Thursday, March 19, 2009

The legendary Sri Tomo Ribaji

The man could be equated with Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandella of the State of Arunachal pradesh . Had he be not their than the Country could have seen worst nightmare like Kashmir , for he was the one man army against corruption , Nepotism and inaquality in the State of Arunachal Pradesh in late seventies which ensured regions peace as he helped in maintaining the equality of the Society .It is pertinent to mention that the large track of porous boundary of the state with the china makes it imperative that there is good governance in the State , for in other North East State Insurgency is at its peek due to the lack of visionary Leader like him .
Late Tomo Ribaji always stood for what he believed , he stood against the corruption to such an extent that in Arunachal if truly some development was made than it was made during his opposition time as their was proper check and balance . Being the first Galo Chief Minister he stood for corruption free State . His PPA Party was once the talk of the State with all the Publics with anti corruption attitude siding him , they have seen the worst situation in their life in this process in their young days yet it was their happiest days ; they remember those days with great melancholy and feel that whatever People says it was best part of their life . Legendary Tomo Ribaji was once invited by the Lt. Governor K.A. Raja to join the National congress-I party and enjoy the power but he have said to have refused it flatly. It was his own charismatic power that he managed to win couple of times as MLA when their was no civil right , media freedom , excessive corruption and judicial activism . Apangji was defacto as well as dejure ruler at a time when Tomoji lived , he was badly known for suppressing his enemies like a dictator , therefore his PPA supporters had to suffer like anything . Some sycophants were even terming Apangji as a son of the Yapom I,e- a beast that rule the jungle , that political propaganda was also creating an aura of supernaturalism about him which benefited young Panther . During seventies the Lt. Governor Sri K.A. Raja started worst persecution against the Church , it were ordered to be burnt and PPA as well as AAPSU Students were brutally suppressed by the establishment as they both were seen to be identify with Tomoji who was seen as main enemy of Congress- I Party . Tomoji was out and out a regional minded Person he knewed everything in advance that with National party and national policy our State could not prosper rather it will increase dependency ; the need of the hour was love for the region that was the genesis of his PPA Party. But it was before time the writ of the ruling Govt. was terrible and their was no resource with him at that time , besides newspaper and judiciary was badly misused by Apangjis regime who seem to have took a personal interest to finish Tomos Ethiopian concept of Political theory . Ironically former was later seen to start his own brand of regionalism in the form of Arunachal Congress .
Today for Apangji also the way to Political salvation seems to be through Tomojis blessing as his regional counterpart Arunachal Congress I,e- A.C have failed miserably , as most of the earlier AC members have run away to the green pastures as it was a political marriage when Apangji was in peak time. Today only suddhikaran for Apangji seems to be to acknowledging PPA Party . With the PPA Party the cadres who were really regional minded though they were temporary suppressed are now ready to strike back with vengeance as they feel like regionalism is still in their blood vessels and they are ready to display it in time . Why the true regional minded Peoples are with the PPA Party because there is story behind this party , this party have its solid foundation on regional ethos , their is story of sweat of legendary Late Tomo Ribaji and Bakin Pertinji behind this party. The seed they have once planted has become a big tree and giving fruits and it is now time to pluck it . Lately the progenies of Late Tomo Ribaji in particular and PPA cadres in general are seen to be blessed by the God they are doing well in their respective fields ; specially Tomojis son Sri Mokar Riba presently Circle Officers can be appreciated for his simplicity and endeavor to complete his fathers dream by doing good Samaritan work like his father . So what Tomo Ribaji and Bakin Pertinji is dead as a Person he has ignited lots of like minded Person in the state .


Anonymous said...

They (Tomoji n Bakinji) were simmilar. They were like candles who in process of providing light to others burned themselves.

Bomken Basar said...

It will take ages for the Basar area to get a genuine leader like him. I got opportunity to meet him few times and his each words are still frsh in my mind. Thanks for the tribute to him..

Bomken Basar