Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Doubt on the super man:-

                                                               My personal opinion on the great man like Magician Dynamo who can even walk over water is unless he is blessed with Holy Spirit he cannot at least do that doing like  one of the 12 Apostle Peter did long time back following Lord Jesus Christ in water.As the greatest power on earth only the Holy Spirit can give and He will only come to one who is a real changed man from inside and want the power for goodness of humanity. And wants his power for betterment of everyone and as the love have the greatest power to make heaven bow down ; So see the time when the corruption and nepotism is at its zenith like in Roman Emperor`s time, some worldly  great man are also seems to be blessed to finish the injustice once and for all.
                                      And those in helms of power will reject them only because they don`t toe there line, as they will take time to accept there greatness especially if they are there relatives. As some shrewd ones of them  also will be  trying to enjoy there own share of publicity by criticizing them. But ultimately things will happen as God will`s.As for the present great man like Dynamo the magician he have successfully kept his privacy of his family relatives  to develop more mysticism around him.For down to earth man like himself, his own miracle seems  like illusion for him ,this was his own comment after doing one of the greatest miracle on earth. But the truth is seeing fact from once own eye and God have been never as vocal about giving His maximum blessing to some one as it is now. 
                  Thus time to acknowledge the power of God which seems also to have come to save the righteous even if they are doubted now,by the prideful persons who thinks that they have become rich and powerful by there own might.As for the most benevolent God giving  victory in election is an easiest thing ;see the miracle like was this walking above water ever fathomed by any one? As said in Holy Bible if you have believe as small as a master seed you can also move the mountain, this also seems to be highly probable now after this scene. Now in spite of this direct action of God through Prophets even if the peoples don`t repent then the Holy Spirit have all the right to go back to Israel as written.

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