the Arunachal Pradesh can only grow if there is brotherhood and positive vibrations. We must forget the past and also repent, all the powerful one`s also need to show magnanimity to love others before the divine power harm them also.As there is definitely a Supreme power who will individually punish bad work done secretly also; more so to the rich and powerful one`s for work done for there own interest.

                See the revolutionary man like Jodik Taliji the present President of NPF is also creation of a worst circumstances one likes it or not he is also a great man of our times. I know he was earlier picked up by Police for 3-4 times without any reason for filling PIL against an Ex-Hon`ble powerful C.M for corruption case.And this things must have compelled him to meet Hon`ble Chief Minister Nagaland Neipho Rioji 8-9 times as he told me.He have also a point as how the Congress statement`s can be always taken as gospel truth also?Only because they are rich and powerful there stand should not be scrutinized also? especially if they make repeated failures in many front? But emotional issue apart especially for some section of the Tirap and Changlang Publics ,they need to know that there is already the Peoples favorite local regional PPA party with deep rooted regional ideology in the State of A.P.This PPA party and its earlier leaders like Late Tomo Ribaji even the Jodikji also confessed to love from his core of his heart.

                   Thus time have come for all to show our liking for our own local party more affirmatively; then only other can be stopped to interfere here;in all the probability ultimately the NPF will ultimately like to include Tirap and Changlang and area around it only under its area of political influence in the coming Assembly election. And that will be more practical as well; I dare the powerful class to openly ventilate there feeling in press and not to use the innocent student community to do the needful and also at the same time try to hide there sinister corruption and nepotism work.If there is Arunachal interest discussion it has to be all encompassing isn`t it? And hope soon the PPA and NPF will meet once again and may be both will like to keep the original Dimapur verbal joint declaration where alliance in principal between the PPA and NPF was accepted at least for eastern parliamentary Lokh Sabha seat.

                     Whatever the rich, haves class and powerful communities makes an excuse today, but fact is time have today come to make a choose. As it can`t be always there way only.Thus they are supposed to give a big support to PPA in the Panchayat election which can alone now protect the interest of the State as a whole ; as its leaders alone are respected by all.And will tomorrow will be perfect peacemaker specially in case of the collapse of the Congress Party in the center. And if it not materlise also then it is also fact that the PPA may have to be tomorrow increasingly dependent on Neupo Rioji only who is also prominent leader of N.E.Accepted there are also some very few nice political leaders still in Congress Party also, and what`s the harm if tomorrow they are also consulted for State interest? As right now unlike some fatty self centric and extra manipulative Congress man we have only ideological difference not personal enmity with co-Arunachalee brothers who want also a change they believe in;which PPA alone can give now.


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